The Brown Pinstripe

Title: The Brown Pinstripe
                  Author: JenniferLupin
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                  Fandom: Star Trek the Original Series
                  Archive: Any, all...
                  Disclaimer: The show and its characters belong to Paramount. No
                  profit made from this story.
                  Category: Slash
                  Rating: PG
                  Author Notes: Based on "A Piece of the Action", so minor spoilers on
                  that. Also, thanks to Sarah for supplying pointy ears and beta help.
                  I didn't get to wear a snazzy suit myself that day. As usual, Jim
                  wanted Spock with him to accomplish the "mission" and left me behind
                  to "guard" Oxmyx and his boys. I felt like a damned fool holding
                  that ridiculously heavy metal whatever-it-was. Especially
                  considering my totally incongruent outfit. But that's beyond the
                  point. Really. I'm not that great in battle anyway (unless you
                  count my karate chops) and so I get to wear fun clothes less often
                  than the Captain and his irritating pointy-eared...First Officer.
                  So, I'm used to seeing those two off galavanting across the galaxy in
                  all sorts of crazy duds.
                  What I'm not used to is the effect these particular outfits had on
                  me. Or rather, outfit. Don't get me wrong, Jim looked peachy, but
                  well...he wasn't the one I was trying not to stare at. It was bad
                  enough seeing him undress in front of all those people. But I was
                  totally unprepared for the way that material clung to him or to how
                  that deep brown color darkened his eyes. It was all I could to keep
                  my jaw from dropping.
                  And what's worse is that smug bastard knew it! His little smirk at
                  my discomfort did not escape my notice. His damnable Vulcan senses
                  probably felt the heat coming off me in waves. It's not like we
                  haven't...that we aren't...well, his visits to my quarters happen
                  nearly every night now. But still, I don't want every person on the
                  damned ship to know about it! Especially Jim. I gotta learn to
                  control my...reactions.
                  But I suppose the biggest surprise came later that night. After we
                  all got back in one piece, I heard my door signal ring. And at that
                  time of night, it could only have been one person.
                  "Come", I said, fully expecting to see the familiar figure in blue
                  and black. But when I looked up, all I could see was brown pinstripe.
                  I can't imagine the look on my face as I said, "Why, you green-
                  blooded son of gun!"
                  The End