Intercourse Rating: R, probably higher, and MMF for major, mushy fluff. Summary: It's not that long; you don't need a summary. But it's inspired by people who talk to body parts. Special thanks to Janet the wonder-beta'er. Spock reclined against the headboard, while Leonard sprawled crosswise over Spock's legs facing the headboard. "I love you, you know," Leonard crooned. "God, how I love you. So beautiful. So fucking amazing." "You do realize, Leonard, that your statements would be more credible, if you were looking at my eyes or face, rather than that particular part of my anatomy." "I'll have you know, Captain Genius, that I happen to be talking to *that* part of your anatomy." Leonard returned to the object of his attention. "You are so strong. Sleek." He ran a finger up Spock's softened shaft lightly. "Silky even. Like a beautiful marbled column." Leonard continued his gentle caresses and crooning. Alternating between soft words of love and adoration and more colorful descriptions of his lust and passion. It wasn't long before he felt Spock's amusement at his continuing discussion with Spock's cock through their link. "If I were human, my mate, I believe I would have to say that you are being a smart ass. If I were human, of course." "Well, then it must have been your human half that picked up on the ass part, anyway. After all it wasn't that long ago that you were calling me a tight ass. A hot, tight ass in fact. Oh and there was a `Your ass is mine' in there, too, if I recall." There it was. The ever so slight crinkling around Spock's right eye and the fleeting upturn of the right corner of his mouth. That was what Leonard had been aiming for. The equivalent of a Vulcan grin that only he had the privilege of seeing. Seeing it was akin to having an orgasm all over again. Knowing that he had caused Spock's reaction. He shifted and crawled up to kiss Spock. Nose to nose he whispered. "I love you, you know. More than I ever imagined I could love anyone. More than I ever imagined anyone could love ever. You sustain me. This," he reached back to caress Spock's hardening shaft, "is one of the best desserts I could ask for, but it is just dessert." "That is gratifying to know, Leonard. But I must admit that you encourage me to brush up on my confectionary and bakery skills." Leonard's smile and slight blush were Spock's reward.