Mystery Solved Part2

MYSTERY SOLVED, PART 2 by Jeanne E. McGrew As McCoy groaned himself gradually awake on the biobed where Spock had placed him, Kirk muttered defensively, How was I to know that the investigation method matched the crime? Hm, Spock replied sardonically. Spock! Kirk had a sudden thought. Mightnt it also provide the remedy? Spock regarded him askance. It was the Vulcan version of you-can t-be-serious. No, really! Kirk insisted. Go back in and reassure him, comfort him! Repair the damage! There is little actual physical damage, Jim. He is mainly suffering from emotional trauma. Then comfort him! Kirk said again. Before he wakes up fully! Too late, mumbled a grouchy but intimidated voice. Spock, please! Not again! Do not be concerned Doctor. I have no intention of adding further to your difficulties. Bones, I dont see why this upset you so much! Kirk complained. McCoy answered peevishly, Jim, do you even know what youre talking about? Kirk refused to take the bait, and answered moderately, Spocks told me some. So the bearded Spock mind probed you, so what? It hurts! McCoy barked. Yes, well. And its frightening! Okay, but. And its the most helpless, vulnerable feeling Ive ever known! That stopped Kirk. If there was ever a feeling that Kirk would not wish to experience, that was it. His comprehension was written all over his face. McCoy nodded triumphantly. On a different track, Spock said reluctantly, Doctor, as much as I deplore admitting it, the captain may be right about the cure. McCoy stared at him in horror. I am serious. What can rip can also soothe. What can hurt can also heal. It can be a balm to your mind. Kirk murmured amusedly, What can bomb can also balm. Spock actually glared at him; McCoy didnt do much less. As Kirk looked contrite, Spock went on, And I will not restrain you by the arm this time, or by any other means. It will be painless and unforced. It will be a medical treatment. He knew that the doctor would appreciate the term. not a mind rape. The term was clearly distasteful to him. McCoy cringed at its usage. Kirk looked surprised and amused by what he considered its colorful, childish melodrama. All right, McCoy consented shakily. As Spock hesitantly approached him, McCoy watched the spread fingers as if a house-sized tarantula were coming at him. Kirk shook his head in bemusement. Hed been mind melded before, and it simply wasnt that bad. Disconcerting, yes; terrifying, no. Uncomfortable, yes; painful, no. Either McCoy was an incredible wuss , or the bearded Spock employed a radically different technique from that which Kirk had experienced. He made up his mind to ask Spock later. Gradually, ever-so-slowly, as this Spock gently probed, the creases in McCoy s face smoothed, revealing that his mind was soothed. Finally, after what seemed like hours, Spock carefully withdrew, leaving a consoled McCoy sleeping peacefully. Back in the turbolift, Kirk asked his question. The techniques vary profoundly, Spock explained. In analogy, would you rather take a shower, or be drowned in the ocean? Would you rather listen to pleasant music, or be deafened by an overpowering roar? Would you rather be caressed, or bludgeoned? Kirk was staring at him, aghast. But when he found his voice, he said, So you bathed McCoy, serenaded him, and made love to him. Spock stared at him for long minutes, with an increasingly intense gaze. Kirk grew deeply uncomfortable, wondering if this time, his teasing of his alien friend had gone too far. The fleeting thought even occurred to him that his Vulcan first officer would potentially be capable of demonstrating to him the apparently vivid difference between a gentle mind meld and an ungentle mind probe. He had never before been so nearly uncomfortable with his trusted first officer, and was actually relieved when the turbolift released him onto his chosen deck. Now alone with his own thoughts, Spock reversed turbolift direction to return to the sickbay. Hed decided to wait patiently until McCoy should awake, and then to follow Kirks not-quite-suggestion , literally.