Midnight Experiments

Midnight Experiments         



“Checkmate, Captain.”


Kirk looked at the chessboard and sat back with a groan.  “Excellent move, Mr. Spock. You’re playing with more emotion tonight.  I don’t believe I’ve seen you use that tactic before.  Perhaps I’m rubbing of on you?”


“Doubtful, Captain.  And I see no reason for you to insult me.”


Kirk grinned at his companion.  This evening had been quite restful.  Earlier, they had eaten supper with the Doctor.   Bones had been less than his usual irrepressible self, but still caused Spock’s eyebrows to disappear into his hairline more than once.  Kirk and Spock had planned a game of chess for after dinner and asked the Doctor to join them.  Bones declined the invitation stating he had reports to finish and wanted to make it an early night for a change.  “Are you sure you’re all right, Bones?”  “Course I am, Jim.  Nothing a little sleep won’t fix. Now you two enjoy your game and I’ll see you in the morning.”  Kirk watched his departing friend and CMO with concern.  Sharing a look with Spock, Kirk sighed, “Well, he is the doctor.”  Spock merely looked at his friend and Captain with a raised eyebrow saying, “Yes, and he makes the worst patient of us all.”  Nodding his agreement to Spock’s comment, they had then retired to the Captains quarters to play chess.  After two games, it was a draw. 


“Well, Spock, are you up for one more game? 


“Negative, Captain.  I have some experiments running in the laboratory that need my attention.  We could pick up our game at a later date.  Agreed?” 


“Sure, Spock, but I would get some rest if I were you.  We don’t know how long this lull is going to last.”


“You forget, Captain, I am a Vulcan, and am therefore not subject to the same requirements that you and the rest of the crew share.”


“Ah, Spock, we have had this discussion before and will likely have it again… but for tonight, I am willing to let it pass…”


“Then I bid you goodnight, Captain.”


“Later, Mr. Spock.”


Mr. Spock left the Captain’s cabin and proceeded to the life sciences lab.  He had several experiments in process that required frequent monitoring and evaluation of the results.  Some experiments were progressive in nature and required documentation of each step before moving on to the next.  All in all, it was very painstaking work, but Mr. Spock was most methodical in his approach.  At this time of night, there was no one else in the lab.  The solitude gave him time to reflect, perhaps not as deeply as his meditative state, but quite satisfactory nonetheless.   The time alone allowed him to give free reign to his imagination.  With a slight lift to his lips that few had the insight to recognize, Spock determined a new course of scientific investigation that was perhaps long overdue.  Quickly determining the hypothesis and methodology in his mind, he considered the best time to initiate this new line of research.  After firming up the details in his mind, he left the lab.


After walking through the corridors of the ship for several minutes, Spock stopped at a door with a stylized nameplate.  Using his command over-ride, he quietly entered the private quarters.   Although the cabin was shrouded in darkness, the dim glow from the computer console allowed Spock’s night vision to see clearly. Crossing over into the sleeping area, Spock gazed down at the sleeping human.  He noted in some corner of his mind that the human looked different in sleep.  The stress lines in the forehead were smoothed out. The laugh lines at the corners of his eyes were still there, and the man looked utterly beautiful to Spock.  It was a testament to the utter exhaustion of the human that he did not hear Spock enter.  Of course, Spock thought silently, Vulcan’s can be quite stealthy.


The human was sleeping soundly on his back with both hands raised over his head.  The human was quite naked beneath the service issued blanket, his mid area barely covered by a corner.  The left leg was stretched out while the right leg was bent at the knee.  All in all, very enticing, as if he was expected, Spock thought whimsically.  But then, remembering that Vulcan’s don’t engage in whimsy, he filed that thought away for future meditation.


Gently, so as to not awaken the sleeping human, Spock reached out and grasped both wrists.   He stroked the satiny underside of each wrist feeling the human’s heartbeat.  Such seeming contradictions resided in this human.  He could be charming or abrasive. He was incredibly gifted, but did brag about his abilities.  He claimed to be a simple man but had a blazing intellect.  He could be fearless when it came to protecting members of this ship and was not afraid of confrontation.  He could be a peacemaker in one moment and then challenge your very precepts of belief in the next.


All of those thoughts were going through Spock’s mind as he felt the heartbeat.   26 point 524 hours ago, this human had been dying and Spock had been powerless to do anything about it.  This human had rendered the landing party unconscious and then offered himself up to the aliens’ experiments.  There was one other captive in the midst of that drama, and even in the throes of dying, this human’s compassion for the other shone through.  His concern for the girl’s treatment was obvious.  Just as his concern for his crewmates placed him solidly between them and death. 


“Perhaps, that is why I am setting up a new set of experiments.” Spock thought, “I want to replace those feelings about death with feelings of life.”


Spock stroked the human’s hands briefly wondering at the strength and gentleness encompassed in such a fragile frame. He then gently cuffed the wrists and eased the arms up farther over his head attaching the cuffs to the frame of the bed.  Spock ran his hands lightly down the outstretched arms, sides, hips, and legs before coming to the ankles.  The human sighed softly in his sleep but did not awaken.


  Spock quickly cuffed the left ankle and secured it to the under railing of the bed.   He then gently straightened out the right leg, attached the cuff and secured it in the same manner.  Some slack was allowed , but not much.  The distance between the two-cuffed ankles was 11.72 inches.  The human tried to shift in his sleep, protesting the change in his position.   Spock uncovered the human, visually taking in the nude, cuffed form. 


The figure on the bed squirmed again, trying to get comfortable.  The eyes slowly opened, catching sight of the figure kneeling at the foot of the bed.


“Spock?” he asked, with a voice rough with sleep, “what are you doing here?”

The human moved, as if to rise, and then awareness set in as he realized his predicament.   “What the hell!  Spock!  What’s going on?”


“I have determined on a course of study and am in need of your assistance.”


“What?  What are you talking about? Why the hell am I tied up?  Spock?  And Naked!  Spooooock!!”


“I have decided that you are going to assist me in a series of experiments. These experiments are to monitor and record your reaction time to certain stimuli.”


“What the Hell!  I’m no damn experiment!  Have you lost your mind?”


“Negative.  Your participation is necessary.  And, may I say, your use of the vernacular is generally more colorful.”


“I’ll give you colorful if you don’t get these cuffs off of me!!!”


“So, you are saying that you do not wish to participate?”


“No, I do not wish to participate!  Now let me up!”


“Your objection is noted.”


“What do you mean my objection is noted?  Aren’t you going to release me?”


“Negative.  I just wanted to establish the parameters of the experiment and record correctly.”


“Now wait just a damn minute!”


“I am attempting to catalogue human arousal to different stimuli.”


“You needed to tie me up to determine that?”


“Cuffed, not tied.  Please be accurate.  In order to carry out this and all future experiments…”


“Now wait just a damn minute…”


“You’re repeating yourself….”


“What do you mean “experiments” plural?  This has gone on far enough!  Now release me!”


Spock averted his head for a moment so the fuming human could not see the twinkle he knew was in his eyes.  This was the most animation shown by this man since returning from the last mission, and Spock’s heart fairly soared to see it.  Spock wasn’t sure he would ever get the vision of this man’s battered, dying form out of his mind.


Spock rose to his feet and walked to the man’s dressing area where he pulled out a ceremonial sash.   The man licked his lips stating, “Spock, what are you doing?”  Instead of replying, Spock walked to the head of the bed, the man watching him all the while.  When Spock reached down to loop the sash around his head, the man jerked back with a sharp “NO!”


“It is necessary.” Spock said coaxingly.


“Why in sam hill would I care if it was necessary?  I never agreed to this in the first place!  Now, let me up, Spock.  This has gone on far enough!   Spock?  Are you listening to me?  Spock!” 


Ignoring the human, Spock quickly bound the sash over his eyes, while at the same time continuing, “It is necessary as you are only to feel the stimuli, not observe it or initiate any of your own accord.  I will monitor your responses and record them. These responses will become the first part of the comparative analyses.”


“Shall we begin?”


“You can begin by letting me loose, you pointy------aaaaaaahhhhh!” gasped the human, jerking his foot in response to Spock’s actions.  Spock had licked the underside of the toes on the right foot across the ball of the foot, and then nipped the underside of the big toe.  “Jesus!  What in hell are you doing?”


Not responding, Spock mouthed the big toe, sucking on it lightly, and then scraping his teeth on the underside. He did not neglect the toes on the left foot. While sucking and scraping the toe on the right foot, he took the toes on the other foot in his hand and proceeded to give a gentle massage, tickling the underside. He nuzzled the arch of the foot, then ran his tongue over it.  Spock proceeded to nibble down the outside of the foot.  All the while allowing his hands to caress the beautiful feet that kept twitching and jumping in response to Spock’s actions.


“God, Spock!  I never knew Vulcan’s had feet fetishes!  This is insane!  Uuhnnnnn!

 F-feet are f-for walking on, f-for tripping over, f-for occasionally getting one in the mouth, not f-for bringing someone to--- ooooooooohhhhh! 


Spock kept noting the responses. Despite the protests, the heartbeat had increased, the respiration was erratic and a slight sheen had appeared on the human’s thighs.  Most impressive however, was the swelling taking place between the legs.  Spock let his eyes gaze lovingly on the obvious results of his ministrations and increased his efforts. 


Spock treated the big toes as he would a human cock.  “Though a much smaller version”, Spock thought to himself while checking his effect on this human’s cock,

“MUCH smaller!”  He brought his mouth over the big toe licking it gently, then in little flickering touches, leading into nips causing the human to arch off the bed with a “Spock!”   The Vulcan enclosed the toe in his mouth, sucking in a rhythmic motion, causing the human to cry out.  Attention was divided between each of the big toes to keep the human off balance.  All the while using his large hands to continually stroke the underside of the feet, running his nails across the arches.


For his part, the man held captive in the bed could not believe the sensations cascading through him.  The heat of that mouth encircling his toes was incredible.  Each lick, nip, and suck sent little jolts of electricity shooting straight up into his cock.  God, how did Spock know?  He had always had sensitive feet and a foot massage could almost send him into an orgasmic state, but this!  Sweet Jesus! He felt himself get unbearably hard, and in a giddy moment, wondered how Spock was going to measure ‘that”.  All he wanted to do was to get loose of the cuffs, grab the Vulcan by those gorgeous ears and generate some payback of his own.


Spock was beginning to wonder how long he was going to be able to hold out…that beautifully aroused male organ was just inches away in front of his face, taunting him. Spock found himself itching to enclose that hardness in his mouth.  Not surprisingly, he felt himself sporting a hard-on that was quickly becoming difficult to ignore.


“Spock, please, let me loose…. I need to touch you!  God, you’re going to make me cum, please!  I want to be with you. …Spock…” the human begged.   The timbre of his voice had slipped into the lilting, musical tones that the human generally kept concealed.  But Spock relished the beautiful accent and found it was wreaking havoc with his own control.


Suddenly deciding he had more than enough “data” on which to build his premise, Spock gently uncuffed first the left ankle and then the right.  He placed a loving lick on the inside of each ankle, while giving the arches one last scrape of his nails.  The humans gasped “Spock!” was music to his ears. 


Spock then licked and nibbled his way up the inner legs.  When he finally came face to face with the beautifully hard, trembling organ that was taunting him, he knew what he was going to do.  Without paying heed to the human’s pleas to release him, Spock swooped on the organ, engulfing it entirely in his hot, wet mouth, eliciting a scream from the human.  The human was clutching and yanking at the chains on his wrists, begging,  “Please, please, Spock, let me go!  Oh, God, Spock!  I can’t… I can’t… “  Spock proceeded to deep throat the human, savoring the salty sweet flavor.  He then used his hands to hook them under the human’s knees and spread him wide…the humans whole body was shivering, he was sobbing,  “Oh, God! Oh, God!  Oh, God! Oh, Gooood!  Spock! “  And then the human came in waves, arching off the bed so hard, Spock almost lost control.  Spock managed to capture all of the human’s essence in his mouth, losing none of it as the human’s frenzied gyrations slowly subsided. 


Spock nuzzled the now depleted organ, and lovingly mouthed the human’s balls.  A small moan was heard coming from the human as his cock gave a tiny twitch, telling Spock he was down but not out, not yet. Spock began to feel the urgent press of his own cock, in response to the challenge issued by the human’s organ.  Spock slid off the bed and quickly divested himself of his clothes.  The human realizing Spock had left the bed asked, “Spock?  What’s wrong?  Are you alright?”  


The Vulcan started from the foot of the bed and glided, pressing his hot body, against the humans.  As he was gliding up the body, he once again spread the human wide, opening him for his enjoyment.  The human shivered again, “Spock?” 


Once the Vulcan was press flesh to flesh with the human, his head only a few inches above the humans, he gently reached around the human’s head and untied the sash.  He gazed into the beautiful crystalline orbs, as the human slowly opened his eyes.  “I can barely see you Spock. Turn on the light.”  

“No, I can see clearly enough for us both.”


“You’re not gonna get all cryptic on me are you?”  The human was breathless, still trying to get his breathing under control.


“I would tell you something.  One of the most revered legends on my world is that of the Life-Giver, the Water-Bringer.  You are such a person.  Your destiny is to bring life to others.  Your water is your heart and soul, and the compassion you show to others. You are greatly skilled in the life-giving arts.  You are not a warrior.  That is not your role, though I believe in your stubbornness, you would argue the point with me which would be quite foolish on your part, and a waste of time.”


“Spock”, asked gently,” could you untie ummmmm, uncuff me now, please?”


“No, Life-Giver, I will not.  I have not finished with accepting your gifts”.


“Spock, how did we get from experiments to gifts?  I certainly did not volunteer for any of ……..”   The human’s mouth and lips was suddenly devoured by Spock. Spock nibbled on the lips then pressed inside the human’s mouth.  He ran his tongue along the inside of the mouth, thinking “Such water!  Such an abundance of Life!  The human truly does not understand his own gifts, or his importance in the skein of life.  In the olden times such a one would be cherished, revered, but in this time, the human only has me to pay homage to him.”   Spock pulled another moan out of the human as their tongues battled. “So be it.  He is the one I will claim and worship. I will protect him to the last of my life’s breath”.  Spock thought all these things, but as he released the human’s mouth teased the man by saying “ A most satisfactory way to stop an argument with you before it ever gains ground.” 


“Spock, I don’t understand…please release me.”


“I could release you, but you would never be free.”


“Now what the sam hill is that supposed to mean?  I’m not in the mood right now for any of your Vulcan mumbo-jumbo, so just let me go and then explain to me what has gotten into you that you felt the need the need to hijack me in the middle of the night, tie, excuse me, cuff me to the bed and then…mmmmmffff.”


The fingers of Spock’s right hand were pressed against the human’s mouth, and Spock himself had a wry look on his face.  “It appears I was a bit presumptuous.  I had neglected to take into account your capacity for discussing an issue an death.”


The human wriggled his face away from the Vulcan’s fingers fussing “ We haven’t discussed anything, yet, you green blooded, pointy eared elf!”


The human could not see the amused gleam in Spock’s eyes.  He did so love to tease this man!  “Indeed.  However it appears at this time another type of “discussion” is in order.”  Before the human could say anything else (A rare feat in and of itself, mused Spock), the Vulcan ran his warm hand down the human’s cock, which had recovered itself and became aroused during their “discussion”.  The human moaned and arched beautifully in his hand.  “Oh, yes.  His Water-Giver was so beautiful in his passion.”  Spock could see clearly, even if the human could not.


The human felt Spock nestling between his legs. He then felt the Vulcan hook his knees and once again spread him wide open.  God, help him!  He felt so vulnerable!  Did Spock have any idea what was happening to his insides?  God, he felt a white heat around the edges of his vision and deep in his groin.  Dear, god, he had never felt this way before!  What was this crazy Vulcan doing to him?  And Why? 


The human hissed as Spock inserted a finger into his anus. “Where did Spock get the lubrication and why am I even thinking about that now?  That crazy Vulcan has got me talking to myself!”   He moaned as Spock slid in a second finger, stretching him.  The human’s prostate was struck causing him to arch upwards.


As if on cue, Spock positioned himself at the entrance and started to ease himself inside.  The human arched, pressing against the Vulcan, taking all of him inside.  The Vulcan pressed against his panting human, leaning up on elbows, brushing the sweat dampened hair away from the eyes.  A constant rhythmic rocking motion was set up. The motion was designed to let the human know he was there and in control.   The human was trying to look into his eyes, but it was too dark.  Just as well, as he doubted the human would understand what he would see.  For now, he would give pleasure to his human and receive the human’s gift in return.


Spock gently nipped around the human’s mouth, causing the human to open his mouth in reflex.  Once inside Spock captured the tongue and began sucking on it.  At the same time the rhythmic motions became more pronounced.  The human felt himself being rocked across the bed.  A warm hand began stroking him, teasing him around the head of the glans….and then his prostate began to be pummeled.  Each rock resulted in his prostate being teased.  He felt himself squirming and writhing on the bed. He felt his knees being pressed up to open him even wider to the pounding assault. He no longer had control over his own body. He heard himself as if from a distance begging and pleading with Spock to let him cum. The white-hot heat engulfed him. It became all too much for the human and with a final scream, he fell into oblivion.


Spock released the human, cradling him against his chest.  The human was wrapped securely in his arms, his head lying on Spock’s shoulder.  Spock ran his hand down the front of the human to the now quiescent organ.  Not so much as a twitch, now, as it had been thoroughly defeated.  Its life giving essence had been most appreciated by Spock. 

He laid his cheek against the sleeping humans head, the hair tickling his nose.  Oh, he knew he would “hear about it” from his human.  The trick, as it were, would be to see how long he could keep his human off-balance.  His human was delightful when thwarted, and it would be a challenge to stay ahead of him….at least until he decided to be caught.  Snuggling with his human, Spock drifted off to sleep.



Bones was late arriving for Breakfast the next morning.  By the time he got to the mess hall, Mr.Spock and the Captain were already there.  As he rushed through the door, his boot caught the corner of the frame, causing him to stumble slightly.


“Having trouble with your feet this morning, Doctor?”  Spock asked.


Bones glanced towards Spock, an unreadable look on his face, “ No, Mr. Spock, my feet are just fine, thank you very much!”


“I am relieved, Doctor.  It would be a shame for you to lose all of the benefits obtained from the … Masseuse.”


Bones looked at his Spock, the thoughts racing through his head “and I wonder just which “masseuse” you have in mind, Mr. Pointy Ears? You or…. Oh, My God, he knows!  Did he see me when I was getting my feet massaged?  That’s how he knew!  That sneaky, son of a deranged elf! “


Spock watched the humans face and knew the exact moment the Doctor made the connection.  He also knew the Doctor would not say anything in front of Jim.  Oh, yes, this was going to prove quite challenging.      


Jim, totally oblivious to the silent exchange, said “ You look better today, Bones, more rested. “


“Thanks, Jim.  I do feel better.  You can’t keep an old horse Doctor down”.


“Really, Doctor.  I don’t remember any equines aboard the Enterprise.”


Jim snorted as Bones fumed “Figure of Speech, Spock.”


Bones was taking a quick sip of coffee just as Spock was saying  “In that case Doctor, perhaps I can secure your assistance in some experiments I am conducting regarding the response factor of certain organisms to various stimuli.”


Bones choked on his coffee and looked apologetically at Jim,  “Sorry, was hotter than I thought.”  And then cast a baleful look at Spock.


“You must be more careful, Doctor, heat can do incredible things to the human body.”


Bones looked incredulously at Spock.  The Vulcan was taunting him!  Taking a careful sip of his coffee, Bones looked at Spock thinking. “That’s OK, Spock.  We’ll see who gets the last laugh!”


Spock, watching the Doctor’s face, could almost read his thoughts as he caught the calculating look.  He cocked his own head raising his eyebrow in answer to the Doctor’s challenge. 


Jim interrupted the silent exchange by saying, “Well, gentlemen, let’s get on to the meeting”.


As the men rose and passed through the door, the Doctor felt a gentle brushing of fingertips along his wrist. Glancing up, he saw the Vulcan’s warm eyes and wondered if he imagined it.


The End?