Mystery Solved Part4

MYSTERY SOLVED, PART 4 By Jeanne E. McGrew Scott to Dr. McCoy! Scott to Spock! The frustrated chief engineer had clearly been calling for some time. McCoy stirred foggily in bed and tried to rise, only to find himself trapped beneath Spocks arm, where it stretched across his blanketed form. With a start, McCoy realized that he was nude under the blanket. Spock here, his bed partner announced clearly, while McCoy was still fuzzily trying to puzzle out his predicament. Mr. Spock, thank goodness! Wed been unable to raise Captain Kirk for quite some time, and when we sent security personnel out to search for him, they found him unconscious in his cabin! We need you to head the investigation of a possible intruder, and we still cant find Dr. McCoy; we need him in sickbay to treat the captain! Im here, Scotty, McCoy managed, his head slowly clearing, and his memories gradually returning. Im on my way. Spock and McCoy paused only a moment for a poignant, cherishing look between them, before both hurried off to their urgent tasks. The Vulcan had barely gotten his security guards organized, when McCoy was frantically calling him to say that he, Spock, was needed to doctor the captain, more than the doctor was. Spock, of course, was the only listener for whom that remark was not enigmatic. But eschewing lengthy, pointless explanations, Spock simply told the security people that their quarry was now upgraded to definite and extremely dangerous. After Spock had gently and carefully healed Jim, just as he had previously done Leonard, Bones gave the captain a sedative to complete his recovery within the next few hours. Then, Spock returned to the search, bestowing a soft, tender, chaste kiss on Lens lips as he departed. Fifteen minutes later, anti-Spock chose to move his hiding place to sickbay. When the bearded beast popped in, he found himself almost between a standing, working McCoy, and an unconscious Kirk on a diagnostic bed. The three formed a rough triangle. McCoys scream didnt even wake Kirk. In an entirely different part of the ship, the clean-shaven Spock thought he heard a scream. Quickly he ascertained within his own mind that the alleged sound had not been received by his ears. Promptly realizing that hed become somewhat attuned to McCoys mental emanations during the activities of the previous day, he raced back toward the sickbay from whence hed come. Anti-Spock relished his options. Ah, such a choice. Torture my favorite victim . He looked at the cowering McCoy. Or try for even more information and see if I missed anything. He looked at the oblivious Kirk, who was completely helpless; the doctor had sedated him thoroughly. McCoys eyes frantically searched the room for any help or weapon that he could reach quickly enough. Anti-Spock allowed himself an unpleasant smile. Spock!!! McCoy yelled. You do not need to holler so loudly; I am right here. Anti-Spock smirked in amusement. But since you crave my attention so desperately, I will generously grant it to you. He moved in on his chosen target. McCoys heart slammed in his chest. His knees nearly buckled; he had to plant his own back against the wall, as the bearded nightmare wouldve done to him anyway, to keep from crumpling to the deck. Please!! Please, no!! he implored the roguish alien. His pleas only amused the evil Vulcan further. McCoys only consolation was that his friend, the more recently injured Kirk, would be spared another trauma so close on the heels of the first. Anti-Spock took his time ominously moving in on the pale, trembling human, intentionally drawing out the agony of the suspense. Just as he reached him, and reached out for him, Lens knight in shining armor, his real Spock, burst into sickbay. As anti-Spock slowly turned to face his mirror image, strange energy crackled around both of their forms. You see what is happening, said the newly arrived Spock. Our proximity is too great. If we were to touch, for even an instant, both of our universes would be destroyed. As he spoke, McCoy soundlessly sidled across the wall, moving farther and farther away from his torturer, taking maximum advantage of his heros distraction of the enemy. Anti-Spock feigned nonchalance. I am sure that you are aware, as I am, that only our two universes would suffer that fate. The infinity of universes in the entire multiverse would still remain intact. Further, since you recognize the hazard if we were to touch, you have only to refrain from touching me. I have no intention of touching you. He abruptly turned his gaze directly onto McCoy, shocking and horrifying the frightened human with his total awareness of precisely where the doctor was; McCoys quiet movement away had not fooled him in the least. McCoy froze, nailed in place by the cold, piercing stare of the Vulcan. But Spock said, I have no wish to touch you either. But I will do so, rather than allow you to hurt my Len. A hush fell in the sickbay. Leonard was quiet because he was awed by Spocks indirect admission of love, and his direct declaration of protectiveness to the ultimate extreme. Spock was silent because he had said all that there was to say, and now he simply awaited the response of the other. Anti-Spock said not a word as he contemplated the decision of his doppelganger. Minutes passed, while threatening energy crackled around both Vulcans. Finally, anti-Spock quirked a brow upward. I suppose that I must admit, to you and to myself, that seeing the outcome of my efforts to turn my universe around, is even more important to me, than even a chance to have a second go at your frail, fragile human. He again flattened McCoy to the wall with his eyes. No matter how entertaining that wouldve been. McCoy shuddered. Anti-Spock drew out a small, handheld device. Very well. I will now return and put to use the information that I have gleaned from your Kirk. So saying, he pushed a button and was gone in a twinkling of colorful lights. Leonard slumped in place, and Spock ran to him. With strong arms, he pulled him back to his feet. There arent words enough to , McCoy began to say to him in gratitude for his rescue. Yes, there are, my Leonard. I love you. And I always will. The Vulcan held his human against his chest. And I love you, my beloved Spock. Forever.

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