After the Credits: The Return of the Archons (Special Edition)

Title: ATC The Return of the Archons Special Edition
Author: Ster Julie
Series: TOS
Rating: PG
Codes: Spock/McCoy
Part 1/1

NEW AND IMPROVED! For Janet--I hope this is better!


"Oh. Excuse me, Spock. I didn't see you there."

Spock placed his hands on Leonard's shoulders.

"Are you unwell, Leonard?"

Leonard shrugged.

"I . . . I'm just preoccupied."

Spock rubbed his hands across Leonard's shoulders in warm,
comforting circles.


Leonard stepped into the circle of Spock's arms.


Spock lengthened the strokes of his caresses and felt his Leonard
start to relax.

"Your experience of being overtaken by the Landru computer must have
been quite traumatic."

Leonard grew very still and Spock felt the tension return.

"The damnedest thing is, every time I close my eyes, It's not
Landru's voice I hear. It's yours."

It was Spock's turn to grow warily still.


Leonard pulled away from Spock, anger on the rise.

"Yeah . . . Were your messing in my head, Spock?"

Spock actually gulped. He felt like trapped lematya prey.

" . . . Jim asked me to try to break Landru's influence on you."

Leonard crossed his arms tightly as Spock dropped his now-empty arms.

"So. What all did you see when you were in there?"

Spock was puzzled.

"Leonard, I was not aware that you had such an aversion to mind

Leonard exploded.

"I don't LIKE handing control of my thoughts over to anyone else!
MY thoughts are my OWN, thank you very much. Besides, a doctor has
to keep patient confidentiality. How can I do that when someone
crawls through my head willy-nilly?"

Spock held his hands out to his wounded Leonard.

"Leonard, first of all, I do not know what 'willy-nilly' means.
Secondly, I was ordered by the captain to try and help you.
Thirdly, I would never, -ever- do anything to harm you. I give you
my word. I would never violate your professional ethics. I respect
your personal boundaries. And I assure you, I did nothing to you
today beyond searching for a way to release you from Landru."

Leonard grew visibly calmer, touched as he was by Spock's words.


The two men drew nearer once more.

"Scout's honor."

Leonard snorted at Spock's sincerity.

"Vulcan has Scouting?"

Spock shook his head as he once again placed his hands on Leonard's

"No, but my mother was a Girl Scout."

Leonard slipped his hands around Spock's waist.

"I'll be damned."

Spock looked into his Leonard's eyes.

"Will you be all right now?"

Leonard smiled.

"I think so. Thanks, Spock."

Spock caressed Leonard's cheek.

"For what?"

Leonard ducked his head in shame.

"For trying to help me today. Sorry I snapped at you."

Spock lifted Leonard's chin.


Leonard began to rub Spock's back.

"So, did you only try to release me from Landru because of Jim's

Spock dipped his head to the side in a Vulcan shrug.

"It was only logical to help you."

Leonard was puzzled.


Spock traced two fingers across Leonard's lips.

"With whom else could I argue so much . . . "

Leonard blinked in surprise then kissed the tip of Spock's nose.

"Aw, that's sweet!"

Spock's eyes began to twinkle slyly.

" . . . and win?"

Leonard exploded again with a roar.

"SPOCK! Ooh, you green-blooded sonova . . ."

Spock silenced Leonard with a kiss.