Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Title: Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Author: Spocklover2000

Character: Spock, McCoy (crew mentioned as needed)

Rating: R

Summary: This story is as if this was Spock and McCoy’s first time, this takes place after the Mirror Mirror episode.


It had been 4 weeks since the encounter with the parallel universe.  Everyone was back to normal, well almost everyone.

A rift had grown between Spock and McCoy, like never before, so much so that even the command crew had noticed.  McCoy had stopped bantering Spock every time there was a chance.  Jim even tried to start an argument between them a few times just to help get things back to normal, that didn’t even work. Nurse Chapel noticed it as well, she grew concerned of the doctor and Jim was surprised when she approached him about it, because she rarely came to him for anything. Oh McCoy did his best to act normal but something was wrong.

McCoy tried to sleep night after night, even tried sleeping inducers and that didn’t help. After everything they had been through and saving the halkans and getting everyone back in their own universe and not the parallel one, and the seed that had been planted that could change the mirror universe itself, if it succeeded, it truly was a successful mission.

No one but McCoy and Mirror Spock knew what had taken place in sickbay on the mirror enterprise.  And McCoy thought quite possibly it was going to change his life forever. The same dream or nightmare every time he closed his eyes and it was interfering with his job and he knew it and also knew that the crew would soon begin asking questions. That was one of the bad things about not being yourself and also being the doctor, you knew what was wrong with you and knew everyone else would know it soon enough, especially on this ship.

Jim had talked to everyone on the command crew except Spock so far as he was growing more concerned for both of them, and everyone had begun to notice a change. Jim approached Spock after Sulu had taken over Spock’s turn on the bridge one evening.

“Spock, are you aware of any peculiar behavior concerning doctor McCoy?”

“If you are referring to the rest of the ship’s crew, no sir, but if you are referring to his behavior toward me, yes Captain”

“Did you two have some sort of argument or something that I am unaware of?”

“Not that I am aware of Captain”

“Well, something is going on and that something apparently has to do with you, Spock”

“Has anyone else confirmed your hypothesis, Captain?”

“Yes, actually they have, even Christine spoke to me about him yesterday.”

Spock raised an eyebrow, as he also knew that Nurse Chapel would never bother the Captain about anyone unless it was really necessary and/or they were of the bridge crew.


“I am going to talk to him and see if I can get to the bottom of this”

“Understood Captain”

Jim went off to talk to the good doctor and see what is troubling him; he even stopped by his own cabin and grabbed a bottle of brandy to help ease the conversation.

McCoy was at his monitor reading over some new medical info, something he tried to do to help him get to sleep, read even if it was job oriented.


“Yeah, come in”

Jim enters smiling yet noticing how tired the doctor looks.

“Hey, Bones, care for a nightcap?”

“You’re not a bartender Jim and you know it, what can I do for ya?” (In a matter of fact yet Georgia humor tone)

“Actually, I’m here to see if there is anything I can do for you.”

Pouring two glasses of brandy and handing McCoy one.

“No, I just can’t seem to get some sleep”

“Why, what’s keeping you up?”

McCoy did not want to tell him, after all he wasn’t just the captain he was his friend.

“I’d rather not say, Jim” (looking at him with the, please don’t ask again look)

“I understand, it has something to do with Spock, doesn’t it?”

McCoy looked at him curiously and pondered for a moment.

“Look Jim, I really don’t want to talk about it” (matter of factly)

“Bones, you’re a damn good doctor and my friend, if something is bothering you, or if Spock has done something wrong, you can talk to me, everyone is beginning to notice, even Christine”

McCoy was almost shocked, if Jim called her Christine instead of Nurse Chapel that meant that she had spoken to him, now worry came over the doctor’s face, and he knew he had to do something soon or it would affect his work.

“Jim, I”

“Please, Jim, give me some more time, I will work this through, and really doesn’t have anything to do with This Spock”

Jim’s expression was one of both concern and worry.

“Ok, Bones, you’re the doctor”

Jim smiled and patted Dr. McCoy on the back and left, leaving the brandy.

Elsewhere on the ship in Spock’s quarters, Spock was in his evening meditation, and it was being disrupted by thoughts and concerns for the command crew and for doctor McCoy.  He thought about what the captain had said and thought back at the encounters he had with McCoy on the ship so far, and had come to the conclusion that doctor McCoy was indeed displaying behavior that was somewhat abnormal for him. Although in Spock’s own way he was delighted that the good doctor had not been bantering and arguing with him lately. Spock tried to pinpoint exactly when the doctor’s behaviors had changed, and had deduced that it began after the encounter with the parallel universe.

Although he would never admit it to anyone, Spock enjoyed the doctor’s company at times, especially after the whole marriage ceremony thing with T’Pring, the three of them Jim, McCoy and Spock had grown much stronger in friendship after that.

Spock made a mental note to talk to doctor McCoy, at the next opportunity.

McCoy took two sleeping inducers this time; he was determined to get some sleep.

The next morning McCoy had indeed slept but not rested, the same dream, the same memory. The sickbay of the parallel enterprise, he had just saved Mirror Spock, that same Spock took his wrist holding it there and walked McCoy to the wall, pressing his back against, and with his other hand found the necessary points and began to mind meld with doctor McCoy, ripping the necessary information from McCoy’s mind, but something else had happened at that exchange, McCoy also saw glimpses into Mirror Spock’s mind, images that he will never forget. Mirror Jim had Mirror Marlena as his captain’s woman and Mirror Spock could have any woman he wanted as well, but Mirror Spock did not desire having a woman because in the parallel universe his relationship was with Mirror McCoy.  Flashes and images of deep lust and passion between the two and the even greater desire to keep it a secret, burnt in McCoy’s mind. Mirror McCoy not only had a relationship with Mirror Spock but with women as well, Mirror McCoy was bi, and not just regular bi, but with Mirror Spock a Vulcan.

When Mirror Spock, had ripped the information from McCoy’s mind he two had saw into McCoy’s mind more than he had expected, finding that the relationship between McCoy and Spock was strictly platonic, no sexual relationship at all and that made Mirror Spock’s crave to get these people back where they belonged and to get his Mirror captain back and His Mirror McCoy back a more intense matter whatever the cost. When Mirror Spock took his fingers from McCoy’s face, he could see the shock in McCoy’s eyes, and McCoy could see the worry even for a Vulcan in Mirror Spock’s eyes and not only that but he felt his groin was beginning to ache and his cock was starting to harden and in that one moment, McCoy couldn’t decide what to feel, lust or nausea. Mirror Spock grabbed McCoy by the arm, stopped the transporter by communicator and escorted McCoy to the transporter room. The enterprise crew left and the parallel crew returned in its place and for one brief second Mirror Spock met Mirror McCoy’s eyes with submission instead of dominance.

McCoy woke up the same as always, heavy breathing, and sweat pouring off of him from the fight to get out of the dream, and with the same reaction, his cock was half hardened and the same lust yet shock feelings poured over him. McCoy took another cold shower and wished he could forget that whole thing that it never had happened, that his desires for placing his cock between two awaiting lovely breasts and sliding slowly into an awaiting pussy would forever stay the same. But no, now all he can think about is, pointed ears and looking into deep brown eyes, Vulcan eyes.

McCoy went to his office in sickbay, trying to go about a normal day on the Enterprise, he could feel Christine looking extra long at him from time to time, and knew she was concerned. He did his best to stay away from the bridge at all costs, to keep from running to Spock. Just hearing his name was getting worse; McCoy could feel the desire, like burning flame and did his best to fight it.

As a doctor of course McCoy had seen everyone aboard at one time or another without their clothes on, it was his job no big deal, but this was different.

He had gotten through another work day, another shift, McCoy even tried to talk to Scotty about fine lassies from different worlds they had encountered to try and take the edge off.

Another day, another sleepless night, Leonard tried to watch some porn on his monitor in his quarters to, wrapping his hand around his cock trying to relieve some sexual desire and tension but it wasn’t working, nothing was working.

One more week later, it was all Jim could take; he walked up to Spock on the bridge.

“Spock, doctor McCoy is getting worse, something has to be done, he can’t go on like this or he may have to be relieved of duty.”

“What would you suggest Captain, he is refusing any means of action and it would seem denying that there is a problem”

“Did you not say that after you had talked with the doctor that he said that the problem had nothing to do with me sir?”

“Yes, I did, but his actions were to suggest otherwise, our next mission is coming up in a few weeks and I am going to need everyone at their peak performance”

“I understand Captain, as I pointed out, what do you suggest?”

The Captain pondered for awhile, and then looked at Spock again.

“You go and talk to him, take the rest of your shift off if necessary, Chekov can take over your station for awhile”

Spock raised an eyebrow

“Are you sure that is wise Captain, as it would seem he has clearly displayed a need to avoid me at all costs, would this not make him worse?”

Jim thought about it, weighing the pros and cons, perhaps it will make it better or perhaps making this situation worse will in the long run make it better, somehow something has got to be done, Jim thought to himself.

“Yes, I am sure, consider that an order, Spock, go talk to doctor McCoy”

“Yes, Captain as you order”

Jim motioned a hand for Chekov to take over the science station. 

With that Spock went to the turbo lift and made his way thru the corridors to sickbay.

It was near the end of another long day for McCoy, he did everything he could to keep busy and put the memories and dreams out of his mind, and he even tried to joke with Christine. Doctor McCoy had just let Nurse Chapel go for the day, and the attending physician and nurse was on their way.

Spock passed Nurse Chapel in the corridor, who was always delighted to see him as everyone knew she always had a crush on him, Spock ever professional, just nodded as she walked by, acknowledging her but still ignoring her at the same time.

Nurse Chapel saw the direction in which Spock was taking and realized he was heading for sickbay and she could tell by his walk that it wasn’t because needed to or really wanted to, so it must have been an order or mission oriented. Nurse Chapel felt both worried and relieved, the Captain had been in and out of course concerned for doctor McCoy but since McCoy was obviously avoiding Spock for some reason, she felt concern for both the doctor and the science officer.

Spock entered sickbay finding McCoy at his desk working.

McCoy heard this hiss of the door opening, but was not expecting what he heard next, those footsteps and that walk only one person on this ship had that, and that was Spock.

McCoy suddenly felt both irritation and passion, he did not look up, and he did not want to, he was scared to, for the first time he was scared to look at Spock, before he enjoyed it, relished it and almost looked forward to arguing with him.

McCoy suddenly hated himself and silently wished Spock would just turn around and walk back out the door.

Spock stood for a moment, “The Captain wishes me to speak with you, doctor”

“Oh, about what?”

“Apparently, about you”

Spock notices how exhausted the doctor really does look, and also notices how the doctor does not look at him.

In the most professional tone he can muster. “Look Spock, I’m just about to go off-duty, the relieving nurse and physician should be here any minute”

“Then I shall wait for that minute doctor” Spock said in a command voice, not backing down from his order from the captain.

Spock stood arms crossed, while McCoy sat at his desk trying his best not to look Spock in the eye or anywhere else for that matter. It seemed like forever but it was only a minute or two, McCoy was nervous, more nervous than he felt when his wife left years ago. When the attending arrived, McCoy hastily left sickbay heading straight for his quarters, hoping Spock would stay.

But, Spock did not, this was no longer just an order from the captain, in that one point five minute, Spock observed McCoy and knew he was exhausted and that there was definitely something wrong and despite what the captain had informed Spock, that McCoy had said about this being nothing to do with Spock, he was wrong.

Doctor McCoy was hiding something, and it looked like it was literally killing him and after everything the three of them had been thru so far living on this ship, Spock now felt, yes felt concern for the doctor.

Spock stopped at a communication terminal, put in the captains private call button and informed the captain of what he saw.

Jim was beyond concerned and worried now, and ordered Spock to continue his observations at all costs.

“Understood, Captain”

McCoy felt almost like he flew instead of walk to his quarters, entering and locking the door behind him.

Why did he feel this way, why was it so right yet so wrong, why was he scared, suddenly he felt very nervous.


“Who is it?” (Hoping like hell, that they would just go away or that it was only Jim)

“This is Commander Spock, the Captain wishes me to speak with you”

“Go away, Spock”

That sounded a bit more like the doctor, Spock knew but the undertone suggested a matter of concern.

Spock used his command override and entered the doctor’s quarters anyway, resetting the lock behind him, finding McCoy sitting on the edge of the bed, looking exhausted and distraught.

“I am under orders, doctor please, do not make this any more difficult than it already is, you are close to being relieved of duty, and the captain himself said so”

“What in blazes do you mean? There is nothing wrong with me a little rest won’t cure Spock.”

Spock stepped closer to him

“You are displaying almost similar conditions to the ones I had when experiencing pon farr doctor, if a mate is what you seek then there are plenty of available and I am sure willing human females aboard this vessel that can satisfy your hunger”

McCoy was taken aback and shocked by what he said, how dare he come in here and talk to him like that, but he was right, McCoy was basically horny beyond belief, but nothing he done so far including masturbation was helping.

Spock could see the irritation in the doctors eyes, and in his own way was hoping that was enough to get at least one good argument going then perhaps this whole thing would be over.

But that was not the case.

McCoy felt defeat.

McCoy motioned for Spock to sit down next to him or at the desk. Spock complied but was unaware of course and unprepared for what he was about to hear.

Doctor McCoy finally realized he had to tell Spock what happened on the parallel Enterprise, and he did. Even though he felt ashamed, angry, hurt and even passionate, slowly and gently Doctor Leonard H. McCoy told the Commander Mr. Spock, just exactly what happened between himself and Mirror Spock and what they both saw in each other’s minds.

Spock listened to every word; no amount of meditation could have prepared Spock for this. After McCoy finished, Spock raised an eyebrow at him, stood and took two steps toward the door, looking away from McCoy’s gaze.

Doctor McCoy felt relieved, scared and crushed. How could he ever face his friends again, McCoy hung his head in shame and disgrace. When Spock stood and walked toward the door, McCoy didn’t know what to think or feel.

McCoy almost didn’t believe the next words from his own mouth, “Spock I think it would be best if I just transferred to another ship, you are more valuable to Starfleet and to the Enterprise and even to Jim to stay here, than I am, I truly am sorry Spock”

Spock thought and thought, there was only one logical course of action, and Spock was willing to do it, after all the captain and the doctor had done for him.

Spock did feel his human side almost ache, when McCoy spoke those last words.

Spock turned and walked over to McCoy, Spock stood moments breath away in front of McCoy.

McCoy thought as if his world was turned upside down as Spock stood by the door for what seemed like forever.

When Spock stood in front of McCoy, he could feel the intense heat coming from the Vulcan; at first he thought perhaps Spock would put some kind of Vulcan neck pinch or something on him.

But No

Spock ran his long lean fingers thru McCoy’s hair, tracing his ears, caressing his face, running his fingers across his lips.

McCoy traced and caressed the Vulcan’s fingers, hands and wrists.

Spock knelt on the floor in front of McCoy, and looked him deep in the eyes; he could tell his friend looked like a scared rabbit wanting to run away.

As Spock knelt, McCoy felt scared, yet excited, as he met Spock’s gaze, he could actually see the human side of Spock in his eyes for the first time, genuine human compassion.

Spock ran his hands and fingers down the sides of McCoy’s face, then looking into his eyes.

“If I am what you desire, McCoy, if it will ease you’re suffering to mate with me, then it’s the logical thing to do”

McCoy raised his eyebrow and smiled.

Spock guided McCoy’s chin and kissed him gently, then increased the intensity.

McCoy reluctantly at first received the kiss then gently began to melt into it; Spock’s lover’s touch was more intense than anything McCoy had ever felt before.

Spock ran his hands down McCoy’s neck, arms, chest, then slid his hands under McCoy’s blue shirt, then up and off, and repeated the same for the black shirt. Spock had never ever saw the doctor without at least one of his shirts before, Spock felt himself enjoying what he saw before him. Spock slid his hands down McCoy’s legs and slid his boots and socks off of him tossing them out of the way.

Spock now began enjoying looking at his doctor, his friend and now his lover in a different and most private way.

Spock leaned McCoy back on his arms, and slowly graced McCoy’s chest with his Vulcan lips, kissing tenderly in different places.

“Do you wish to continue, I must remind you doctor, I am a Vulcan and once started I will not be able to stop.”

McCoy enjoyed, embraced and felt so good with every new touch felt from Spock.

“Yes, Spock, I understand, and I want you to continue”

Spock could tell he wanted to continue, as the doctor’s cock appeared to become increasingly hard. Spock could tell even looking thru his trousers.

Spock slid the trousers off of McCoy, and caressed each leg, tracing them, rubbing them.

McCoy felt as if he was on fire, Spock’s touch was so hot and felt so good.

Spock slid his fingers under the waistband of McCoy’s underwear and slid them off of him.

For the first time ever doctor McCoy was now fully exposed to Spock.

Spock let McCoy get comfortable on the side of the bed once again, leaning back on his arms, Spock knelt between his legs, caressing them, caressing his feet on the floor.

Spock took McCoy’s face in his hand and kissed him feverishly this time, and took his other hand and closed it down around McCoy’s cock, and began stroking it gently, then a bit harder.

McCoy had never been fully exposed to Spock before, but was enjoying it more than he realized, and enjoying watching Spock look at him.

McCoy received the kiss and parted his lips so they could explore each other’s mouths.

As Spock began to stroke McCoy, McCoy felt as if he was going to explode already, Spock’s touch was so intoxicating.

Spock parted his lips as well letting McCoy press his tongue inside his mouth, Spock himself began to feel his blood boil, and began to explore McCoy’s mouth with his tongue and yes began to enjoy it, and felt a burning desire to want more.

Spock broke the kiss and raised an eyebrow at McCoy, then brought his lips down to McCoy’s groin, still stroking him with one hand; Spock caressed the McCoy’s sac with the other and began to lick it, then more intensely. Soon Spock suckled on each testicle in his mouth, licking it, tasting it, toying with it.

McCoy by now just enjoyed every second and every touch given to him. McCoy moaned just a little as Spock began to lick and suck his sac, taking it all in, wanting more.

Spock intensely licked and suckled the first testicle, then did the same to the other one.

Spock then licked up and down McCoy’s shaft, long and intense, around, licked the very edge of McCoy’s head around, tasting the pre-cum and even for a Vulcan enjoying it. Spock now decided to let some of his Vulcan guard down, and enjoy this encounter. He found that McCoy tasted wonderful and erotic. Spock brought his hot Vulcan mouth down on the doctor, all the way to the shaft and began sucking him, sweet and gentle at first then long and hard, then faster.  He did not want McCoy to cum, not yet.

McCoy felt on fire, he enjoyed this and wanted more, oh Spock felt so good, and touched him so well.

Spock took one of McCoy’s hands in his and guided it to McCoy’s cock. “Keep stroking” was all he said, gently. Spock stood up again, looking at McCoy, watching him stroke his hard cock, Spock’s mind racing now, beginning to boil, his mental capacity lowering a bit, and his Vulcan passions taking over more, he saw memories all of them of new worlds, places, and adventures so far on this ship, go thru his mind like wildfire, he never thought it possible he would be here in this room, in this moment in time, in his life and with this one. McCoy looked so different in his eyes now, and would forever be changed.

McCoy taking his own cock in hand as guided by Spock, watched the Vulcan rise from his position, he studied those brown eyes and those Vulcan ears as Spock watched him stroke his cock and could see a glimmer of hunger in his eyes, and could tell that Spock in his own way was enjoying this.

Spock slid his boots off, and socks tossing them aside. Spock slide both of his shirts up and off of him, then slid his trousers down off of him. Spock could feel his hard Vulcan cock, and enjoyed it, he kept watching McCoy stroke, and looked into his eyes as he slid out of his underwear.

Now the human and the Vulcan fully exposed, naked to each other.

McCoy motioned for a drawer to the side of the bed; Spock complied without a word and opened it, finding some clear lubricant and setting it on top.

McCoy stopped stroking for a moment and raised up to his side, as Spock stood and turned McCoy, looked for the first time at this Vulcan before him not as a doctor but as a lover, and took Spock’s, cock in hand and put it to his mouth, stroking it gently and began sucking it.

Spock was a bit taken a back at first, because at the time the mission in his mind was to please McCoy, and to make him well.

Spock however enjoyed McCoy’s touch, very gentle and passionate. When McCoy put his mouth on Spock’s cock, he felt both the human and Vulcan sexual burning desires flood at him, and he moaned and grunted for one second to hold them back a bit.

McCoy heard him and knew, Spock wanted and needed more to, McCoy increased the pace, it felt so good, Spock tasted so good, this was all so good and intoxicating, more than he could have ever hoped for.  

Suddenly flashes in his mind again of Mirror Spock and Mirror McCoy having sex together. This time McCoy thought it almost worthless now, compared to how intense the real Spock and he were at this moment, Mirror McCoy was practically forced by Mirror Spock, this was willingness, and this was so intense, intoxicating and almost magical.

McCoy let all his barriers down now, sucking Spock harder and faster, till Spock gently broke the contact.

“I want to please you” Spock spoke in the most deepest and passionate voice McCoy ever heard

Spock grabbed the lube and rubbed himself down good, climbed the bed and in one move flipped McCoy over on his stomach. Spock straddled McCoy, looking at his bare back and legs, and his small tight ass, almost drinking it all in. Spock messaged McCoy’s arms, legs and back a bit, and then climbed over him.

McCoy almost felt in love as Spock manhandled him gently.

“It is time, Leonard”

McCoy never heard Spock say his first name before and enjoyed it.

McCoy relaxed his entire body.

Spock gently parted Leonard’s cheeks and pressed the tip of the head of his cock gently in. Leonard was tight, Spock expected that as he knew this was the first time for both of them with someone of the same gender, Spock pressed in deeper, feeling Leonard’s anus gently giving way, letting him in.

McCoy moaned just a bit at first, and then welcomed the hard long Vulcan cock.

Spock pushed in even farther, then slid his hand under McCoy and took Leonard’s cock in hand and began stroking it as he began taking McCoy deeper and deeper.

“Does this please you, Leonard?”

McCoy thought he was going to cum immediately as Spock started stroking him while pushing his cock deeper inside.

“Yes” (desperately)

Spock could no longer contain his Vulcan side and began sliding in and out of the doctor’s tight sweet ass faster and harder, soon McCoy had all of Spock inside him and Spock began to fuck him hard. Spock was concerned about his Vulcan side being too much, but the doctor seem to handle Spock fucking him better than expected. Soon Spock felt it, he was going to cum soon and by the way McCoy felt in his hand stroking him, McCoy was going to cum soon as well.

McCoy enjoyed every moment of this, Spock a Vulcan had taken his sweet Georgia lovin, virgin ass and it felt so good.

“Spock, I’m sorry for everything, please don’t stop”

“There is nothing to be sorry for, Leonard, cum for me”

McCoy did feel it, had felt it for some time but did not want to stop feeling it, he could tell by Spock’s breathing he was getting close to.

“Cum with me, my Vulcan lover”

Both of them moaned and grunted loudly as they came together.

McCoy was spent and glad he was already laying down, Spock was a bit spent but as a Vulcan, McCoy knew he could go for much more.

Spock lay next to his human friend on his side, McCoy turned up on his side gazing at each other, not saying a word just drinking each other in.

Spock suddenly had a thought.

“Leonard, if you really want it, I can erase this memory from your mind, all you will remember is that you had sex with someone, an almost drunk haze”

McCoy felt a tenderness toward Spock now, and thought his friend differently now.

“Do you want to forget this, Spock?”

“No, my human friend, I enjoyed this and will, Remember, it always”

“No, Spock, I want to remember this, all of this”

McCoy leaned in and kissed Spock.

Spock returned the kiss, rose to his feet, dressed and drunk the spent naked doctor in his eyes.

Spock fully dressed now, bent down and kissed him again, “you need not concern yourself, and I will just say we talked, after all that was the order, the rest is ours to keep private, Leonard”

McCoy watched Spock dress and enjoyed it.

McCoy returned the kiss and smiled, “yes, well we did talk”

“Goodnight McCoy, Goodnight Spock”

After Spock walked out the door, he beeped the captain again and said they had talked and everything was fine now. Spock then went to his quarters and meditated, he made a mental note to now visit the doctor more often now.

McCoy got up and cleaned himself up and lay back down on his bed and went to sleep.

The next morning McCoy had discovered he had slept for ten hours straight, and woke up feeling like he had been on vacation for a month, relieved, revived, rejuvenated and refreshed. He was happy and smiling and joking again and everyone noticed.

Spock woken refreshed and revived himself in his own Vulcan way.

That lunch hour as the three men sat together, Jim was very happy because whatever the problem was, his friends had worked it out.

“Well that must have been quite a talk you two had last night.”

Spock and McCoy looked each other then back at the Captain.

Spock just raised an eyebrow, and McCoy “oh yes, we let everything out”

McCoy winked at Spock gently.

“Just following your orders, Sir”

For the first time ever, while no one was looking, Spock winked at McCoy.

The End

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