Title: Connection
Author: Jessica
Pairing: Spock/McCoy
Disclaimer: Characters not mine.
Warnings: Character death.

Blue eyes stare at me
I cannot read what they say.
What are there secrets?

Eyes are dark and warm.
Giving away his secrets.
I pay attention.
How can a human
Who is so emotional
Not reveal himself?
How can a Vulcan,
Who hides so much from himself,
Show so much to me?
Make a connection,
That's what Jim keeps telling me.
What does he suspect?
Human and Vulcan.
It had worked for my parents.
Could it work for me?
He is the product,
of two different worlds. Can
he find the balance?
I want to be with
him. More than anything else.
Does he feel the same?
Logic, emotion.
Are the two as different
as I have believed?
A Vulcan hugging?
I'm shaken from the mission.
Don't question comfort.
Lips, salty with tears.
What happened, Dr. McCoy?
Please let me help you.
Whose tears, mine or yours?
I can't tell the difference.
Our minds have tangled.
"Don't let go of me."
"I will not, I promise you."
Looks like Jim was right.
A connection made.
But someone had to die first.
Why'd you do it, Jim?

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