Mystery Solved Part3

MYSTERY SOLVED, PART 3 By Jeanne E. McGrew Leonard McCoy moaned, shifted slightly, and wondered why he was so wet. He knew hed perspired in anxiety during the mind meld with Spock, but he didnt think hed drenched himself. Slowly his eyelids slid up to reveal a pair of lovely blue orbs, and the human found himself staring into a pair of warm brown ones. Spock was hovering over him. McCoy was startled, flailed slightly, and splashed. Splashed? McCoys fuzzy mind wondered. He looked down, and jumped in even greater shock. He was naked, and immersed in a tub of water. By way of apologetic explanation, Spock said, You had perspired a great deal during our mind link, and I saw in your mind that you found the moisture uncomfortable. I thought that it would give you comfort if I were to administer an old-fashioned bath. McCoy smiled tentatively, self-consciously, but appreciatively. Spock took the soft wet washcloth and sponged McCoys neck and face ever-so-gently. It felt refreshing, and the delicate human luxuriated in it. After Spock had done a thorough job with every part of McCoy that was above the water level, he suggested, Why dont you relax awhile there, and allow me to soothe you by an additional means. McCoy lay back, once again closing his eyes, as Spock reached for his Vulcan lyre and began to play a calm, comforting melody. Meanwhile, Jim Kirk had gone back to his quarters to rest from his own eventful day, only to find a sinister intruder lurking in the shadows, ready to pounce on him. Spock! Kirk cried in disbelief as the dark figure detached from the surrounding gloom and came at him. Not quite Spock. A devilish beard seemed to jump out into the light as the invader came toward him. No! It cant be you! Both Spocks cant be in the same universe at once! It is safe as long as we do not come into direct contact with one another. And I have no intention of seeking out my counterpart. The bearded Spock was still advancing, and he had nearly backed Kirk into the wall. What do you want? Havent I helped you enough? No, not sufficiently. You gave me only the most basic advice, and with it, I have indeed eliminated my Kirk. Although he himself had recommended it, Kirk swallowed hard at the eerie feeling of hearing about his own death. Spock went on, From your squeamish, squirming McCoy, I derived only the vague basics about how your Federation functions, and what I did learn was awash in such fear that it was blurred and indistinct at best. But I need strategy, details, from someone as hardened and devious as a Kirk. Jim Kirks back thudded against the wall, and his wrist was immediately seized in an instantly-numbing grip. McCoys mind floated luxuriously in the cloud-soft notes, and kept rising in gentle joy even after the music faded gradually into the ether. His eyes remained euphorically closed. So he was mildly startled anew at the tender hand which explored his face with a caring unmistakably suggestive of love. His eyes flew open, saw the verification of love in Spocks face, and then, awed and bursting with love himself, he closed his eyes and relaxed once more. The careful hand traced his features, and then descended slowly down his throat to his chest. This time, McCoys eyes opened wonderingly, and saw the love, stronger than ever, reflected in Spocks eyes. Slightly nervous now, but still treasuring the feelings, McCoy wordlessly reveled in the powerful sensations tickling his chest and tummy as Spock explored even lower. Spock, being cautious, knew better than to reveal a large green Vulcan phallus to the fragile human this first time together. But, while remaining fully clothed himself, he ever-so-gently took the small pink delicate human penis in his powerful hand. By now, McCoy had realized that this was coming, but he still shivered slightly at the unaccustomed touch of the alien hand upon his most vulnerable place. Still, powerful as he knew Spock was, McCoy marveled at the feather-light beginning touches. They almost made him squirm with pleasure. Gradually, Spocks grip grew firmer, the greenish alien almost seeming to know what to do and when to do it. Relentlessly, McCoys fervor built to a crescendo, and his orgasm fountained upward through the bathwater as his accompanying vibrant, exultant cry echoed through Spocks quarters. Kirk cried out in agony as Spock ripped asunder the layers of his mind which stood in his way as he mercilessly delved into the memories he sought. He ransacked the humans defenseless mind as a thief would rip through drawers and closets, searching for treasure, and pitching unneeded items carelessly aside in the process. One lone crewman passing by the officers quarters section heard the two simultaneous cries, and shook his head at how much easier it was for high-ranking ships personnel than for the low-ranking masses to find willing bed partners.

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