Everyday Treats

Title:  Everyday Treats

Author:  Ster Julie

Codes: S/Mc (implied); double drabble

Rating: G

Part 1/1




Spock, are you vegan?


Leonard, you know that I am Vulcan.


I know that, you pointy-eared elf.  How strict of a vegetarian are you?  Do you eat eggs, dairy products?


I occasionally have cheese.


So, dairy is in, but eggs are out?


Interesting way of putting it, but yes, I eat dairy products.  I do not eat eggs.  Why?


Oh, I'd thought I'd whip up a special treat for the holidays.  Lessee, I'm sure you don't eat suet.




Beef fat.


Absolutely not.


Well, I'm sure I can substitute something else.  Are you allergic to any Terran fruits or nuts?


I know of a certain physician from Earth who has accused me of driving him "nuts" on occasion.


Watch it, Spock!


And I must have succeeded because our mutual friend once accused him of being "fruitier than a nutcake."


You're on thin ice, mister!


"Thin ice"?  See?  You have proven my point.  There is no ice underfoot, only decking.


You're gonna get decked soon if you don't cut it out, smartass!


I thought the halls are supposed to be decked.


Okay, that does it.  No holiday treat for you.


Leonard, I don't need a holiday treat.  You're my treat.  Everyday.



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