Intertwined Once upon a time, two bodies huddled together for comfort in slumber. One Vulcan. One Human. Intertwined. A Human head on a Vulcan shoulder. A Human leg over and between Vulcan ones. A Vulcan arm protective around a Human. The Human stirs in his sleep. The Vulcan, in his sleep, soothes the Human with a gentle caress. The Human awakes, licks his own lips and then kisses the shoulder on which his head rests. The Vulcan awakes and increases the pressure of his caress. The Human begins to caress the Vulcan. The Vulcan reaches between their bodies and palms the semi-soft organ of the Human. He feels it harden beneath the material his lover is wearing. The Human reaches down and under the nightshirt of the Vulcan, pushing it up to draw circles around his lover's navel. The Vulcan releases the Human and pulls his own shirt up and over his head. The Human grins appreciatively as he pushes his own nightwear over his hips and off his legs. Two bodies realign themselves on their side. A soft kiss is shared. A Human hand reaches for a Vulcan hand above their heads. Fingers are twined, palms are pressed. A tongue glides along a jaw line before returning to the mouth before it. The other Human hand reaches for the Vulcan chest. The other Vulcan hand reaches for the Human hip. Legs are intertwined. One foot pushes another into the mattress. One firm thigh nudges another. Vulcan hardness meets Human hardness. Another kiss is shared. A rhythm is begun. The Vulcan and the Human always by mutual agreement. Sometimes energetic, sometimes acrobatic. The strong Vulcan and the flexible Human. The strong Human and the pliable Vulcan. Need as complex as they are. The Vulcan and the Human always by mutual agreement. Tonight soft. Sweet. Slow. Opportunity rather than need. Sensuality more than sex. Passion more than lust. Simple desire for each other. Another kiss. And another. Until breath is required. The Human thinks he is more likely to forget to breathe than he is to forget the way he feels about the Vulcan. The Vulcan remembers everything about the Human. And always will. The Vulcan draws the Human closer. The Human hand moves from Vulcan chest to Vulcan back. The Vulcan hand moves from Human hip to Human behind. The rhythm is increased. The pressure builds. A breath is caught, the rhythm falters. The pressure does not. Human eyes, made sapphire with love, meet Vulcan eyes made jet with the same. Adoration. Respect. Genuine liking. And not a little wonder at it all. A Vulcan forehead is placed against a Human one. The hands resting above the foreheads clutch. Vulcan thigh meets Human thigh. Human heart beats into Vulcan chest. Vulcan heart beats into Human hand. The Vulcan increases the rhythm yet again. The Human shudders against the Vulcan. The Vulcan follows. Wetness seeps between them. Deep breaths are drawn. The foreheads are separated. Noses are rubbed. Lips are brushed. A Human teasingly kisses a Vulcan nose. A Vulcan rubs a Human ass with familiarity. Fingers above them are finally released. A Human settles himself against a Vulcan. A Vulcan encourages a Human head to his shoulder. A Human leg is thrown over a Vulcan one. A Vulcan arm encircles a Human back. The Vulcan waits for the Human to sleep. Then does likewise. No words have been said. But volumes have spoken.