Go Interrupted

Title: Go Interrupted
Author: Artemis,
Series: TOS
Pairing: Spock/McCoy
Rating: PG
Summary: A romantic evening interrupted by friendship
Disclaimer: CBS Paramount owns Star Trek. No infringement intended, no money being made.
Acknowledgment: No beta, all mistakes are my own.
Archive: My place and The Spock/McCoyote's Den
Go Interrupted
Spock looked up as Dr. McCoy entered the officer's lounge. To the outside observer, they were getting together for their weekly game of Go, but to the trained eye the subtle signs were there.  McCoy touched Spock's shoulder as he sat down. Spock had his coffee waiting for him and as he passed to the good doctor, their hands met.  It is impolite to look under the table, but it is understood, that when two tall men sit at a small table, their legs could be crowded and might touch.
Leonard took a sip of coffee and smiled slightly, "It's here." He made his first move.
"Good," said Spock, "then everything is in readiness." Mentally, he reviewed.  As per agreement, both he and Leonard had been wearing silk boxers all day. The spice sands had arrived from Vulcan 15 days ago. Each had hoarded a small selection of choice comestibles. And now the supply ship arrived, bringing the last ingredient for their Valentine's evening - the Romulan ale.
They played for a while, discussing this and that. As a little present, Bones refrained from making personal attacks, no "green-blooded elf" or "walking computer" comments.
They looked up as Captain Kirk entered the lounge.  He was smiling impishly and had his hand behind his back. 
"Bones, guess what?" He did not observe this was a private game. "There was a bottle of Romulan ale delivered to the Enterprise by mistake, so I took it upon myself to confiscated it.  It looks like you and I will have to destroy the contraband."  He was as happy as McCoy had seen him in weeks, since the captain's last romance ended disastrously.
"Sure, Jim, Sur." Bones stood up. "Let me get a few music discs from my quarters and I'll meet you at your place.  After all if you've supplying the booze, I should supply the blues."  He nodded formally to his Go partner. "Another time, Spock." He fought to keep the regret out of his voice.
"Of course. Dr. McCoy, I seems that I have been out maneuvered." He indicated the board. €œHowever, when we meet again I intend have the advantage."
"I'd like to see you try. I'll give you a licking like you-"
Kirk interrupted him. "Let's go, Bones. You can fool around with Spock another time."