Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After 

by Qzeebrella

And they lived happily ever after
Is how our story begins
Two heroes having met
Fell in love
And married

Their happily ever after
Began with friendly bickering
One of their ongoing debates
Which all who knew them
Knew was their form of flirting
Knew that "pointy eared hobgoblin"
And "green blooded Vulcan"
Were terms of endearment

And that their ever after
Had begun unexpectedly
That their friendship ignited
Flamed into love
In between one moment
And the next
Within the pause
Between one word
And the next
Within a debate

A raise of an eyebrow
A teasing grin
Were the only outward signs
That the fire had been lit
Friendship changed into love
And their happily ever after

A happily ever after
Filled with disagreements
Passion and joy
With quiet companionship
And love both gentle and fierce
With enduring friendship
And a strength that came
With shared values
And goals and dreams

And their happily ever after
Was filled with endings
Shared between them
Each helping the other
Through the pain and grief
The bittersweet taste left after
Each and every ending

And their ever after
Was full of beginnings
Created by them
Through hard work
And happenstance

And their ever after
Was full of celebration and rejoicing
For having found each other
Of their friends support
And challenging work
And endless learning

Their happily ever after
Was full to overflowing
Of Spock's fascination with Leonard
Of Leonard's love for Spock
Of quiet joy
And a connection between them
Strong and enduring
Never to be broken

Their happily ever after
Was full of endings
And beginnings
Creating an endless circle of love
That would last an eternity
And so

Spock and Leonard
Happily ever after

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