10. Darkness

 By Qzeebrella



The light of the candle goes out and Spock is surrounded by darkness, with

not even the light of the stars to shine upon him. It is cold, bleak and

lonely. He breathes in and out for a few minutes, letting the darkness wrap

itself tightly around him. He knows now what he must do.


He has risked so much for Star Fleet, for the Federation, for his friends

and he knows that his bondmate deserves so much more from him than anyone or

anything else. He will tell Leonard how much he means to him, he will tell

him he loves him, he will hold him in his arms and shine the light of his

love into Leonard's soul. He will share his love with Leonard in a meld and

he will do it as soon as Leonard comes home.


Leonard is his love and his love is for Leonard alone to know.


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