Title: Bonobo

Author: Mina

Series: TOS

Codes: S/Mc

Rating: PG-13




"Spock, I wonder why you always argue so much with our dear McCoy."


The Vulcan sat at his station and turned around to look at his Captain. Immediately he saw that Kirk was bored, he crouched in his chair, legs and arms crossed.


"I do not know what you mean, Captain." He also crossed his arms now.


"Do you know about the Bonobo apes on earth, Spock? Are you familiar with their way of handling arguments?"


"I am not quite sure..."


Kirk rests his head on his left arm and gazed at the empty screen in front of him.

"They resolve conflicts by having a nice Quickie. It would be interesting to see if this also works for certain human doctors... and of course Vulcan officers. It would be funny to find out, Spock, wouldn't it?"


Spock rose from his chair and joined Kirk by his side, now he held his hands behind his back.


"Captain, you have to know..." He drew closer till he reached the Captains ear, then he whispered very quietly: "... you cannot have a Quickie with McCoy..." Kirk gave him a confused sight. Spock continued almost silent: "Because his ass is much too tight, you have to do it slow and nice. Got it?"


He went back to his station and left an almost blowfish-like Captain in his chair.

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