Alternative Ending to Home at Last

Alternate ending to Home at Last: (Higher rating) "Letting me know how you feel is an excellent start I think. And asking to be assigned together so that we have the opportunity to make it work would certainly seem in order." Leonard grabbed the blanket that hung around Spock's shoulders and used it to pull the Vulcan into a tight embrace. Letting his lips brush lightly against Spock's he whispered, "You sure this is what you want, Spock?" "Yes." And to prove his point he kissed Leonard fully and let his hands traverse the back of his soon to be lover. "Hmm. . .Do you know what one of my all time favorite things happens to be, Spock?" A raised eyebrow. "Morning sex." A wide grin. "How'd you know?" "It would be difficult to miss such evidence, Leonard," he said slowly rubbing his hips back and forth across Leonard's arousal. Leonard released the blanket and instead wrapped one arm around Spock and led him back into the house. "Well, what do you say we go find out if something besides your feet is bigger than mine?" Spock surprised Leonard by grabbing him and pinning him over the back of the couch and lifting his robe out of the way. Holding Leonard's hips, Spock blatantly put his erection against the strained pajama bottoms. "I think we are evenly matched, but what do you think?" "I think I could learn to really appreciate this couch," Leonard gasped. "Then we shall have to try it later," he said pulling Leonard up and back against his chest. Spock ran his tongue along Leonard's ear, and moved his hands from his hips to the fly of the pajama bottoms. Opening it, he reached in and began to stroke Leonard. Leonard unabashedly moaned feeling Spock's warm hand on his erection and Spock's own erection against his ass. He knew if this didn't stop very soon, he was going to collapse. "Spock, I'm not complaining about what you're doin', but do you think we could move this to the bedroom?" "Agreed." By the time the two of them made it to the bedroom, having stopped once or twice in the hall for a kiss, a caress, a squeeze, and to remove most of Spock's clothing, Spock had remembered Leonard's surprising physical strength and Leonard had discovered just how sensitive Spock's nipples were. Finally, both completely naked and on the bed, Leonard began what he considered to be an exquisitely slow exploration of Spock's lean lines and angles. But Spock would have none of it, lifting Leonard to lay mouth to mouth and chest to chest. "Forgive me," he mumbled into Leonard's mouth. Leonard broke the kiss and shifted to lick the upswept ear. "For what, sweetheart?" "My impatience. I am finding my control difficult to maintain." "Then don't. I want all of you, Spock. Tell me what you want." "I want to be inside you. Physically and mentally. I want to take you here. I want you in the shower, and on the couch. I want to be in your mouth. I want you inside me. I want to taste you. I want . . ." Leonard cut off the litany by sticking his tongue back in Spock's mouth. //Can you hear me?// //Yes I can. You learned that remarkably quickly.// //You forget, I have some knowledge of what's in here.// He broke the kiss and spoke aloud. "Spock, we can do all of those things and more. But tell me what you want *first.*" The last said with a teasing tone. But Spock did not take it that way. He rolled Leonard over onto his back. //I already told you. I had prioritized my request, Leonard.// //Oh. Good thing we don't have to report for duty anytime soon.//