Emotional Logic

Since I've been practicing with new forms of poetry lately, I thought I'd do some Tanka poetry. A Tanka poem is a five line poem arranged in a five, seven, five, seven, seven syllable count.
Title: Emotional Logic.
By Jessica

Rating: Pretty tame, maybe PG?
Parings: Spock/McCoy, need you even ask?
Summary: McCoy tries to get Spock to admit the truth.
You always want to
challenge my people's beliefs.
You don't understand
why we embrace logical
thinking. Don't pretend you do.
You hide behind masks
In order to shield yourself
from what you precieve
As your human half's weakness.
but all Vulcans feel like you.
Friend, brother, lover
Just one word means all of the
above: T'hy'la
Strange that a race devoid of
emotion has such a word.
The Vulcans don't see
that they're lying to themselves.
Emotions exist
They just bury them deep down
where they think no-one will see.
I see the truth Spock.
I am not an idiot
I know you love me
The feeling is mutual.
Please believe and trust me.
Why are you afraid
to take a chance on me, Spock?
Your mother was a human being, remember?
Must you be Super Vulcan?
I don't want a big
scene. Just admit the feelings
are there inside you.
There's no logic denying
what is clearly the truth, Spock.
I lean over and
steal a kiss from the surprised
Vulcan. Make that shocked
He stares at me for so long
I wonder what he's thinking.
When he does react
It is not what I expect.
My turn to be shocked
as he cups my face in his hands
and deeply returns the kiss.
I never thought that
logic and emotions could
be joined together
They seem to be opposites.
But McCoy has proved me wrong.

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