Title: Ghost
Author: titC
Series: TOS
Rating: PG
Codes: S/Mc


He kept seeing him everywhere.

Right now, he thought he could make out his blurry figure in the
shadows - the inhumanly shiny hair, a firm thigh, a pointed ear - the
hint of a straight eyebrow, so different from his own.

He could almost hear the rough voice calling him. He sounded like
someone in pain, closed off from him, needing him... But Spock wasn't,
couldn't be there - he was dead, wasn't he? He'd watched him die, he'd
felt him die. He'd been the first in the radiation chamber, the last to
run his fingers on the burnt face, just before closing the lid of the
torpedo case.

And yet, in the dim quarters, Leonard McCoy had seen him one last time,
in spite of the sealed door, in spite of Jim's orders, in spite of what
common sense told him.

He could even have touched him one last time, if only - if only Jim had
not burst in and shattered everything.