Ho-rah of the Tempest

Title: Ho-rah of the Tempest

Author: Nautika (feedback @ malccie.com)

Series: TOS

Pairing: S/Mc


Rating: PG

Parts: 1/1

Date: November 2005

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Disclaimer: The usual.  I don't own the characters, etc.

Notes: I got "Ho-rah" from the Vulcan Culture Institute, part of the Vulcan Language Institute at http://home.teleport.com/~vli/discipln.htm.  It means ritual, or rite.  I wanted to contribute a tribal dance to this issue of Spiced Peaches and honor its creator.  :)





Ho-rah of the Tempest

by, Nautika





McCoy pulled the scarf tighter around his neck.  The crisp autumn wind carried the scent of damp wood and decaying leaves.  A rhythmic beat of drums grew louder as he made his way deeper into the forest.


Through the trees ahead McCoy could see the light of a fire.  The beat of the drums echoed through the earth and into his chest, thumping with each beat of his heart.  He slowed his pace, moving closer soundlessly.  He had no wish to interrupt the ritual taking place before him.  Finding a spot with a clear view, he leaned against a tree, and watched.


Ahead, in a small clearing, his Vulcan lover danced.  Spock was naked, except for a loincloth around his waist.  Ancient Vulcan words were written on his chest with dark ink.  His eyes were closed and his face tilted up to the darkening sky.  Spock opened his arms wide, as if embracing the wind, and danced to the beat of the drums in a circle around the small fire.


McCoy's breath came faster as he watched the Vulcan dance.  The tempo of the drums increased, reaching a crescendo, and with it Spock fell to his knees, howling words of old that held no meaning in the language of humans.  Spock collapsed forward, touching his forehead to the earth.


McCoy moved out of his hiding place as Spock began to stand.  The doctor pulled out a blanket and wrapped it around the other man's shoulders.  He shook his head at the absurdity of it; his lover, out in the cold woods, dancing naked around a fire.  He had asked once why Spock did this and was told that it was a ritual dance honoring the ancient Vulcan goddess Tempest.  Every year in autumn, in the time when Vulcan's were ruled by their emotions, this goddess was worshipped in this manner.


McCoy had asked Spock why he honored this goddess.  Spock usually tried so hard to control his emotions. 


Spock had reached out to stroke McCoy's cheek and said simply, "Because she led me to you, my love."


The End.

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