The Meaning of Words

The Meaning of Words
A drabble for a cold day. Just had this image of the guys being all
Thanks to Janet for the beta!!!!

Spock. Spock.


What? Spock, how many languages do you speak?

Twenty three at a 93.4% or better accuracy rate. Another 31 between
60 and 78% accuracy. However I read 1,157 languages and dialects.

And what language is "Hmnnngg."


Oh now there's a language I can speak, too. How's your accuracy rate?

You tell me.

Can't complain, but I wouldn't want your skills to slip because of
lack of use. Perhaps we can study together.

Given my experience I would say that I shall be ready for another
lesson before you will.

Rub it in, Spock.

I intend to, Leonard.