My Ageless Love

Title:  My Ageless Love

Author:  Ster Julie

Codes:  TOS; S/Mc; Spiced Peaches XX

Rating: PG

Part 1 of 1


Summary:  McCoy fears that things will change between them as he grows older so much faster than Spock.


A/N:  I double-dog dare you to not have "My Endless Love" playing in your head as you read this!




You are so quiet, Len-kam.  Ra ertau du? (What troubles thee?)


You know the problem, Spock.  You look at it every day and night.


Tell me, K'diwa. (Beloved)


Don't humiliate me by making me say it.


Aw, do you still think I will lose interest in you because of some wrinkles and a few gray hairs?


You'll still be young and gorgeous long after I'm nothing but an old, wrinkled fart.


You think so very little of me, Leonard.


People will think I'm your grandfather.


If I were fully human, I would tell such people, "Go to Hell."


Be honest with me, Spock.  Look at me.


I am looking at you, Ashayam. (Beloved)


And you see an old man.


I see he-whom-I-cherish.


Who's wrinkled.  And gray.


Ah, but I know that I am responsible for most of these gray hairs and wrinkles, my Leonard.


In what way?


These two lines between your eyebrows appeared when I was attacked by that creature on Deneva, and these on your forehead are from when you needed to operate on my father but I refused to come and give him the blood transfusion you needed for the procedure.  These deepened when I was shot with a flintlock and you were not certain that I would pull through.  Here at the corner of your eyes are more worry lines from when my brain was stolen.  I gave you these gray hairs on your temples when I went out to meld with V'Ger …


A damn-fool stunt.


And the hair that is missing here fell out when I died at the hands of Khan.  More gray hair appeared when you held my katra and you thought you were going insane, and more fell out when you couldn't revive Chancellor Gorkon.


Well, gee, thanks for reminding me that I'm going bald!


But these two brackets on the sides of your mouth and these other lines around your eyes are from our courtship and our wedding night when I made you smile and even laugh out loud.  Your face tells me that you are a passionate man, a caring doctor who cares deeply for his patients. 


Well, thanks, darlin.'


You are welcome, Lenkam.  Incidentally, I do not see any of those things when we are being intimate.


You don't?  What do you see?


I experience one of Surak's most famous sayings:  "I'wak mesukh-yut t'on."


I'm sure you are going to tell me what that means.


"The present is the crossroads of both (the future and the past)." 


And how does that remind you of me?


I look at your handsome face and I see the same beautiful cerulean-colored eyes which have looked down on me every time I was sick or injured, which flashed cobalt beams at me in anger and in desire, the ones which wept copious tears over me in joy and sadness.  I see the dashing young physician who first stepped off the shuttle and onto the Enterprise the first day we met. And when you stepped off that shuttle you stepped into my heart.  I appreciate the man of wisdom you have become and will continue to become, but I will always see in your face my handsome, young doctor.  You will always be my ageless love.



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