An Unusual Gift

Title: An Unusual Gift.
Author: Sorlak
Pairing: S/Mc
Rating: G (for now)
Summary: Spock and McCoy get an unusual gift.
Disclaimer: Paramount owns them, I just bring them out for a little fun.

*** An Unusual Gift ***

"What do you think of this one Spock?"  McCoy asked as he held up yet another example of local sculpture.  This time is was a woman with very large breasts.

"Mis-proportioned."  Was all Spock said and McCoy put it back on the vendor's table.

The two men continued to walk through the crowded market street, making their way to the conference site.

"Spock, you really need to learn how to relax, life would be so much easier."

"Doctor, life is rarely easy.  It makes no difference if one is relaxed or not."

"Spock, you are an impossible man to understand."

"Not impossible Doctor, merely complicated."

They continued to walk in silence as McCoy tried to make sense of what Spock said.

Even once he had been seated at the large conference table, McCoy still could not get Spock's comment out of his mind.  At least he couldn't until a few moments after the conference began.

Suddenly, the lights went out and someone screamed.  Then the room went silent and a booming voice was heard.

"It is the custom of our people to give a gift to those in the greatest need."

McCoy heard a loud hissing just before his eyelids began to droop and he fell asleep.

When he awoke, he was naked, strapped to a metal table.  His head was just free enough to turn and see Spock in a similar situation.  They only thing preventing them from being totally naked were metal tubes attached to their genitals.

Suddenly, McCoy felt the strange device pull on his penis with a vacuum-like suck.  He heard a high pitched scream come from the table next to him.  With Spock's Vulcan upbringing, McCoy could only imagine what this was like for him.

Only moments later, McCoy felt a similar scream com from his own throat as his penis involuntarily spasmed in orgasm before he passed out.

Minutes, maybe hours later, McCoy woke up in a dimly lit padded room.  Spock was sleeping in the corner.  Both of them had been dressed after McCoy had passed out.

McCoy, feeling a bit dizzy, crawled over to Spock to check on him.  "Wake up."  He said as he shook Spock's shoulder.

Spock sat up suddenly, causing McCoy to jump backwards.  "Are you all right Doctor?"  Spock asked once he realized what he had done.

"It was just a little sudden.  What about you Spock?  Are you all right?"

Spock suddenly was as cold an emotionless as McCoy had ever seen.  "Perhaps in time I will be."

McCoy couldn't get another word out of Spock no matter how hard he tried.

An hour or so later, the door to the room opened and a cylinder on a wheeled card was pushed in and the door was slammed shut before the two men could do anything.

Spock cautiously approached the cart and removed a hand-written note attached to it.  McCoy went to Spock's side to read it with him.

"Spock, Leonard, this is our gift to you.  May this gift end all the differences between the two of you."

"What is it Spock?"

"I'm not quite certain, but it appears to be a life support pod."

"Let me see that then."  Spock moved aside so McCoy could look at it.

McCoy looked over the device for a few moments, hardly daring to touch it.  "It is a life support pod, but without even a tricorder, I can't tell what's in it or what condition its in."

Spock and McCoy watched the pod for what felt like hours.  Neither one of them speaking, both men seeming mesmerized by the blinking lights on the pod.

Suddenly the door opened and Kirk stepped in, quickly followed by a security officer.

"Are you two all right?"  Kirk asked.

McCoy nodded, still staring at the pod.

"What is that?"  Kirk asked as he peered closely at the pod.

"It appears to be a life support post."  Spock replied.  "What it contains or what condition it is in, we do not know.  However, I do believe whatever is inside if intended to be a 'gift' of some
sort."  He handed Kirk the note that had been attached to the pod.

"Let's take it with us then."  Kirk said as he flipped open his communicator.  "Kirk to Enterprise. Five to beam up."

Once onboard, Spock and McCoy found themselves half running to Sickbay with Spock carrying the pod.  Spock set the pod on the nearest free exam table while McCoy grabbed the first available tricorder.  He immediately scanned the post and Spock watched the blood quickly drain from McCoy's face.

"Is something wrong Doctor?"  Spock asked.  "What is in the life support pod?"

"Spock, it's a baby."  McCoy whispered.

"I wonder whose baby it is."

McCoy shook his head to clear it.  He flipped a switch on the scanner and scanned the pod again. Then he took the scanner to the neared terminal and plugged it into the port for it.

"I know the baby doesn't belong to anyone from the planet.  I'm checking to see if there are any matches in the Starfleet DNA database. This will take a while so..."

"Beep."  The computer beeped.

"A match?  Already?"  McCoy commented.

McCoy sat down at the terminal and felt the blood drain from his head again.

"Who are the parents?"  Spock asked.

"Its not possible..."  McCoy whispered.

"Who?"  Spock repeated.

"We are Spock."

Spock peered over McCoy's shoulder, illogically hoping that McCoy was joking.  What Spock saw, proved he wasn't.

"They must have thought we were a couple."  Spock said.

"With the way we argue sometimes, I could see why they might think that."

"Why is that Doctor?"

"We argue like an old, married couple."

The two men looked at the pod for a moment in silence.

"What do we do now?"  McCoy quietly asked.

"I do not know Doctor."  He paused for a moment.  "I do know I want this child to have a chance at life."

With Spock's words, it suddenly struck McCoy that this wasn't just any life support pod.  This was a child, his child.  It didn't really matter who the other parent was.  "So do I Spock."

"When we will figure out what to do."

"I still wonder why they did this to us."

"And I wonder how they were able to create a child between two males."

"And why the child is growing so fast he already appears to be at three months gestation.  I have no real idea when he'll be ready to come out."


"You didn't want to know?  I'm sorry about that."

"That is quite all right Doctor.  I would have asked eventually."

Then the doors to sickbay opened and Kirk stepped in.  "So this is where you two ran off to.  So what's in the pod?"

"A baby."  McCoy replied.

"A baby!?"  Whose?"

"Mine." Both Spock and McCoy replied.

"Why?  How is that even possible?"

"We don't know.  He's already three months along."

"Have you two decided what to do?"  Kirk asked.

"No, we have not."  Spock replied.

"Take a few days off.  If you need anything, let me know."

Before Spock could say anything, "Thank you Captain, we could use it."  McCoy replied.

"Bridge to Captain Kirk."

"Kirk here.  What is it?"

"Communication from the planet sir."

"Put it though."

McCoy pushed Kirk aside as the planetary representative appeared on the terminal screen.  "What were you people thinking!?"

"Ah, Leonard., Spock!  Are you not enjoying your gift?"

"You call forcing a child onto two people who hardly know each other a gift?"

"The two of you are not life partners?"


The man on the screen appeared shocked.  "Then we have made a horrible error.  If you wish to return the gift, we will accept it."

"We will keep the child."  Spock said as he and McCoy, who was now carrying the pod, left Sickbay.

In silence, Spock and McCoy carried the pod to Spock's quarters.

"Our lives have changed to much in only a few hours."  McCoy said once they were inside.  "Just this morning, we were bickering like usual and now we're parents and we just walked out on our best friend."

"They will continue to change for the rest of our life as all lives do, our change was just unexpected."

"Spock, that is the understatement of the century."

"Genetically, who is the dominant parent?"

"What do you mean by that?"

"Physically, is he more Human or more Vulcan?"

"He appears mostly Vulcan, but he may have some Human features."

"Would you like to stay the night?  It is important for Vulcan children to be with their parents as much as possible before they are born and we are already three months behind."

"It's the same with Human children, I'll stay."

That night, the two men fell asleep in Spock's bed, initially back to back.  Sometime during the night however, they had turned to face each other.  McCoy woke up when Spock threw his arm
over McCoy and pulled him closer.

"Spock?"  McCoy groaned.

Spock quickly pulled hiss arm back.  "I apologize Doctor, I should not have done that."

"Spock, we're going to be parents, you can call me Leonard.  Besides, what you do in your sleep is not your fault."

"I was not asleep Leonard."

Spock started to get out of bed.

"Spock, wait."  McCoy said as he grabbed Spock by the arm.  On impulse, McCoy scooted closer to Spock and kissed him.  "I waited a long time for this."  McCoy whispered.

"Waited for what?"

"Some sign that I might have a chance with you."

"You are attracted to males?"  Spock seemed a bit shocked.

McCoy grinned.  "I just kissed you didn't I?"

"You certainly did."  Spock said just before he kissed McCoy back.

"I guess this will make raising our son much easier."  McCoy said.

"Indeed it will."  Spock said before they fell asleep again.


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