For the Asking

Title: For the Asking

Song: Song For The Asking

Author: tarantel

Pairing: S/Mc

Rating: G

Warning: fluff!!!!



It had been a long day. Leonard McCoy, who was exhausted but not sleepy, found himself wandering the corridors of the Enterprise, with his mind still in sickbay with his duties. Though he suffered from overwrought nerves and felt restless he didn’t want to resort to sleeping pills and he wasn’t in the mood for a drink. Absentmindedly he stepped into the elevator which he had all to himself this time of the night and headed for the observation deck. Perhaps a bit of stargazing would calm him down sufficiently for sleep. The elevator came to a halt and the doors swished open. Or one of Spock’s meditation methods could be useful now. He grinned. He must really be experiencing burnout, to draw on Spock or Spock’s methods for relief.


Then he heard the music. Speaking of the devil – no mistake, that was Spock’s harp. – That green-blooded hobgoblin obviously was out there on observation deck, serenading the stars! The doctor stopped dead in his tracks. So much for a bit of quiet stargazing. Confound that crazy Vulcan, did he have to go atypical tonight of all nights!?


Leonard McCoy turned to leave. And stood still again. And listened. That was Spock alright playing, he was the only one on board to play the Vulcan harp, but what he played, the way he played was - strange. It was a simple melody, sweet and plaintive and….appealing. It touched your heart, the doctor thought, surprised. He took a step forward, drawn by the music, stricken by the magic of the tune, he walked on, listening, enchanted, until he stood in front of Spock, who played on raptly; without words the song seemed to sing his thoughts, was like a plea, like a promise.


And then Spock looked up to the doctor, face emotionless and immobile as usual, but his eyes seemed to reflect the starlight from outside and there was something else that shone up from inside and which Leonard McCoy would never have expected to see in these eyes and which belied the otherwise carefully neutral expression…


The doctor smiled. "Go on playing," he said. "Please."

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