Bolian Winter Festival

  Title: Bolian Winter Festival

  Author: Qzeebrella

  Fandom: Star Trek the Original Series

  Disclaimer: Star Trek is not my creation I am not making money from this, don’t sue

  Pairing: Spock/McCoy

  Author’s Note: no idea whether or not it is a good idea to make noise around stalactites and stalagmites or within caves so please take all precautions before hosting your very own Bolian Winter Festival.


  Spock had been very puzzled as to why the Enterprise crew had insisted on holding a Bolian Winter festival considering there were no Bolians on board. All other celebrations on board had either been based on the various cultural traditions of the crew or visitors to the ship, so to have the festival when no Bolians were on board did not make sense to the Vulcan. However, he had known the mostly human crew to do very strange things in the past for very little reason and so had accepted the myriad preparations by the crew and growing excitement with as much patience as he felt it deserved.


  The science officer had to admit that the crew had gone all out for the celebration. The recreation room had been transformed to resemble a Bolian Clan Cave, complete with stalactites hanging from the roof and stalagmites twisting upwards from below. Each column from above, paired with one below or the two forming one seamless column. Each one sparkled with the reflected light of the candles scattered around the room. Many were thick and white, a few were nearly crystal clear, and still others seemed as if someone had somehow managed to encase flame within their depths. The largest one was streaked with blue from the palest sky blue to the deepest aquamarine, this largest one was a bit off centre and yet all the other columns seemed to be gathered around it.


  A few of the stalactites dripped somewhat regularly into small pools on the floor below. A rhythmic pounding of traditional drums and the music from a stone flute echoed everywhere around them. Shadows danced along the walls as the crew celebrated the festival. Spock spotted Leonard through the crowd as he danced around the biggest stalactite; the one referred to as the “mother” by Bolians. As he admired how the blues of the “mother” enhanced the doctor’s beauty he was reminded of why the Bolian’s cherished this festival.


  The Bolian culture was a matriarchal one bound by tradition and a deeply spiritual outlook on life. The Clan Mother of each group was held in deep respect and had the last word in every dispute. Each Clan Mother was expected to emulate the Bluest Mother, she who created the Bolian home world and all of creation by dancing.


  Bolian’s showed their love, gratitude and respect for the Bluest Mother by dancing just for the sake of dancing and by dancing on special occasions throughout the year. There were 42 such special occasions throughout the year but the Winter Festival was the most anticipated one. It was in the winter that the Bluest Mother taught her children how to dance and showed them how to find their paired mate. The stalagmite to their stalactite, so to speak, the person they were meant to be with. It had been such a joyous lesson that all of her children danced on the first night of Bolian winter, when the largest stalactite in each cave was its bluest. The many shades of the “mother” stalactite reflecting the many blessings the Bluest Mother had given her children.


  It was at this festival that those who did not have a paired mate would dance for a short time with each individual in the outer circle in the hopes of finding their pair. Those who were already paired would dance in the inner circle, preferably with their mate. As Spock saw Leonard swirl around the “mother” again and decided to join his mate. He weaved his way through the outer circle and twirled around Leonard.


  As they circled each other and the “mother” Spock admired the lean form of his chosen one against the shades of blue behind him. Leonard’s eyes sparkling with love as they touched fingertip to fingertip their movements, somewhere between a tango and a waltz, moving seamlessly with each other. The light of the “mother” was gently falling upon them as if embracing them and their love. As they danced together Spock realized just why the crew wanted to celebrate this festival, for the festival celebrated the union of paired mates and there was nothing better than finding your ideal pair.


  The end


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