Kissing Captain Kirk: Spock I

KISSING CAPTAIN KIRK: Spock I   a slash drabble based on Return of the Archons

"What was it like, kissing Captain Kirk?  And don't bother to deny it; everyone knows what you two did to blend in during Landru's Festival."

"A fascinating study.  His lips parted 12.6 millimeters.  His tongue pressed my teeth with 0.84--"

"Spock!" McCoy exploded.  "I don't want a how-to guide.  Think about what you felt.  How can you just--objectify love?"

"I am a Vulcan."

McCoy's face fell.  "Yeah.  Sometimes I wonder--"

"You asked about Jim.  With you it is entirely different; I simply feel our love."

McCoy scowled happily. "Goddammit, Spock, how do you always manage to win these things?"