Five Times Spock and Leonard Got Married

Five Times Spock and Leonard Got Married

by Qzeebrella

Series: TOS

Codes: S/Mc

Rating: PG for mentions of sex

Disclaimer: Star Trek, its universe and characters belongs to Paramount/Viacom. This poem belongs to me. I haven’t made a cent and I don’t intend to.

The first time Spock and Leonard got married was on Vulcan. T'Pring, Stonn, T'Pau and her entourage and Kirk were all there. It was entirely too hot and McCoy had been insanely jealous of T'Pring and trying to be happy for Spock. Then T'Pau had rung the gong.

Leonard had no idea what was going on at first. All he knew was that it got very quiet for a few seconds after T'Pring had rung the gong and said something. That is until Spock grabbed him, kissed him, and said T'hy'la. Then all hell broke loose but Len had barely noticed, because he was too busy making out with Spock. Then there was Spock in his mind and some gobbledegook or possibly Vulcan spoken by T'Pau.

Then there was heat, sex, bells ringing, sex, and a barely noticed beam up. Then there was more sex, a hastily emptied transporter room, and even more sex. Followed by several days of hastily eaten meals and lots of sex. Then a run to McCoy's quarters for the rest of the honeymoon.

It was when they had to visit sickbay before returning to duty that they learned of the reprecussions. One pissed off T'Pring on the Vulcan side and one broken hearted head nurse on Enterprise. One traumatized Captain who couldn't look them in the eyes even as Uhura told them of the dozens of Vulcans who felt the need to call the Enterprise and let them know of adoption agencies. A message of congratulations from T'Pau and one of "why didn't you invite me to your wedding dad" from Joanna. A grinning Scott who handed them a bottle of single malt and then a huge wedding reception on Enterprise
where Len and Spock had to spend three hours listening to the crew tease them. And a million other things besides.

It had all been worth it though for Leonard had never been happier and Spock had never been more content.

The second time they got married was after they rescued George and Gracy the humpback whales. Once back in their own time and waiting for their new ship to be ready, Spock and Leonard had gone to Las Vegas. There they found a little white chapel with an Elvis impersonator and got married while some tourists from Topeka looked on. Once remarried
they found a hotel on the strip and had a three day  honeymoon. Less sex this time but more talking, more getting to know each other, and more time spent strengthening their bond.

The third time they got married was the evening after they left Vegas, when they got to Joanna's house. Their friends were there, their family was there, and a justice of the peace was there. The wedding was followed by a late dinner and then three whole weeks off. Three whole weeks of visiting with Joanna and Saavik. Three whole weeks of soaking up the Georgia sunshine and eating peaches. Three whole weeks
to just be together. It was wonderful and just what they needed.

The fourth time they got married was on Betazed, just after a young lady named Lwaxana Troi became an Ambassador. She somehow talked Spock and Leonard into having a traditional Betazoid wedding, in spite of the fact she reminded Len of Christine Chapel and reminded Spock of the first XO he served under - whom he called Number One for some
reason. It was only after she talked them into having a traditional wedding that they learned they would have to be naked through the whole thing.

They went through with it though but never actually told Kirk or the others what a traditional wedding was like.


The fifth time they got married was on the 75th anniversary of the
first time they got married. Captain Picard performed the ceremony for
them on the planet Romulus. They did the whole "parted from me and
never parted" thing again, then kissed. Leonard's hand trembled all
throughout the traditional mind meld but then Spock kissed him and Len
forgot everything. Then Picard left.

Spock and Leonard retired to their chamber and held each other. Their minds melding, their hearts entwined, and their souls merging. Until there was no beginning and no end. They were content. They were happy. And they were in love, were with their love, and were surrounded by love. Nothing could be better.

The end

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