Diaries of an Enterprise Doctor

Title: Diaries of an Enterprise Doctor

Author: Sorlak

Pairing: S/Mc

Series: TOS

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: The characters don’t belong to me. I’m just borrowing them.


Diaries of an Enterprise Doctor

By Sorlak




Day one:


I can't believe I'm talking to a machine...


Today was my first day as CMO onboard the Enterprise, an interesting experience.  The man who greeted me, Captain Kirk, was a nice man,

womanizing type, but still a good man.  The Science officer however...  Well, Spock is an emotionless stick in the mud.  Sickbay was great

however.  The staff was courteous and professional.  I'm worried about my head nurse however.  Christine Chapel is hopelessly in love with Mr. Spock.



Day two:


Today was as interesting as the day before.  Mr. Spock came in with a small cut on his hand and I got a better look at him.  I think I'm beginning to see what my head nurse sees in him.



Day three:


Didn't see Spock at all today, I’d like to find out what makes him tick.  What makes him so, for lack of a better term, stick-like?



Day Four:


Spock was in sickbay as a patient again.  This time his injury was far more serious.  He has a nasty concussion as far as I can tell with his

blasted anatomy.  I don't know why I am so curious about him.



Day Five:


I released Spock from sickbay today and was he ever eager to leave.  But when he left I felt a sense of loss.  I can't explain it, but it was still there.



Day Six:


Dear God what is wrong with me?  I know that I like men, but why do I like him?  Of all men to want he had to be the one I wanted.  He could

never want me.  He's a Vulcan, hopelessly and eternally logical.  Relationships with other men would make no sense to him.  My head nurse

would have a better chance than I and he's rejected her more times than she cares to count.


Day Seven:


It’s getting worse.  I've fallen hopelessly for him.  I have to do something about this.  There is a nice looking girl I think I'll try for.  Maybe she can take my mind off of Spock,



Day Eight:


She went out with me, but she could tell something was wrong.  I wasn't that interested in her and responded with little speech and was

daydreaming most of the time.


Day Nine:


Oh God, not this.  A week long away mission with Spock?  Please not this.  This planet has a culture that is so sexually free that any adult can choose who they want to be with, male or female.  Oh well, I have to do what I have to do.  Maybe I'll put in for a transfer when we get back.



Day 17:


We're back from the away mission.  The mission wasn't as bad as I expected.  I was able to talk with Spock, ask about his family and such.  However night time was the worst time.  I was assigned to a room with him.  Each night, during the middle of the night, I had to get up.  I needed a very cold shower.  Somehow, I think Spock knew something was wrong and after the third night slept on the couch in our room.  How did

he know that he was the problem, if he knew?  I've heard Vulcans are touch-telepaths, could I have accidentally told him?  I hope not.



Day 18:


The happiest day of my life?  I hope so.  Spock came to visit me in my quarters this evening.  He told me he knew what I was going through  during the away mission.  He told me he wasn't offended.  He also told me that while same-sex relationships are not common on his home planet,

they are allowed and are not looked down upon.  Maybe that was his way of saying he liked me?  I don't know yet.



Day 19:


The fist date!  I was right last night!  He does at least have some interest in me!  We spent the entire evening in my quarters talking about ourselves, our families and home.  At the very end, he kissed me, not as humans do, but he showed me how Vulcans kiss.  They take the

first two fingers of the right hand and touch them together.  Supposedly it’s like a kiss because they are touch-telepaths.    He said that one day soon that we might kiss as humans do.  Well, here's to a long and happy relationship with him!


                                  The End

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