Jumping to Conclusions

Title: Jumping to Conclusions
Authors: Jessica (mani_marte) and JenniferLupin
Rating: PG-13 at the least
Summary: McCoy makes a disturbing discovery.
Authors notes: We are not sure how they would figure this out
medically, but as it is THE FUTURE! We figure they can do whatever
the hell they want.

Ok then...

The results just couldn't be right. Leonard McCoy looked intently
at them, as if someone would appear on the page and say "Ha! It was
a joke!". But there could be no mistake. According to this test,
Spock had engaged in sexual activity while on the away mission on
Lonar Three. McCoy had checked the results five times and they were
correct. Now he wished he hadn't bothered to do a full
checkup. "That bastard!" The doctor fumed; how dare he cheat on him!

McCoy paced around the room, trying to decide whether to be more
angry or shocked; besides feeling hurt and betrayed, McCoy would
have never thought that Spock would be the kind of person to cheat
on a partner. And the worst part of this was that there was no life
on Lonar Three bigger than a microbe. And the only other people on
the away mission were Jim, Scotty, Chekov and Ensign Stormer. No
matter which man McCoy imagined his lover sleeping with, it made his
blood boil and his fists clench. McCoy looked down at his hands and
noticed he had crushed the data disk that was in them. He decided
that since he was getting nothing done in Sickbay, he would take a
brisk walk around the ship to clear his head.

Angry thoughts swirled around in his mind as he walked down the
hall, thoughts pertaining to the fact that he too had been without
Spock's company for an entire week, but had managed not to ravage
the first willing man that crossed his path and maybe they hadn't
been together for very long, but that didn't give Spock the right
to….Before McCoy knew it had happened, he found himself standing in
front of Spock's door, his hand reaching up to press the buzzer. He
hesitated for a moment, part of him not wanting to know what had
happened. But then the very angry part of him that wanted to rip
out Spock's heart and serve it to him took over. He jammed his
finger into the buzzer.

He heard Spock calmly tell him to enter and that just pissed him off
even more. How could that green blooded schmuck be so calm at a
time like this? McCoy bounded through the door and stood in front
of Spock, in a rage.

"How dare you!"

Spock, who had been reading something on his computer, merely looked
up at him, seemingly unaffected by McCoy's furor.

"How dare I what?" His raised eyebrow was the only indication that
he found McCoy's behavior out of the ordinary whatsoever. McCoy
could just deck him. It just figured that the bastard wouldn't know
what was bothering him.

"I guess I shouldn't be surprised! I guess that I never will mean
anything to you!" The familiarity of this conversation struck him
like a physical blow and he had to sit quickly. This was not
happening, couldn't be happening, not again. He put his face in his
hands, almost forgetting where he was, until he felt a hand on his
knee and looked up. Spock had come around to kneel in front of him,
his face now clearly showing the concern he was feeling.

"Leonard, what is wrong? Why are you so upset?" Spock took McCoy's
hands into his own and looked up into his face. "Whatever I have
done, I am sorry."

And now McCoy could deck him for being gentle and understanding. He
would have preferred to find him cold; it would be much easier to
maintain his anger then. He conjured up the image of the lab
results and pulled his hands out of Spock's.

"Sorry doesn't cut it, mister," he said in hurt tones. "I know what
you were doing on that away mission."

Spock cocked his head slightly to the side and furrowed his
brow. "I was merely studying the atmosphere and geography of Lonar
Three to determine whether or not it was fit for colonization." He
looked at McCoy confusedly. "Do you not want the Federation to have
colonies on this planet? I found it to be a suitable place for
settlement, but I know that it will take much more study to
determine whether it is truly safe for humanoid life."

McCoy just stared at him after this little speech. For a moment, he
couldn't even wrap his mind around what the other man was saying.
Then, suddenly, violently, it sunk in and he sprung to his feet.

"Spock, I don't care if Romulan ballerinas settle that planet!"
Spock's eyebrows shot up, but McCoy ignored him and went on. "I was
talking about your check up. I was talking about the fact that you
were down on that planet screwing somebody else!" A pained
expression crossed the doctor's face. He turned away from Spock and
walked toward the corner of the room. Then in a wavering voice, he
said, "I just never thought that you, of all people, would do such a

There was a long silence, so long in fact that McCoy began to get
angry again. He finally turned to see Spock sitting back in his
chair, his fingers steepled before his mouth.

"I take it you discovered during your examination that I had
ejaculated during the away mission." McCoy winced to hear it put so
bluntly, but he merely nodded.

"And you believed that to mean that I had engaged in sexual
intercourse with another member of the away team."

McCoy shifted uncomfortably, suddenly feeling awkward and
exposed. "Um, well…yes."

Spock nodded slowly, his face becoming completely neutral in that
way McCoy knew meant that he was working extra hard to control his
emotions. There was another long tense silence before Spock spoke

"Did it not occur to you that there could be another reason your
examination would have produced such results?"

Spock raised his eyebrow slightly and McCoy stared for a moment.
Then it hit him like a ton of bricks. "You…you were…" McCoy
lowered his voice foolishly, "masturbating?" His mind was reeling.
Unbidden, an image of Spock touching himself thrust itself to the
front of his mind. The doctor felt his breath catch. Then,
remembering the situation, he shook the thought off.

"Yes," Spock replied simply, though McCoy thought he caught just the
barest flicker of something that could have been embarrassment in
the other man's eyes.

"But…I thought…" McCoy paused a moment to get control of his
misbehaving tongue. "I didn't think Vulcans did that sort of
thing," he said finally. Spock shifted in his chair before

"Most don't," he said slowly, almost as if he were hesitant to give
away too much information about Vulcan sexual practices. "But as
you often remind me, I am also half human. I have not often felt…"
There was definitely some hesitation on his part at this
point. "Felt the need to oblige myself in such a manner, but having
engaged in regular sexual activity these past three months, I found
it difficult to abstain when that activity ceased."

McCoy closed his eyes and tried to get a hold of himself. Shame
flooded through him at having doubted this man he loved so much. He
walked slowly over to Spock and fell on his knees in front of him.
Putting his hands on Spock's knees and avoiding his lover's gaze, he
whispered, "Spock…I…I am so so sorry." And unable to say anything
else, he laid his head into the Vulcan's lap. Spock hesitantly
placed his hand onto the doctor's head.

"Why did you doubt me so quickly?" He asked, his tone more curious
than angry, though McCoy could hear the undercurrent of pain Spock
couldn't quite hide from him. He shook his head, not wanting to
admit the reason, the old feelings of humiliation and disappointment
creeping back into his soul.


It was spoken softly and with love. McCoy couldn't not respond to
Spock when he used that tone.

"Jocelyn. When she left…" He trailed off, but Spock instantly
picked up the thread.

"She left you for another man."

McCoy nodded miserably. "I'm sorry, Spock. I know you're not her."

"But when you saw that report, you could not help, but feel that it
had happened to you again," Spock concluded. Again, McCoy nodded,
feeling incredibly stupid. A hand reached under his cheek and
lifted his face from the leg it rested on.

"It was a `gut reaction', then?" Spock asked, unconsciously adding
the quotations around the phrase he'd picked up from McCoy.


And then Spock surprised him. He smiled.

"I have always loved you for your `gut reactions'. Are you telling
me I should rethink that policy?"

McCoy smiled back.

"You have such a beautiful smile, I wish I could see it more
often." McCoy paused for a moment to look into Spock's eyes. "I
never thought I would find someone who would love me for my
bullheadedness. But then, you are just as bullheaded as I am!" The
doctor said this last part with a twinkle in his eyes. Spock cocked
his head to the side.

"If by bullheaded you mean stubborn, then I must protest. I am not
stubborn. I simply state what is logical and do not stray from
it." He looked back at McCoy, who was grinning at him.

"Yeah, right."

The exchange did much to lighten McCoy's heart, but he did not want
to ignore the underlying issue. He stood again and walked in a
small circle as he thought over his next words.

"Truly, Spock, I am sorry. I shouldn't have assumed something like
that of you." He stopped his pacing and faced Spock again to
emphasize what he was about to say. "I want to trust you. I'm
still angry at Jocelyn for leaving me like that and angry at myself
for being angry and now I'm angry for letting it affect you…us." He
sighed and threw up his hands in frustration. "Damn it."

"Indeed." Spock gently lifted himself from the chair and approached
McCoy. He slid his hands around McCoy's waist and slowly pulled the
other man into his arms. McCoy felt awkward for a split second at
this unexpected tenderness, then let himself relax fully against
Spock's body. It felt so good to be held like this, so damn good.
How could he have done anything that might have taken this away from

"I knew when we became lovers that you were not an easy man to get
along with," Spock murmured. McCoy snorted, but didn't pull back in
the least. After all, he was right, though McCoy didn't think he
could bring himself to let Spock know he thought that. "It would
not have been logical to pursue you if I did not believe I would
benefit from it."

McCoy pulled his head back and looked into Spock's eyes. "I think
we have benefited greatly. I have never been so content," he

Then he laid his head on Spock's shoulder and they both stood there
in that position for a few minutes. Finally, McCoy spoke again.

"I love you."

Spock kissed the top of his head. "I love you too, my Leonard."

McCoy lifted his head again and looked at Spock with concern. "Are
you angry with me?"

Spock considered him silently before speaking, a faint glimmer of
humor touching his dark eyes. "Vulcans do not feel anger. However,
if I were fully human, I believe it would be safe to say that you
would be sleeping on the couch tonight." He glanced around the
room. "Not that I have a couch, of course."

McCoy chuckled. "Forget the couch. How about you show me exactly
what you did down there on that planet?"

That damnable eyebrow lifted again. "If you wish, though I don't
think you would find my atmospheric tests of interest, especially if
you were to discover that the planet was ideal for the habitation of
Romulan ballerinas."

McCoy rolled his eyes. "Just get in the bed, Spock."

Spock gave him a look. "Very well," he said dryly and started
towards the bed. McCoy followed, smiling to himself and thinking
that he would have never thought that the words `very well' could be
so damned sexy.