From Gol, with Love

Title: From Gol, with Love

Author: Artemis (_ArtemisOK@aol.con_ (mailto:ArtemisOK@aol.con) )

Series:  ST:TMP

Codes: Sp/Mc

Rating: [PG-13]

Parts: 1/1

Summary: A much  changed Spock returns to the Enterprise

Disclaimer: CBS Paramount owns Star  Trek. No infringement intended, no money being made.

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Acknowledgments: Big thanks to Janet. All mistakes are  mine

Author's Note: This is an alternate universe story.  Adm. Ciani  changed professions to fit my story.

Archiving: My Place, Spiced Peaches V,  and The Spock/McCoyote's Den.




Lt. Chekov was nervous when he went down to the shuttle bay to greet the  party arriving in the long range shuttle.  Priority-one, this had to be,  well a top priority personage, perhaps some sort of ambassador.  Chekov  hoped that who ever it was had brought spare parts for the weapons array.   He mused on who could be in a hurry to join up with a crippled ship on a virtual  suicide mission as he waited for it to dock.


When the shuttle doors opened, he saw a tall Vulcan female.  She was  not beautiful, but she was what Chekov considered a handsome woman. Her features  were firm and regular, with a jaw line and cheekbones that models would kill  for. She wore only the slightest amount of make-up which accented her warm brown  eyes and sweeping brows. Her sleek, black, hair was trimmed in neat Vulcan  style; she wore Vulcan attire simple, civilian, utilitarian. Chekov had the  feeling that there was something familiar about her.


She asked, “Permission to come aboard, sir?”


“Mr. Spock?!“ Chekov gasped. His/her voice was softer and a little bit  higher, but very recognizable. Chekov was Spock‘s protégée and spent hours with  the man.  Pavel didn‘t know why Mr. Spock was now female, but he recognized  her on an almost instinctive level. “Permission granted, sir! Granted!”


As Spock left the shuttle deck. Chekov was still grinning.  This was  going to be interesting. He flipped a switch and began an urgent transmission,  then he hurried to the bridge to watch the fun.


Tspok thought how strange to be back among humans.  She had planned to  “rejoin the human race” as Doctor McCoy would have it.  But not now, so  close to the end of a year of mental and physical change.  Going to Gol had  not been easy. Telling her, then his, parents that he must become female had  been truly daunting.  He had braced himself for the worst.  Sarek  surprised him, by saying, of course. Do what you must to find your true  self.  Lady Amanda had wept. She confessed it was from relief and promised  to take her “new” daughter shopping. 


Spock had always been an unusual child.  The logical assumption was  because he was half Vulcan and half human.  Why isn’t human capitalized? He  used to ask.  But there was something deeper. He was not comfortable in his  skin.  From the time he had known the difference between boys and girls he  knew that he should have been a girl.


Vulcan children were raised in unisexual manner and so for the most part it  did not matter. He remembered how he had brought shame on his parents when he  cried because he had had his hair cut while cousin T’zahn did not.  His  mother whispered to him that he would feel different when he was older. 


The bonding with T’Pring.  Tspok shook her head.  The pretty,  self-assured girl had touched his mind and discovered his secret heart.   She did not understand, but sent that she always thought girls were best.


After that he tried to accept his role in Vulcan society. He put aside the  feeling that he should have been female, told himself that it did not matter  anymore than the taste of chocolate or the bubbles of champagne.  Logic was  his solace and his touchstone.


It was illogical to want the things you could not have.  Spoke  reminded himself, until Leonard had been assigned to the Enterprise.  It  was after the affair of the enormous amoebae that he confessed all to his friend and lover.  Doctor McCoy thought the reason took so many “damned fool”  chances with his life, latent suicidal tendencies stemming from his repressed  need to be female.  It was with Leonard’s approval and encouragement that  Spock found the courage to go to Gol and begin again. 


And now, Tspok was about to meet the second most important human in her  life.


The turbo lift doors to the bridge opened and she stood there taking in the  chaos.  Kirk looked up to see an elegant, Vulcan female framed in the door  way.  He smiled warmly and stepped up out of the pit to greet her  personally.


“How do you do? I’m Admiral James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise. “He  didn’t notice Decker wince.“ While I’m flattered that the Federation should send  an ambassador on this mission, but I don’t really think that this entity will  listen to reason, miss.  Miss?”


“Tspok.  I am not here in an ambassadorial capacity.” She moved to the  science console where Decker was seated. “Commander, if I may...?”


It took Decker a moment to realize that Tspok wanted to take over the  console. He began getting to his feet, throwing Kirk a look. However Kirk's  attention was totally on Tspok. And she was already intent on computations she  was beginning to punch into the science computer while unconsciously taking  Decker’s place.


“I have been monitoring your Starfleet transmissions, Admiral,“ she said,  “Concerning your engine design difficulties.” Tspok continued to enter  information into the science computer. A screen image started to show complex  equations which she inspected. She punched in more data and inspected a second  image of other equations. Only then did she seem to become aware of Kirk and  Decker standing there with questioning expressions. She continued “I offer my  services as Science Officer”


“Very impressive, ma‘am“ Kirk said; “Would you be good enough to tell me  who you are and just why you think I give you a position on my bridge  crew? 


“I am Tspok. Formally known as Commander Spock of the U. S. S. Enterprise,  Admiral.”  She answered levelly, offering the ID plaque that Mr. Chekov  didn’t ask to see.


Kirk was dumfounded.  Spock a woman?  He couldn't believe it, not  his best friend, his good right arm. A, what did they call it, a transsexual.  And yet the evidence stood patiently in front of him.  Why?  He wanted  to shout it across the bridge. He never had a clue that there was anything wrong  with Spock. Certainly not this, this ….


“SPOCK?” he managed to say at last.


“It is I.  However, my new name is pronounced Zhpahk,T-s-p-o-k.” With  great difficulty, Tspok schooled her features.  In her Vulcan heart, she  knew that Jim would take the news badly.  She had been hoping to tell him  privately, as was tradition, but the current state of emergency left her no  choice.  She could only hope that he would not over react and order her off  his ship. 


Chekov interjected, “Da, Ts takes a soft zee sound as in Tsar. Or should I  say tsarina?”


Meanwhile, Decker quietly took the proffered plaque and confirmed that this  person was who she claimed to be.  He nodded to Commander Uhura, who took  her finger off the emergency call button.


Jim’s mind was awhirl. He did not need this!  He had a ship that was  only half functional, a first officer who most certainly resented him, a Deltan  female on his bridge. The last thing he needed was Spock with PMS. His eyes  flitted from the person in front of him to the images on the screen.  The  Enterprise needed his - her help.  That much was certain, Kirk decided he  could lay aside his personal feelings at least until the crisis had past.   He took a deep breath and turned to  Commander Decker; “If our Executive  Officer has no objections...?”


Decker interrupted “Of course not. I'm aware of Mister Spock's  qualifications.” He eye caught Ilia’s and they shared a secret smile.


“Mister Chekov, log Miss Tspok's Starfleet commission reactivated; List  him, er, her, as Science Officer; both effective immediately.” Kirk ordered  wearing his best poker face.


When the bridge doors opened again, Doctors McCoy and Chapel appeared.  Chekov alerted them before he left the shuttle bay in case there was  trouble.  Chapel took a step towards the science officer in  amazement.  //Don’t laugh, Chris, don’t laugh.// A quick peak at the  Admiral almost dissolved her resolve.


McCoy was grinning from ear to ear. “So help me, I'm actually pleased to  see you.” //Later, K’ka//


“And I you, Doctor.” //Later, Lenka// Tspok turned to Kirk, “With your  permission, I will now discuss these fuel equations with the Engineer.”


“Stop by sickbay afterwards, I want Dr. McCoy to give you a complete  physical.”


“I understand, sir.” She rose from the science station and headed to the  lift doors.


Before she reached the lift, Uhura said, “It is good to have you  back.”


Tspok never let her Vulcan stoicism slide, but she half nodded, half bowed  to the comm. officer and to the other delighted bridge members.


With that Kirk realized that he was being a real asshole.  She did not  have to be here, she could be safely home on Vulcan arranging flowers or  whatever it was Vulcan ladies did.  Kirk called after her: “Miss Spock,  welcome aboard!


Spock paused before entering the elevator “Thank you, Admiral.” She said  before the lift doors closed.  


 Kirk glanced, perplexed, at McCoy.


McCoy shrugged. “Never look a gift Vulcan in the ears, Jim.” 


Uhura called down to Engineering and let Scotty know that much had changed  Commander Spock/Tspok was headed his way. Scotty said he figured that Spock was  back. No one else could have come up with those computations. 


Mr. Scot did his best not to stare as he worked along side the Vulcan  commander. In the back of his mind, an idle thought strayed to the surface. I  hope she does na wear a cat suit like the sub-commanders of old used ta do. That  cleared his mind. For while Tspok was healthy and well formed, she was not about  to win Miss Universe. Ny, on the other hand…


Seventeen point four minutes later, Commander Tspok arrived in Sick  Bay.  A bemused Doctor Chapel directed her to Doctor McCoy’s office and  promptly made herself scarce.


“Commander Tspok, reporting as ordered.” She stood at attention, chest out,  stomach in. Bones walked around his desk and approached her.


“I really am glad to see you.” He said as the stood face to face. “But  you’re back early.  Are you done? I mean with Gol, the treatments and  therapy?”  He reached to touch her and hesitated as if she were  fragile.


“I had completed all necessary healings. All that remained was the parting  ceremony and my ‘coming out’ celebration.  This entity actually reached out  and touched my mind.  I felt compelled to join the Enterprise and confront  it. The high priestess acknowledged its pull on me and released me.”  She  reached out and touched his cheek. “You shaved.  You promised that you  would have a full beard the next time we met.”


With eyes closed savoring the sensation of her touch, he said, “Blasted  Star Fleet regulations.  It’s bad enough, they draft a man back into active  duty, but they made me shave as well.” He kissed her palm. “I’ll start another  beard for you when this is over.” 


That kiss sent electric thrills though out her body, exciting newly created  erogenous zones. She kissed his lips, her hand still on his face as if she were  afraid to let go.


He embraced her. He hugged the stuffing out of her and returned her kiss  with enthusiasm.  His hand slid under her tunic and began to explore virgin  territory.


She drew back to catch her breath, “This body meets with your approval,  Len?” She lifted her eyebrow.


“Are you asking me as a Vulcan or a woman?” //I’m not walking into that  trap// he thought.


//Trap?// she sent.


He sent back snippets of his life with Juliana.  “Do you like my hair  better now that its blond?” and the ensuing fight. 


//I’m not Juliana.//


Aloud he said, “No shug, you’re not. And to answer your question, in brief:  Yes.  You were always at war with your true nature.  I remember what  an epiphany it was to discover it was not Vulcan versus human, but something  buried deeper. This, “he indicated her new form, “was what you needed to stay  sane. I agreed with you then and I agree with you now.”


“But, I am different.” She said. Leonard could feel her apprehension.


“You smell the same.” He trailed his nose along her clavicle. “You taste  the same.” He nibbled at her neck.  She shivered and sighed. “Yep, that's  pretty much the same, too.” His fingers lightly traced Tspok’s psi-points. “And  most importantly, you are the same in here.”


“I love you, Leonard McCoy.”


“I love you, Tspok na Amanda.”




“Yes, let’s get you settled in.  You’re obviously in fine form.   I’ll take you down to your quarters and you can requisition new uniforms from  there.”


“And how do you know where my quarters are?”


“Because I arranged for you to have the cabin next to mine. We have an  adjoining bathroom.  The Enterprise is undermanned right now and so after  Chekov told me you had come aboard, I had no problem convincing the  quartermaster that old shipmates should be close.”


“An excellent idea - being close.”  She tugged at his earlobe with her  teeth while trying to find a way into the new uniform.  His fingers played  with her nipple through the silk of her under tunic. Oh Ancestors, she needed  him.  She wanted to lay him across his new desk and christen it.   Logically, however, this would be inappropriate.


She broke the clinch. “Not now, beloved. Not here.  We are still in  danger, the ship and indeed, the Earth itself.” She readjusted her  garments.


He laughed softly. “Well, you’re still Spock, right enough.” He pulled him  uniform top back into place. “The best place I can think of is home. When we’re  done saving the world, what say you and I go home to our place in Georgia.” He  whispered in her sculpted ear; “Then we can take our sweet time making sweet  love.” 


“Yes, that is acceptable.” She said dryly. She held up two fingers and he  did the same to seal their pledge.


As they stepped through the office doors into the Sick Bay, their fingers  were still touching. They stopped to let their hands do what the rest of their  bodies wanted to.  Tspok traced Len’s long, cool fingers with her hot,  silky ones still fragrant with Vulcan sand spice. The scent rose to entice him.  While her face was placid, her mind was anything, but.  Leonard could feel  the torrent of her desire flowing through this tenuous connection.  He  looked into her eyes and felt himself go weak in the knees.  She caught him  around the waist, her more-than-human strength supporting him.


At that moment, Admiral James T. Kirk walked into Sick Bay.  He saw  before him his CMO and CSO finger kissing, locked in an amours embrace.  He  gasped and froze.  They noticed him and stood apart. They faced him matter-of-factly and unapologetically.


“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?”  He bellowed. His face went red so fast,  that the physician part of Doctor McCoy worried that Jim was having a  stroke.  “WHAT IN GOD’S NAME ARE YOU DOING?”


McCoy answered with a lopsided grin.  “Kissing a beautiful  woman.”


“He is not a beautiful woman!  He is Spock!” Kirk turned to Tspok;  “You bastard! You unnatural freak of nature.  I want you off my  ship!”


“Aye, aye, sir. I shall get off at the next star base.” She was as cold as  he was hot.


Damn it, he thought, the next star base is a debris field and he knows  it.  “You, you are both under arrest for violation of Articles 125 &  133 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.  When I’m done with you,  you’ll never wear a Star Fleet uniform again.  Do I make myself clear?!” He  was vibrating with rage.


“Never wear Star Fleet uniform again? Dammit, Jim.  I retired from  Star Fleet.  You had me recalled.  Hell - You shanghighed me!   All I wanted to do was to settle down with Tspok on my farm in Sweetwater,  Georgia.”  Bones was angry too.  He knew that Kirk was a little  homophobic, but this was ridiculous. “Go on, bust me down to civilian, and strip me of all rank and privileges.” He took a deep breath, “But not now.  Right  now, we have a job to do.  You know that as well as I do, probably better.”


“Admiral…” Tspok began.


“What?” Kirk snapped. “Do you want to remind me that you have me over a  barrel, too?”


“No, I merely wish to point out that by the laws of my planet, I am  female.  The Federation and Star Fleet recognizes Vulcan law.   Therefore, Doctor McCoy and I have not violated the UCMJ. “She tilted her head  slightly, her/his “so you see” motion.


“So, you say, mister. Let’s find out.”  He turned slightly,  “Computer!  Where is my JAG?”


“Admiral Lori Ciana is deceased, as of STARDATE: 7412.6. There is currently  no staff judge advocate aboard the USS Enterprise.” The dispassionate voice of  the computer reported.


Kirk slammed his hand into the bulkhead.  Lori.  Oh, God,  Lori.  How could I forget?  He punched the wall again.  This time  something crunched.  Kirk swore and looked down at his bloody hand.   Chris quietly stepped forward from where she and half of the staff had been  witness to the breaking up of an old friendship.  She took Kirk by the arm  and led him to a secluded exam table.


“Christine, have you always been a woman?”  He asked, unsure of  everything.


“Ever since I was a little girl, Jim.” She reassured him as she ran the  scanner over his busted hand.


To fill the echoing quiet McCoy asked: “Articles 125 & 133?” He just  had to know.


“125 - Sodomy and 133 Conduct Unbecoming an Officer.” Tspok explained with  a little shrug.


A young med tech came out with a vaporizer and began to clean up the  results of Kirk’s tantrum.  She said quietly, “Doctor Chapel requests that  you wait for her in the Sick Bay Conference Room.”  They both nodded.


The conference room was a litter of crates and coffee cups.  The only  attempt at organization was bank of terminals on the far bulkhead.  There  was a sleeping pad and a blanket in the corner.


“I guess Chris put medicine ahead of housekeeping.” Mc Coy said with a  shrug.


“Quite commendable.” Tspok replied.


“That’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said about me.” Lt. Commander Chapel  said as she walked in.  She was balancing a tray of hot drinks.  “Two  coffees, an Earl Grey and a Mesqat.  I’m not sure what you like Miss  Tspok.”


“Earl Grey is acceptable” Tspok and McCoy set up three small crates around  one about a cubic meter. 


Leonard asked, “How’s Jim?”


“Physically?  He’ll mend.  Doctor M’Benga is taking care of  him.  Greg wanted to try out the new bone knitter.”  Bones started to  say something sarcastic. “Save it, Len.  I know your name is on the  patent.”  Len humph-ed. “Actually, I am following the Admiral’s  orders.  He asked me to keep an eye on you.”


“Doctor Chapel, I do not believe that this is how an undercover operative  should proceed.” The Vulcan said wryly.


“I prefer to think of myself as an overt operative.  It has a much  better ring, than double agent.” She explained, “Kirk assumes that I must be as  incensed and shocked as he is.  Well, I’m not.  I’ve known for years  that you two are lovers.”


McCoy almost did a spit take.  Tspok asked; “How?  I thought we  were very careful.” 


“You can’t fool the medi-scanners.”


“And you didn’t have a problem?”


“I figured that the best man won, so to speak.”  She said  lightly.


“Not just a case of the proverbial sour grapes, Chris?”  McCoy was  concerned.


“Yeah, for about five minutes.  At first, I howled my head off and  then I laughed.  I asked "what’s Leonard got that I haven’t got" and I  laughed again.”  Her smile was bright and sincere.


Tspok got right to the point; “Then, you will help us.? “She look  pleadingly at Doctor Chapel. “I did not come here to cause trouble or to force a  confrontation with Jim.  Indeed, I would still be on Vulcan preparing for  my T’pa-nek-sha. However, this mission is of paramount importance.” 


“Of course.“ She nodded.  “I don’t have the Admiral’s emotional  baggage. I’m a citizen of the Federation, not Bible-belt, Iowa.” She took a sip  of her coffee.  “I’ll take to Captain, damn it, Commander Decker.   Hopefully, our admiral will listen to his first officer.” 


“You are acquainted with Mr. Decker?”


“He didn’t pick my name at random from the Medical Personnel Roster.   We met first socially at a Deltan-human interest seminar.  That was the  extent of my anti-Vulcan backlash.  We met later professionally while I was  stationed at Persephone practicing zero-gee medicine.”


McCoy smiled, “I read that paper that you and Doctor Kumar  co-authored.  It was brilliant.  I damned near hung it up on my  refrigerator.” 


“Leonard, why would you wish to display a copy of Doctor Chapel’s  dissertation on your food preservation unit?”  


Chris and Leonard laughed.  “Because he felt a sense of paternal pride  in my accomplishment and was tempted to display my work as many human parents  do. Thanks, Pappy.”


“You’re quite welcome, chil.’” McCoy drawled. “So Decker is open-minded?”


“He’s a good Star Fleet officer.  By-the-book, but willing to write a  new amendment when necessary.  I know for a fact that he has nothing  against gays and lesbians serving in the Fleet, but that’s a story he should  really tell you himself.” 


They all relaxed and drank their drinks. Finally, Christine allowed herself  to study Tspok clinically.  “A total sex change. Now, that did surprise  me.  It looks good on you though.  Still just the one name?”


“I have several names. Tspok is the one that is used with outsiders, just  as Spock was. She took McCoy’s hand. “When we reach Earth, I will append a human  surname to my family name.” 


“When we reach Earth.”  Chris raised her coffee cup in a toast.   “L’Chiam”


“L’Chiam” The lovers echoed.  All three drained their cups, crumpled  them and tossed them into the corner. 



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