Nautika's Poetry

Title: Assorted Poetry by Nautika

Author: Nautika

Series: TOS

Pairing: S/Mc

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Paramount/Viacom. The poems belong to me.

Author’s Notes: All three poems appear as picture poems in the art section, as well as in text here.




Attraction - S/Mc Diamante, by Nautika



                logical, lonely

     controlling, frustrating, fascinating

             hard, green, soft, blue

          caring, demanding, provoking

               emotional, available



One Soul – A Spock/McCoy Lanturne, by Nautika




Kirk sees them,

 becoming one




Sparring, by Nautika


When he speaks, Spock sparks spoken spars.

A miffed McCoy might mention minutiae

faltering and, furtively flattering, our

spoken spar sparking Spock.

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