Father's Day


Author:  Ster Julie

Codes:  S/Mc, Sa; humor

Rating:  PG

Part 1 of 1


Summary:  It's Father's Day, and Sarek is wondering when he is getting his gift.




So, my sons, what are the plans for today?

Plans for today?


He means Father's Day, Spock.


But Vulcans do not celebrate Father's Day, Leonard.


Well, now that I have a new son who is accustomed to celebrating Father's Day, I would not deny him the pleasure.


I think he's jealous of the gift you sent your mother, Spock.


You mailed Mother the dish garden, Leonard.


Jealousy is an emotion, my son.  And a dish garden is not a practical gift for someone who travels as much as I. 


What would be an appropriate gift, Leonard?


Well, I used to give my Dad a bottle of his favorite sipping whiskey, but I doubt that you would want alcohol, Sarek.


Do not assume, Leonard-kam.  As an ambassador, I have had to imbibe alcohol on many occasions.  In fact, one of my colleagues had promised to make "green goldams" for me, but he died unexpectedly.


I have never heard of "green goldams."  Have you, Leonard?  Leonard?  Why are you laughing?


Sarek, was your friend from the eastern hills of North America?


I believe so.  Why do you ask?


Your friend intended to make you a "Green God Damn," a moonshine cocktail!




It is illegally made liquor, Father, with a very high alcohol content.


Illegal.  Then you will not be able to make this "moonshine cocktail."


Do not assume, Sa-mekh.  McCoy to Galley.


Galley.  Chief Childs here.


Chief, could you have someone bring me a pitcher of ice, a blender, and a small can of frozen limeade concentrate?


Right away, Doctor.


Do you have the moonshine, Leonard?


I keep a small jar of it for medicinal purposes right here. 


It looks like a jar of water.


That "water," Sa-mekh, is 180 proof or 90% alcohol.  My sister once stuck her finger in a shot of this stuff and it removed her fingernail polish.


And we are to imbibe this. . . moonshine?


Wait, you'll soon see. 


Leonard, the items you requested have arrived.


Wonderful!  Just let me get the jar from my secret stash and I'll get started.


McCoy retrieved his precious jar of "white lightning" and poured some into the blender.  He added the can of frozen limeade and a quantity of ice.  He whirred the concoction to a slushy consistency and poured some into glasses that Spock had located.  Popping a straw into each drink, the doctor offered one glass to Sarek and another to Spock.


Sarek, thank you for giving me an excuse to make these.  I haven't had a Green God Damn since I dated that Hoopie from Morgantown.  Don't drink it too quickly, or else you will get a brain freeze.  Happy Father's Day, Sa-mekh Sarek, and thank you for accepting me into the family.  Bottoms up!


All three men took a good taste of the moonshine cocktail and promptly choked.


Damn!  That's strong!



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