Imaginations in Hand


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Rating: NC 17 (actually, NCC-1701)
Summary: What happened after one of those famous Spock-McCoy
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errors are mine, though.

McCoy stood with his arms crossed, bouncing on the balls of his feet,
challenging Spock much as he had done on the bridge less than eight
hours ago. "Go out, count to ten, and then come back."

"I beg you're pardon?" The two had engaged in a rather fierce
confrontation, and it had taken much meditation on his part to even
bring Spock to the Doctor's cabin.

"We're trying this again. Go out into the corridor count to ten and
then come back." McCoy elaborated.

"What do you mean, Doctor?"

"I mean," he forcibly turned Spock around to face the door, "go out
and come back."

"Most illogical."

"Not at all, you'll see."

So Spock left the cabin and stood in the passageway, grateful that no
one else was around. //Illogical,// he thought again. But then his
logic had failed him to a degree, that's why he was here. He had
argued logically with Leonard; the Captain had agreed with his logic;
the two of them began the negotiations, and failed miserably. Leonard
had been right anyway. When dealing with an illogical species such
as the Kranolishi, logic needed to be tempered with intuition, their
cultural traditions of putting a cost-benefit overtone on everything,
and their habit of habit of lying as a way of being polite. With the
time up, he sounded the call button.


He entered and stood just inside the door, resigned but not
convinced. "Doctor McCoy."

"Spock!" McCoy smiled and waved him further into the room. "Heard
you just got back;" he punctuated his words with force. "It's good
to see you. How was your stint on the Fleming?"

"Ah I see. We are endeavoring to 'start over.' Are we also
attempting to forget what has happened?"

"No, I don't want us to forget. I just want get past it, and I would
like to see if we could salvage a reunion of sorts."

Indeed, being thrown into the Kranolishi situation and arguing with
Leonard within moments of his return had not been the type of reunion
he had envisioned with the doctor. Assuming his parade rest stance,
Spock thought for a moment and then spoke, "it was not without its
rewards, but I found the environment chaotic and cramped."

"What do you mean? Oh have a seat, Spock, I was just about to
change. Go on," he added casually over his shoulder as he went to
the sleeping area to do just that.

"I found working with other scientists on the pesticide problem quite
invigorating, but the Fleming is strictly a research vessel, and only
34.7% of the scientists are Starfleet. The Fleming and her crew lack
the routine and discipline of the Enterprise. Plus with the
additional compliment of scientists working on the project, we were
forced to double and triple up in labs and quarters."

From the sleeping alcove came muffled tones, "Were there other

Not liking carrying on this conversation across the room, Spock moved
to stand closer to the partition separating the areas. "Yes, two
others, plus two Deltans, three from Rigella, and one from Ammara II.
Unfortunately, I did not get to work closely with the Vulcans or the

McCoy came to lean against the partition wearing a robe the color of
milk chocolate that Spock had not seen before. "What do you think?
I found it in a little shop when we stopped to pick up the new crew."

Spock moved closer and raised the familiar eyebrow. Gesturing also
with his hand, he asked, "May I?"

"Of course," McCoy responded doing his best to look nonchalant but
knowing he wasn't quite pulling it off.

Spock ran his fingers along the lapel of robe. "It would appear to
suit you."

"So did you miss me?" McCoy exaggerated the question with a sultry

Spock knew that McCoy did sultry quite well, but he also saw no point
in giving in to the doctor too easily. "There were times when your
presence would not have been unacceptable?"

"Oh, such as?"

The sultry gaze was gone to be replaced by mere curiosity. Perhaps
he had misjudged the doctor's intentions after all. Their physical
relationship was still new enough that each frequently erred in
determining the other's intent. "Medical doctors skills are always
useful, the CMO of the Fleming did seem to lack your efficiency in
working with teams."

"Ah, so only my medical skills were missed."

Sarcasm now. Most confusing. "No, despite our disagreements, we have
managed to work effectively in the lab together. I will admit that I
found it occasionally disconcerting to work in an unfamiliar lab with
unknown personnel."

"Gee, I'm efficient and effective. Your flattery will get you
everywhere." The sarcasm had been replaced with teasing, and McCoy
reached for Spock and pulled him closer. "So in four weeks on the
chaotic and cramped Fleming you only missed my medical and research
skills. Nothing else, Spock?"

Both eyebrows climbed that high forehead and McCoy eagerly waited for
the Vulcan version of flirting. "Given the chaotic and especially
cramped nature of the Fleming, I would have hardly been able to do
anything but *appreciate* your medical and research skills...But
again I will clarify that your presence would have been acceptable."

For the first time in too many weeks, McCoy felt Spock's arms tighten
around him. Their lips met softly and hesitantly. But the
hesitation was short-lived.

"So, Spock did you bring me anything?" McCoy teased again.

"Why, would I do that?"

McCoy noted that Spock took the tone of suspicion not
confusion. "Now, Spock, you have a human mother. Surely you know of
the Terran tradition of bringing back gifts to family and friends
when you've been away?"

"It would seem to me that it would be more appropriate for you to
have something for me to welcome my return."

"Hmmm, I suppose you have a point. Let's see what I can do about
that, shall I?" Leonard moved Spock into the sleeping area and began
to undress him. "I missed you while you were gone, Spock."

"Is that so?"

"That is so. I missed you when I visited the bridge. Scotty can
handle being second in command, but he hates being away from his
engines and he gets whiney. That puts Jim in a foul mood. I missed
you when Yeoman Running River brought me the crew updates. Jim turned
crew assignments over to Sulu to give him some experience, but Sulu
grouped the crews by areas without cross-referencing them they way
you do. But, I especially missed you here"--the last punctuated by
pushing the now naked First Officer down on McCoy's bunk.

"Most gratifying, Leonard."

"But I don't want you to think that I only missed your physical
presence, Spock. I missed our conversations. So what shall we talk

Spock watched as McCoy, still dressed in his robe, climbed over him
on the bunk to prop himself up on his side along the wall. "It would
seem Doctor that you already have some topic in mind. I suggest you
start our dialogue this evening."

"Very well. Having established that you missed me and that my
presence would have been acceptable, at least on some occasions, did
you ever think of me when you were in your quarters?"

"Ah, I see this conversation is going to be about you?"

"No, not necessarily, I'm just gettin' warmed up."

"Very well, yes I thought of you when I was in my quarters."

"And did your thoughts concern our professional association or our
more personal one?"

No point in lying, even if it was within him to do so. "Both

"But . . ." McCoy prodded.

Spock wondered where the conversation was going, but knew it would be
best to feign resignation. "But when I was in my quarters, and when
my cabin mate was not present, I did reflect on our more private
moments together."

"What kind of private moments?"

"Moments that a Vulcan would not openly discuss, Doctor."

McCoy placed his leg over Spock's calf and rubbed his growing arousal
into Spock's hip, undeterred by the Vulcan's return to his
title. "Moments like this?"

Spock settled his weight more and acquiesced. "Moments like this."

"And did you act on those thoughts?"

"Did you act on yours?"

//Lord, but you can be smug when you want to be.// "Spock, I 'am'
trying to make this about you and not me."

McCoy was met only with silence. "Yes, Beautiful, on more nights
than it would be wise to admit to you and your ego, I thought of
you." He untied his robe to reveal his own nakedness and obvious
hardness. Lowering his voice and pulling Spock to rest barebacked
against his chest, he added, "I thought of you. And I thought of us,
here in my quarters, together and naked." He let his fingertips
begin a slow journey across Spock's chest and abdomen. "Now,
did you have similar thoughts?"


"Tell me, Spock, tell me what you thought."

"I imagined your hands caressing me."

"How? How did my hands caress you?"

Spock was finding the discussion difficult both because of his
natural reluctance to reveal such things and also because Leonard had
begun to palm his right nipple.

"Tell me, Beautiful. Tell me how my hands caressed you. Please."

"I imagined you running your fingertips along my sides and up under
my ribs."

"Like this?" McCoy let his fingers travel the suggested path.


"This is nice; what else did I do?"

" drew circles around one nipple and then the other in a
figure eight pattern."

"Like this? Over and over, getting closer and closer to touching
them directly each time?"

Spock closed his eyes as the figure continued to be drawn over his

"Like this, yes?"

A swallow and slight nod.

"Did I pinch them with my fingers, or did I lean over you and suck
them into the moistness of my mouth?"

"You kissed and sucked on them."

"Oh, I like doing that." McCoy ran two fingers of one hand along
Spock's lower lip until Spock granted him entry and sucked on them.
When sufficiently wet, McCoy trailed his fingers over Spock's male
buds until they were almost painfully hard. He then pinched one
between his fingernails to simulate his teeth gently biting the
nipple. Spoke made no sound but his breath visibly caught in his
chest. His lover used the same technique on the second nipple
and then soothed booth of them at the same time with his palms. He
alternated between running his tongue along the elegant sweep of the
Spock's ear with kissing his neck and sucking on his shoulder all the
while he continued to tease and then sooth Spock's chest. Each time
letting his hands dip closer and closer to Spock's growing hardness.

"Tell me what else you imagined."

"You ran your hands up my thighs."

"Let me see you do that, Spock. Imagine my hands are your hands."

Spock hesitated but then heard a softly whispered assurance of "It's
just us, Beautiful. We're here together after too long. Let me see
you touch yourself. Show me what you imagined my hands were doing to

McCoy allowed one hand to continue tracing over and around his
lover's chest and abdomen entwining his fingers in the dark chest
hair while his other hand began to massage the far shoulder, and he
sucked Spock's sable hair into little points along the side of his
head. He watched as long, elegant fingers slowly slid up their
owner's thighs and under balls. He watched as
muscled thighs flushed and spread slightly so that the hands could
caress a greater area. Wanting to hear his lover's thoughts and
sensing that Spock was finally enjoying this and not just
acquiescing, he asked again. "Tell me what we did, Beautiful."

"You ran your hands along my legs for a while, then you took me into
your hands and rolled my balls. I . . ."

Enjoying but still not trusting completely then, McCoy
realized. "What? Sweetheart." He soothed. "Did I nuzzle them, too?
Did you watch me inhale your scent? Did I rest my head on your

No verbal answer, just a single nod yes.

"You're gorgeous, you know that. So strong; so firm. So elegant. I
remembered your hands on me, making me hard. I remembered your taste
and the feel of my mouth on you. Stroke yourself harder, Spock.
Feel my hands on you. Feel me surround you, first with my hands,
then with my mouth; feel my tongue between your ridges and teasing
the slit, then feel yourself sliding into me. Make me yours, Spock.
Remember and feel us. Remember the first time you entered me? You
were so controlled. It was so exquisitely slow at first. You were
so careful. God, how you filled me. You even told me I was
hot and tight remember? You the only one to ever take me that way."
McCoy returned his attention to Spock's nipples, rolling them under
his fingers, and then to running his tongue along neck and ear. He
felt the tension in the body in his arms and lowered his voice to the
softest of whispers. "You were quiet in your cabin weren't you,

"Yes," came the equally soft whisper.

"You remembered how I called your name though, didn't you? You
remembered those times I said 'more' and 'harder' and 'faster.'
Remember me saying that to you now. You wanted to make sounds, didn't
you? But you didn't. You only make those wonderful noises for me,
don't you?"

"Yes. Only . . .only for you."

"You wanted to call my name when you came, didn't you."


"It's okay, Spock. I know. I'm here now. Come for me, Spock. Let
it go. Let it out. Come for me and say my name."

And remarkably it was that easy. His release was long and forceful
and splendid. And he heard himself whisper his lover's name over and
over and he felt Leonard's arms tighten around him to steady his
release, and he felt the warmth and silkiness of Leonard's lips brush
all along the side of his face with each call of his name.
Concentrating on the feel of Leonard's breath on his face and neck
and the feel of Leonard's pulse on his back, his own breath
and pulse returned to normal. Momentarily he noticed the wet, sticky
feeling of his abdomen and chest was duplicated on his back.

Curiously. "You climaxed?"

"It would seem so."

In wonder. "Just from . . ."

"Uh huh. Quite an effect you have on me, there, Mister First
Officer, Sir."

//Fascinating.// Spock rose and retrieved a towel from the bathroom;
he ran it lightly over the doctor's abdomen and then over his back
and front. Starting to fold it and place it in the laundry chute, he
caught the wry smile on the doctor's face. With one raised eyebrow,
he tossed the towel over his shoulder and let it fall where it may.
McCoy chuckled approvingly. They both knew Spock would pick it up
first thing in the morning, but for now it was enough of a

"Working out with Jim tomorrow morning?" McCoy asked, as he
straightened the sheets and held the top one up for Spock to return.

"He has requested it, and though enjoyable, I need another form of
exercise than this."

"Computer, set wake up for 0630."


"Lights to sleep."

For the first time is too many weeks, they settled in for sleep
together. McCoy on his back and Spock on his side with an arm and leg
draped over the doctor. McCoy allowed his head to tilt to the right
and nestled his head against Spock's. //We'll make this work,
Spock. If it's the last thing I do, I'll make this work.//

For many years, Spock had kept the emotionalism of Humans at bay with
his logic and more so with his own control. But time and time again,
this attractive and tenacious human had slipped through--or more
accurately crashed through--Spock's barriers. To his surprise, Spock
learned that allowing Leonard into his life brought him a peace he
did not know was possible. Spock splayed his fingers along Leonard's
chest and though he knew his lover would not hear him in his mind--
yet--he still concurred, //Yes, Leonard, we will make this work.//
Out loud he asked, "and will you share your thoughts of me during my
absence in the future?"

"I'll tell you *and* show you, Beautiful. Perhaps even very soon."

And the two drifted to a sound sleep. Albeit a brief sleep.