Title: Gravity
By:  Qzeebrella

Series: TOS

Codes: S/Mc

Rating: G
Disclaimer: Star Trek, its universe and characters belongs to Paramount/Viacom. This poem belongs to me. I haven’t made a cent and I don’t intend to.


The moment I met you
I knew I would fall
That nothing I could do would prevent it
It was inevitable
For I always followed my heart
And it was leading me to you
And there was nothing I could do
To stop it

I would fall
For an impossibly stubborn Vulcan
I would fall
So deeply into love
That I would never
Ever find my way out of it

I would fall
And I was sure it would hurt
That I would fall onto the rocks
Of your indifference
And be shattered
By the fall

I tried to prevent it
I tried to stop myself
From loving you
But it was like
Trying to defy gravity

I fell anyway
One day I looked into your eyes
And fell
Hopelessly into love
And it felt good
To be surrounded by the love
I felt for you
To be immersed in the joy
I found within my love

I fell
And you caught me
You reached out
With your heart and your hands
And you caught me

You buoyed me up
Held me carefully
In your gentle hands
In your warm heart
You loved me back

I fell
More deeply for you
More deeply that I thought possible
Together we fell
Surrounded by love
Surrounded by stars
And the eternity of space

We fell and we soared
We flew together
Safe in each others arms
Safe in each others hearts
Our minds and souls connected

We fly together
We fall together
Always and forever connected
By our love for each other
And by the stars
The endless stars
Our depthless love
The warmth created between us
Held safe
In each others arms
Always together
Always falling and flying and being caught
In each others love.

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