Clash of the Titans


Author: Artemis

Series: TOS

Pairing: Spock/McCoy

Rating: R

Part 1/2

Summary: Body paint spices up the boys’ Halloween

Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom own Star Trek. No infringement intended, no money being made.

Acknowledgment:  Thanks to Janet for the Beta. 

Author's Note: For Spice Peaches III. 

Archive: The Spock/McCoyote's Den




Spock and McCoy found a costume shop on Delos VI that sold a very unique product.  It was a total body paint system that worked in conjunction with the sonic shower.  Obviously, this system would be perfect for next Halloween.


They had agreed that their private theme would be "Clash of the Titan's."  Each would be a deity.  Part of the fun would be trying to figure out which god each represented.  The winner would take a forfeit from the loser.


Halloween was part of the Federation’s Fall Carnival.  Although, it was not autumn on Vulcan, Spock choose an autumnal old deity who had been worshipped in the mist of his planet’s past.  His body was painted terra (vulcana) cotta red with streaks of white and yellow representing lightening bolts.  He was RomRum Kah, the god of flash floods, who thundered down the arroyos during the rainy season. 


Autumn was the rainy for the northern hemisphere of Vulcan.  The rains brought life and so it was the time of fertility.  Most of Vulcan’s mammals mated during this time of year, even the sentient beings.


RomRum Kah was the evil twin, as it were, to ShiShi Wah the life giving goddess of rain.  There was balance in everything.  Rain brought life, too much rain could mean death. 


 Leonard popped a red hot into his  mouth as he was exiting the lift.  He had the sprayed part of his costume on under his uniform. He had to wear the long sleeved blue velour uniform shirt instead of his usual short-sleeved medical tunic, but no one commented on this.  In fact, several members of his staff were wearing long sleeves.  Some of the women were wearing coveralls.  That little shop of Delos VI sure had a lot of Star Fleet customers, McCoy mused.  When he got to his quarters, all he needed to do was to undress and put on his mask and accessories. 


He was considering whether or not to wear a loincloth when he stepped into his quarters and was tackled by a red and yellow storm god, who showered him with kisses.  When Leonard opened to mouth to protest, Spock thrust his tongue inside.  His tongue eagerly explored his lover’s mouth.  His hands were on either side of  Len’s head holding it still, not quite touching the psy points.  Len kissed back giving as good as he got.  One hand on Spock’s head, buried in the ‘storm tossed’ hair, the other clasping his partner’s back. 


//Let me up, please// Leonard sent


//Why?  I seem to have the advantage.//


//So I can breathe.//  Spock  merely elevated Leonard’s head.


//No, you great green…red, hobgoblin.  Let me up, so I can get undressed!//


Quick as lightening, Spock relented.  He assisted Len into a chair and while Leonard was taking off his shirt, Spock helped him off with his boots and socks.  Spock looked up from the floor at McCoy in his black tee.  How well it showed off his musculature.  As McCoy disrobed, duplicate black and blue uniform articles littered the normally tidy deck of his quarters. 


McCoy stood up and grabbed his mask and wig.  He turned slowly, letting Spock get the full effect.  Leonard was primarily blue.  The blue of a class M planet as seen from space.  His wig was a polar ice cap.  He had two main continents.  The one on his back started as his right scapula and tapered down to a peninsula at his waist.  The one in front started just below his diaphragm and ran down to his knees.  His navel was a large lake. His penis was, or could be, the largest peak in a chain of volcanoes.  Islands dotted his limbs and upper chest.  He was Taa, the father god of the Taan people.  His consort was Ta, the sky goddess - but not tonight.


"Fascinating." Murmured Spock, "So much to explore."  He, too, had donned his wig and mask.  His wig was thunderclouds.


Standing, they embraced.  Spock’s right leg was between Leonard’s legs, otherwise they stood chest-to-chest and belly-to-belly.  McCoy slid his mask out of the way, so that he could kiss Spock.  He surprised the Vulcan by kissing the Vulcan way.  He trailed his nose along Spock’s cheek and down to his chin, marveling as always at the heat and aroma emanating from this cold character.  He wanted to explore all of Spock by touch.  Spock was on a similar wavelength.  He began to rub his cheek against Len’s face.  They looked like multi-colored cats greeting each other. Occasionally, psy points would contact and they would gasp.  The motion of their heads spread down their bodies.  Hands slid along backs, their torsos caught the rhythm, harder, faster, harder, faster, more, more, more! 


At last their mouths met again, Leonard slid his tongue inside Spock, as Spock devoured Leonard. Spock tasted cinnamon, it burned sweet and hot.  Hot - Spock caught a clue from Leonard’s mind. Hot like a volcano.


"You are not Vulcan, are you?" he asked, beginning as inquisition assisted by tweaking Leonard’s nipples.


Leonard' laughed and then gasped, "Ah, ah, no, I’m not Vulcan. That‘s one."  He tried to distract his genius lover by running his finger down ‘Vulcan’s Forge’.  As he did he caught a clue:  canyon.


"Shug, are you the spirit of the Colorado? Cause you’re making me wet."  Spock had lowered his mouth to Bones’ left nipple, giving him the hardness of his teeth without actually biting. 


While they were both aching to go to bed, both wanted to win this little guessing game and be top.


McCoy had captured Spock’s left arm and was slowly kissing and biting the pressure/pleasure points.  He bit firmly into the Mound of Venus.  //Are you Mars?// he sent.


Spock dropped to his knees taking Leonard with him.  "No." he rasped out. If Leonard was not going to play fair neither was he.  He began to tickle Len’s ribs, noting how they resembled waves in an ocean and the little islands made an archipelago  where a Vulcan’s heart would be.  He had it!  While Leonard was still off  balance, he threw him to the floor and pinned him with his weight. 


"You are Taa, the magma-blooded, father god of the randy Taan people." Spock proclaimed with a ravenous smile.


"Yes, now, who are supposed to be?"  Leonard asked tingling with anticipation.


"Guess" said Spock as he dug his teeth into the muscles of McCoy’s neck. 


Poor McCoy, it is damn near impossible to guess with you can’t think  The Vulcan delivered a series of love bites that drove all thought from his mind and all blood to his groin.  


Victoriously, Spock swept McCoy up in his arms and carried him to bed.  


"Why, Mr. Spock, I do declare!  What has come over you?" McCoy laughed exhilarated.  It was unusual for Spock to "show off" by  greater than human strength.  


"I am not Spock, I am a god."


RomRum Kah surveyed the world lying before him begging to be explored, begging to be taken.  First he ripped the mask away, nothing would keep him from his prize.  His own false face joined it on the floor, it was unnecessary, now and dulled his senses.  


Leonard looked so alien dappled blue and green.  Familiar "land marks" were obscured by the topological body paint.  Where to begin?  Not Mount Taa, as tempting as that mighty peak appeared.  A well-drawn map, indeed.  With a swift lift of an eyebrow, he decided.


"Len, I have complained before that your feet were like ice, but this is the first time that I have ever seen them snow capped."  He moved to the end of the bed and began to massage his beloved’s slender feet.  There was an acupressure point under the ball of the foot that led to arousal, Spock worked it until Leonard began to groan and then he licked the top of his foot in time with the massage.


"Ahh, please, I won’t last.  Not if you’re gonna do, what I think you’re gonna do."  He writhed against the red and yellow hands.  The rain god placed the squirming foot against his groin and started on the other one.  He spared a lightening quick smile for the conquered deity. 


"You cannot disappoint me, hot one.  Whenever the volcano blows is acceptable to me."  He said as he ran his salvia-moistened thumb along the bottom of Len’s toes. 


Spock began to knead his way up Len’s calves working towards that sweet spot on the back of the knee. 


"Lenka, will you be so kind as to face the wall?" Spock was polite, but firm. 


Len, instead, raised himself up on his elbows; "K’ka, why are you being cruel?  You won, isn’t that enough?"


Spock stopped what he was doing and stretched out beside Leonard.  He traced the southern continent with his finger.  "My delicious divinity, I do not mean to be cruel.  My intention is to savor you and to make the most our time together."  As he kissed the land locked lake, he could not help but spy the verdant volcano.  He chuckled into Len’s tummy. 


"Hey, that tickles!  What’s so funny, anyway?" Leonard demanded.


"You have the green dragon tonight, while I have the red one."


"Well, I’ll be damned, you’re right."  Bones reached out stroke his partner’s cock. "The Big Red One." 


"As you say," Spock said tenderly, with a hint of pride. "Now, please, Great Father, face the wall." He encircled the base of Leonard’s penis with his fingers.


"You know what’s gonna happen.  It will be a waste."  Leonard was hungry for satisfaction. 


"There will be no waste, only freedom." Spock’s eyes pleaded. //Please, play along.//


Len knew he had taken it too far and was in danger of killing the mood. He acquiesced, but stole a kiss.  "Fine thing" he grumbled. "a god with his face to the wall" RomRum Kah was not fooled.  He knew that Taa was happiest when he had something to grumble about. 


He slid down Taa’s body like a Spythian python and flicked his tongue against the back of Len’s right knee.  The pressure was building, Spock slid his left hand along Leonard’s stomach and began to work that shaft in time with the ministrations he applied to this oft-overlooked erogenous zone.  Both were highly conscious of their odd position.  Spock’s penis poked into Leonard’s shoulder blade.  Leonard’s butt cheeks were pressed into Spock’s chest.  Like, the body paint, this added to sensuality of the situation.  Every move was new and different.   The lord of the flash flood quicken his tempo.  Soon, they both knew.  Spock changed from flicking to licking and nibbling.  Now!  Spock embraced tightly the thrashing McCoy as his semen erupted and splattered against the bulkhead. 


Spock lay his head on Leonard’s hip, his arm extended along Len‘s leg.  They rested awhile languid in the afterglow.


Spock could tell when Leonard‘s pulse and respiration had returned to normal.  "That was most satisfactory.  Now on your knees, with you hands on the headboard."  Spock’s voice was not cold, but it brooked no insubordination, either. 


With an exaggerated weary sigh, Bones assumed the position.  It was then he noticed that the books and bookends were missing from the headboard.  There was instead a small tube of lubricant "Mellow Harvest" scented. 


"Do you need me to hand this to you?"


"No, thank you, I can reach." Spock spoke with a warm growl.  He stretched up over Len’s body, taking the tube in one hand and supporting himself with the other.  He thumbed it open and held it under Leonard’s nose.  "Does this meet with your approval?"


Scent memory washed over McCoy.  He was transported back to his farm in Georgia, baking smells wafting in from the kitchen.  Cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger combined with pumpkin and sweet potato; damn it now I’m not so much horny as hungry, McCoy thought.  Aloud he said, "Yeah, it smells terrific.  One of these days, I’m gonna take you home so that you can smell this for real." 


He had turned his head to address Spock, when he finish speaking Spock kissed him again.  "I look forward to going home with you. For now this is our home, oh mighty Taa"  He nipped the nape of McCoy’ neck and ran his finger down his spine.  McCoy moaned and shivered.


One finger and then two, the Vulcan prepared his way.  His human pushed backwards against his hand in eagerness.  Aligning himself with his lover’s body, Spock made the initial penetration.   Unlike the destructive god of torrents, Spock did not rush.  He pushed deep inside his beloved and stayed there allowing the familiar warmth to enfold him. 


"Yes!" he hissed between clenched teeth. 


"Oh, yes" McCoy sighed, enjoying the hot full feeling and the weight of  his amorate on his back.


Spock slipped his free hand around Leonard’s hips for control and began to thrust in earnest.   Because McCoy had not objected to being carried, Spock maintained his advantage of strength, occasionally lifting Len off the bed and settling him back down on the Vulcan’s waiting cock.  Leonard only laughed and said Oh, my god.


Countless, joyous minutes later, there was a beep from McCoy’s message console.  //Not now// he thought, but he glanced that way and doing so caught their reflections in his bureau mirror.  He nearly didn’t recognize the two men making love on his bunk.  The patterns of the body paint combined with the soft lighting of the sleep cabin to blur the usual  features of their bodies, even Spock’s birthmark in the shape of Georgia was camouflaged.  Spock realized that he did not have Len’s full attention and looked over at the mirror.


"I thought you did not like to watch."  he teased.


"Ah, but they are so - fascinating." Leonard answered.  He leaned back a little just to prove the reflection was really themselves.


"I concur.  Computer, raise the lights in the sleeping area by 15 percent."  Spock winced internally as he gave the order.  He hadn’t asked if his partner wanted the lights raised. 


//The better to see you with, my dear.// Came the mental response from the ‘submissive’ McCoy, who began to rock back and forth. 


Watched and watching, their tempo increased.  While McCoy had always claimed that there was nothing funnier than the human face in the throws of passion, tonight was the exception, just as Spock was always the exception.  He loved watching Spock’s face and now he could while allowing Spock to ride him like a stallion.  Leonard reared one last time and Spock bore down upon him and buried his shaft to the hilt.  Shuddering, Spock let loose a torrent of semen thundering into Taa’s cavern.  They arched their backs together and cried out inarticulately.  Spock embraced Len from behind and held him at the apex of the arch.  They seemed almost weightless, hanging in that divine moment, all too soon they crashed back down upon the bed. 


Len missed hitting his head on the bookcase by scant millimeters, but neither one noticed.  Spock tenderly and reluctantly withdrew from Leonard’s body.   Leonard rolled over on his back and took his spent storm god into his arms.  He pushed the damp bangs out of the way and kissed his forehead.  And they drifted off into an exhausted, happy, sleep.


The Yellow Alert claxon startled them from their sleep.  With only the briefest of  clean ups, they scrambled into their uniforms and headed out the door and into the crowded lift.   It was then that Bones noticed that his pants were to tight.  He glanced sideways at Commander Spock.  Spock acknowledged the mix-up with a small nod. 


When the lift stopped at Sick Bay, Dr. McCoy got off.  By way of parting he said; "RomRum Kah."


To be continued….

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