Hot for Teacher

Title: Hot for Teacher

Author: Artemis (ArtemisOK @

Series:  TOS - TWOK

Codes: S/Mc, Saavik

Rating: [NC-17] (PWP)

Parts: 1/1 

Summary:  Spock bones up after school.

Disclaimer: CBS-Paramount  owns Star Trek. No infringement intended, no money being made.

Feedback:  Will write for feedback

Beta:  Thanks to Janet for the beta. All  mistakes are my own.

Author's Note: This is set about a year before the  incidents in “The Wrath of Khan“ take place. "

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A crumpled gray uniform shirt lay on the class room floor by Spock’s  desk.   A lean figure was grasping edges of said desk, his black pants  in a puddle at his feet.  He was pinned down by the tall powerful Vulcan  instructor. Captain Spock, clad only in his uniform jacket, had one hand on the  cadet’s hip to keep him in place as he slammed into him. 


The empty chamber echoed with the sounds of a percussion passion play: The  oomphs of the happy human, the grunts of the virile Vulcan, the wet slap, slap,  slap of his hot balls against the man’s cool legs. The desk added a  counter-point, rattling with the sexual exertions of the two men. Occasionally,  a drawer would pop in and out, swish, pop, snap, when the Vulcan gave a  particularly enthusiastic shove.


Spock let his free hand trail up the sweaty back of his student. He grasped  his neck at the nerve pinch junction, but did not apply pressure, instead he let  his thumb stroke the nape of the  neck, pushing the moist SFA standard  short hairs back and forth.  He thought, //I could easily snap this neck.  He would come and go in the same instant.//


He moved his hand down to the shoulder and bestowed a kiss on the neck,  instead. The human shuddered, deliciously and groaned aloud. He spoke:


“Sir, may I turn over. The edge of this desk is about to saw my dick  off.”


Spock stopped to consider the request. “Very well, I might need that later.  Hold still.”  He carefully withdrew himself and bent to remove the boots  and pants. The human shifted and sighed.  His instructor popped him smartly  on the posterior. “I said hold still.” Then with deliberate slowness, he removed  the boots and socks and folded the trousers and placed them in a neat pile  beside the beside his own clothes.  “You may lay on your back now.” he  said.


As he turned over onto his back the illusion was shattered.  Leonard  rolled over onto his side and propped himself up on one elbow. He rubbed his  assaulted ass and asked. “Was that really necessary?”


Spock moved to kiss-it-all-better. “I am sorry, beloved. That was not  directed at you. That was, in fact, another fantasy.  Some of the cadets in  my class are willfully disobedient and disrespectful.” He sighed.


Len reached up and caressed his lover’s face. “Violence is the last act of  a desperate man.”


“Ah,” growled Spock, “That is it exactly. I am a desperate man!”  He  kissed Len long and hard. His tongue explored the human mouth that still tasted  of their shared semen. His hands launched their own expedition down to Len’s  cock, stopping to tease his nipples on the way. Len grew hard again for the  third time that night. Spock moved back down to the side of the desk and  positioned himself to reclaim the gate to paradise.


Leonard dropped his legs around Spock’s waist. “Gotcha!” he laughed.


Spock claimed Leonard’s penis with his strong, long-fingered hand. “Got  you!” he replied. He bent and licked darkening purple head. “I knew I would want  that later”. He mused.  However, he refused to be distracted from his  goal.  He took his emerald shaft in hand and guided it to Len’s rosy hole.  Gently, firmly, he reinserted himself inside his paramour.


He stopped half way and Leonard tried to urge him forward by pulling his standing form forward with his legs.  Spock would not be hurried. He repositioned the human so that his knees were over the Vulcan’s shoulders and then with a single thrust, he plunged deep into Leonard’s bowels. The position was perfect; with every thrust Spock brought waves of pleasure to himself and his partner.


At last Len groaned loudly; “Darlin’, I’m getting too old for this. My back is ’bout to give out. “


Coolly Spock replied, “You have but to ask. There is no need to resort to theatrics.”


“Well, I never…” started McCoy, but he didn’t get to finish for Spock  removed the tan, muscular leg from his right shoulder and began to fold it back  towards its owner’s chest.  When Len’s foot was in front of his face, Spock  licked the arch.


McCoy bucked “Cut that out! That tickles.”


A devilish gleam lit the Vulcan’s face. “Ah, but I love to feel you squirm.”  He tickled the sole of Leonard’s foot and the human squirmed helplessly against the strength of his inhuman lover.  While part of his mind railed at the indignity of it all, his lower brain was shouting //This feels terrific!//


Spock released his left leg and Len bent it to his chest. The Vulcan began ministrations on the right leg.  This time he did not fold it, but rather took pains to keep it straight, so that the back of Len’s leg was facing him.


Len realized was he was up to. “No.” he whimpered weakly.


“Yes,” Spock hissed and proceeded to suck and nibble on ‘their private spot’ the back of his sweetheart’s knee. His left hand caressed Len’s slender calf muscles, while his right supported Len’s ass.  Leonard was in ecstasy.  This combination of pressure/pleasure points never failed to bring him to new heights of passion.  He writhed and pitched. His derriere  strained against the Vulcan’s clasp and against his tri-tanium cock planted  deeply within the core of his being. This too, brought waves of pleasure.


Spock felt the need to quicken his pace, he pushed Len’s right leg against  his chest. Len grasped it and grinned up at his partner. He knew what or rather  who was coming. 


Faster, harder, more urgent. Driving, driving, stroke upon stroke. No  thought, only sensation, passion, gratification. Growing, growing, soon, so  soon. NOW! Great Bird, now!


The human ejaculated at the same time, sending a thick stream of cum  splattering against the maroon jacket.


Len’s legs slipped around Spock’s body and Spock collapsed across Len’s  body, his toes just touching the floor. Len took him in his arms and kissed his  sweaty forehead.


“Thank you,” Spock managed to gasp.


“You’re welcome” Leonard whispered softly; “Please come again.” He felt the  Vulcan’s groan and chuckle.  “How are you going to explain cum stains on  your uniform?” He teased


“I won’t. This is your jacket.” Spock sounded smug and tired at the same  time.


Eventually, Spock found the strength to speak. “My Leonard, we cannot stay here on my desk all night.” He was growing chilled and knew that his  beloved was, too. “Let us adjourn to my office. I have a most commodious couch,  if you will recall.”


“Sure thing, Shug.” As they sat up, he quipped, “Although, think about the  thrill, we’d give the cleaning staff.”


“In that case,” Spock remarked dryly, “There would be no need to tip them  at the end of the semester.”  


They collected their scattered bits of appeal from the classroom floor and  headed for the door that lead to Spock’s private office and washroom.  The  shower in a captain/ professor’s head is considerably larger than those found on  a starship and much better appointed.  Spock massaged the small of Len’s  back as they stood under the pulsing warm water.  The air was fragrant with  the spicy peach body shampoo they preferred.


‘Ah, this is the life,” McCoy sighed, “You don’t have to hurry home  tonight, do you? I mean Saavik will be alright be herself, this time.”  He  captured a soapy hand and turned to face his partner.


“No indeed, I have all night.”  Spock caressed Len’s face with his  free hand. “I told Saavikam that I would be staying late at the Academy tonight  as she had a ‘study group’ coming over.”


“Study group, huh? And what is the subject?”


“Statistics and probabilities.”


“Ah, statistics and probabilities as they relate to the number fifty-two?”  McCoy said. Spock nodded. “And what did you tell her you would be doing that  would keep you so late?”


“Proctoring.”  Spock managed to say with a straight face.



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