Black and White

Title: Black and White

Author: Artemis - _ArtemisOK@aol.com_ ( 

Series: TOS 

Pairing: Spock/McCoy

Rating: PG

Summary: An Enterprise Wedding 

Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom owns Star Trek. No infringement intended, no  money being made.

Acknowledgment: Thanks to Janet for the Beta.

Author's  Note: Written for Spiced Peaches IV.  Not to be mistaken for Super Bowl XL. 

Archive: The Spock/McCoyote's Den



Black and White


Spock was in Dr. McCoy’s quarters helping him to get dressed for the  wedding.  Spock had finished first and looked very elegant in his black and white robes with embroidered coat of arms.  He moved from wardrobe to assist Leonard who stood at the mirror messing with his lapels.


“Pah, I’ll never get this straight!” McCoy exclaimed.


Spock twitched the offending lapel into place and kissed Leonard on the cheek.  “You look marvelous, t'hy'la.” he said.


“I look like a damned fool.” McCoy countered.


“Since we are dressed alike then I must look like ‘a damned fool’ as well.”


“Naw, shug, you look fine.” McCoy quickly embraced Spock before they left the privacy of his quarters.


On their way to the transporter room, Spock briefed Leonard once more about proper wedding etiquette.  “You will not ask for seconds when the sacramental wine is presented.”


“No, of course not.” Leonard turned to Spock. “I thought weddings were supposed to be joyous occasions?”


“The wedding is formal, the reception will be joyous and if our fellow crewmembers are to be believed, even boisterous.”


“You can bet on that.” McCoy grinned broadly.


“Please refrain from making inappropriate facial expressions when the priest asks the ancestors to bless the marriage.”


Leonard pinned a “innocent” look on his face.  Spock gave him a look in return.


“Anything else, sir?” McCoy asked, feeling like a kid going to his first formal wedding.


“One more thing. Do not make any humorous comments during the prayers.”  Spock warned.


“I’ll probably add a few silent prayers of my own.” McCoy replied.


“As will I.” The corridor was empty, so Spock took this chance to offer his fingers to Leonard.  Bones extended his hand to meet his soul mate’s and ran his fingers along the proffered digits.  He was amazed as always by the powerful sensations that this small gesture produced.


As they entered the transporter room they saw that Commander Scott was dressed in the same black and white robes.  He turned awkwardly, as if the long skirts were tangling around his legs, impeding his movement.


“Hey, Scotty, looking good!” McCoy joked.


“Och, I canna get used to wearing this - this dress.” Scotty said in disgust.


“But, you wear a kilt, isn’t that the same thing?”


“Nay, lad.  A kilt is what a real man wears.” Scotty swatted at the flowing skirts. “Why, I canna even reach my dirk, ye ken?”


Spock cut off McCoy, not trusting the gleam in his eye. “Has Captain Kirk left yet?”


“Aye, he left with Lieutenant Sulu and Ensign Chekov.  I reckon he’ll keep them out of trouble until the wedding is over.”


“I have no doubt.” Spock lifted an eyebrow inquiringly, “Miss Uhura did not wait for you?” .


Scotty smiled; “Nay, she said she had a lot to do before the ceremony. “ He sighed happily, “Now these styles, suit her right down to the ground.”


“Which where we should be heading.” Leonard interjected.  He tripped going up the steps to the platform. Spock quickly caught him before he fell.  “Damn sandals! Whoever heard of wooden sandals?” He grumped to hide his  embarrassment.


“The Japanese, Doctor. This is after all Mr. Sulu’s wedding to Miss Rand.”


“Of course.” The doctor said.


“Indeed.” replied the first mate.


Commander Scott set the coordinates and joined them on the platform.   He pretended not to notice that Spock had not let go of Dr. McCoy’s arm as they faded out.



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