No Such Thing as Ghosts

Author: Brenda Layland A.K.A. Artemis
Series: TOS
Pairing: Spock/McCoy
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Tricks & Treats for Halloween.
Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom own Star Trek. No infringement intended, no money being made. All original content (c) Brenda D.I. Layland, October 18, 2004.
Author's Note: Response to Janet's request for a Halloween story. This is not a Mary Sue story. Mary Sue can "out Kirk" Kirk and "out Spock" Spock. This is a "Brenda Sue" story and she is not going to out anyone. Criticism is not welcome, but will be tolerated.
Archive: The Spock/McCoyote's Den
The pre-Halloween party was in full swing. Halloween was a big deal in Star Fleet. The Federation had tried to clean it up by combining it with other autumn holidays, but not every planets harvest festival was as strait laced as the Puritan's Thanksgiving. The amalgam of traditions made for a Fall Festival, Carnival with bonfires and jack o'lanterns.
The Horrible Harmonizers were still singing Pumpkin carols when Missy and Solly slipped out of the mess and into his quarters. Few people paid attention to the fact that both of them were painted sky blue and wearing skimpy purple costumes. Those that did notice only laughed at exchanged "Trix er Treets" with the azure couple. In his cabin they explored the delights of sky blue skin and royal blue nipples. Solly was about to find out what color Missy had dyed her pubic hair when at 2330, the last chance alarm rang, Missy had to scrambled to make herself presentable and get into uniform. Solly said that he would wait for the graveyard shift to end and promised she wouldn't be getting much sleep.
Still Missy had been nearly late for her shift, under her uniform, she was blue from the clavicle down and her nails were painted glow-in-the dark pink. Commander Fitz had let it slide because it was a holiday and besides no one was going to see Security Officer First Class Melissa Merrimack until shift change. S/O Merrimack had not liked the way her supervisor chuckled upon received her nightly assignment she found out what was so funny.
Cargo Bay 2, shit. The small holds, shit, shit. Missy's post was inside the bay facing aft, watching the vast echoing bay. The ship's night muffled the bay in darkness. Only small safety lights picked out the walkways and exits. Starboard were the large containers made fast to the deck with straps and mag-restraints. Port were the small holds. Sixteen storerooms each with its own environmental controls. Their purpose was to hold special cargo, usually medical, sometimes-perishable foodstuffs. And sometimes-dangerous unstable hazardous material that had to be stored at constant temperatures and pressure, like tonight. S/H 4-10 had perezium. An unstable element that stabilized transporters. Missy didn't know how it worked, but she was glad it did. The Enterprise was rendezvousing with other ships in the sector and transferring perezeium to them. Until it was gone someone had to guard the small holds.
It was not the unstable material was not what made Missy feel uneasy, no it was memories. Five months ago, the Klingons had boarded the ship and Missy and her team had held them off here in Cargo Bay 2. Peterson was vaporized over by the big barrels. Sanders had bled out in S/H 13. He died trying to say her name. "Merri, merri..." It seemed to echo through the bay.
No, what was that? A moan? Just cargo shifting, sure that's all. "Wake up Missy girl" she said to herself. Zero two-thrity, 31 Oct was no time to be wool-gathering. When did Halloween start anyway? On the graveyard shift, was this Halloween night or did that start after 1800. Well, it was Oct 31st and it was night. Missy was alone. Boy, I hope I'm alone. She touched her phaser for reassurance. A white flash at her right side, she jumped. Idiot! It was her glow-in the darks nail polish, glowing in the dark, when she reached for her phaser, her nails came into her peripheral vision. Now, I'm awake.
"Mmmmmaaauuuu". She couldn't deny the noise this time. Did she hear a swish of cloth too? Down towards the end of the bay. I'd better call for back up. No, Missy remembered Fitz chuckle. This was a set up. It had to be. Payback for the spring fling prank. Missy had called for backup then. Lieutenant Commander Fitz had opened the Jeffries tube and they were both covered in hot pink sticky foam. Osborne and Tshiu and laughed themselves sick. Shouting "Gotcha" and "Zhut zhut." The whole shift was laughing, live video feed to the security ready room ensured that no one would forget. Commander Fitz still thought Missy had been in on the gag. Oh, yeah, she thought giant inflatable Gorn in S/H 13 and laughed to herself.
About 10 minutes later, Missy heard a thud. Inflatable Gorns don't fall over with a resounding thud.
"Golf 5 to Golf 1, I'm going to investigate suspicious noises at the aft end of Charlie Baker 2."
"Golf 1 copies. Fiver, give my love to Sandy. Oooooh"
Damn Mendez. There's no such thing as spooks, just keep telling yourself that, girl. No such thing as spooks. Yeah, just powerful aliens that can wipe your mouth right off of your face. Or wipe you right out of existence in the blink of an eye. Nothing to worry about.
Missy sang under her breath "Go ye heroes go to glory, though ye die and end up gory." Shit, that wasn't helping. Sanders all dead and gory. He was not waiting for her in S/H 13. Cold and white and calling her name.
She stepped quietly down the row of small holds. Each like a closet with a monster inside waiting to jump out.
Small holds four through ten showed green lights - in use. All the rest showed red, so far, so good. S/H 13 had a green light. Another moan/groan, the clink of a chain, the faint sound of chanting. "Mendez and the boys have pulled out all the stops." Angry and no longer scared, Missy used her security plaque to open the hatch to the hold.
OH SHIT, OH SHIT, OH SHIT, OH SHIT, OH SHIT, OH SHIT, OH SHIT, OH SHIT, OH SHIT, OH SHIT, OH SHIT, OH SHIT. Missy's mind was caught in a loop. It refused to accept what she was seeing.
Commander Spock was nearly naked. He had turned towards the hatch when it opened. He wore only a witch doctor's mask, armlets and anklets of iridescent feathers, chains and beaded necklaces hung draped across his wide greenish chest. He was definably not wearing a loincloth. Rampant and proud, his forest green cock stood at two o' clock. In his right hand he held a maraca with markings similar to his mask. His left hand was still dripping with red paint.
Dr. McCoy was laying on the table/bed with body paint daubed up and down his torso. The dark green silk domino mask did nothing to disguise his identify, but rather accentuated his blue eyes. Other than the paint and the mask he was wearing a large prosthetic phallus. No, it moved, that was him, it was real, and it was really him. OH SHIT, OH SHIT, OH SHIT, OH SHIT.
Spock pushed up his mask and raised his eyebrow waiting for her to speak. She collected herself and took a deep breath. "Sir, I thought I heard an unusual noise down here, so I came to investigate. But I see that you are here €." Missy knew her face was as red as her shirt.
"Thank you, Security Officer Merrimack. If Dr. McCoy or I see anything out of the ordinary, you will be the first to know. Dismissed." And with that Spook turned back to his "patient".
Missy got out of there at warp speed. But still before the door closed she heard Bones say. "Spook, were her fingernails glowing?"
Missy Merrimak decided it was a good time to inspect the starboard side of the cargo bay. Oh, Solly, finger paint and feathers.
Meanwhile back in Lucky 13:
McCoy raised himself up on one elbow? "Are you sure we're going to be uninterrupted for the rest of the night?"
"Of course, " said Spock, "We have our own personal security guard." He leaned forward and kissed Leonard.
Spock then returned to his work. "Blueberry in honor of our honor guard. Who was very blue under that red shirt." He traced a blue line at Bone's collar, wrists and ankles, lightly kissing as he went. When he finished the left ankle, he removed the first necklace and laid it at Leonard's feet. He recommenced his rhythmic chant. Lightly brushing Leonard with the gourd rattle as he outlined his body with the beads and gold chains.
Leonard did his best to hold still. This private play was half planned, half improvisation. Moans, gasps, and shudders were allowed. In fact the encouraged, Spock the High Priest in his ministrations. Spock anointed Bones' engorged penis, red and pulsing, the head nearly purple, ripe, seeping pre-cum like juice. Spock's singsong reached its crescendo and Leonard shook like a volcano on the verge of eruption.
Solemnly, Spock reached into the bag on the floor. He brought up a small red sphere and placed it in Leonard's mouth. This brought Leonard to "life." He reached up and pulled Spock down to him. They kissed fiercely. First closed mouth against closed mouth, then almost as if Spock was losing ground, unable to resist Leonard. His mouth opened slightly, this was all the opening Leonard needed. He forced his tongue into Spock's mouth. The small red pellet had not yet dissolved and served as a puck in a game of tonsil hockey. At last they broke for air and Spock knelt before Leonard.
"Oh, Lyn Ahrd, celestial god of love and pleasure. Praise be unto You. You are awake at last! How can I, your humble priest, serve you?"
Lyn Ahrd nearly choked trying to stifle a laugh. He sat up taking care not to dislodge the offerings of strings of precious gems (freshly replicated for his use only). "Stand my priest and servant; let me see thy body which doth please me well."
Spock stood and turned slowly around. As Spock turned, Leonard stroked his worshipper's chest, his thigh, his buttocks, whatever came into easy reach. Leonard embraced Spock, reveling in the feel of the paints squishing and sliding. He buried his mouth into Spock's neck, exulting in the heat and the quick pulse that he felt under his teeth and tongue. With the easy of long practice Leonard rolled the cardiac artery with his teeth. Spock hissed and gasped. Leonard changed his grip he locked his mouth just slightly above the "Pinch" place and bit hard. Spock's eyes rolled back in his head, his knees threatened to buckle. Lyn Ahrd took pity on his chief priest.
"Come, Priest, sit thou beside me." Spock settled on the altar, and they turned to face one another. Leonard traced Spock's ears with his tongue, blowing hot and cold. He kissed his way down Spock face and neck, stopping like a tourist visiting favorite spots.
Leonard stood up. He took the witch doctor's mask and hung it on the wall over Spock head. He took the rattle from Spock's hand and shook it in a mock benediction.
"Liest thou down in my place." Spock obeyed. "K'cops, art thou a willing sacrifice to me? Wilt thou give all that thou hast and all that thou art unto me?
Huskily, Spock whispered, "Yea, I am Yours. Use me as You see fit."
Leonard took a step back and took in the wonderful sight before him. Spock's face was nervous and eager. McCoy could feel the trust and amusement from his mate's mind, also the curiosity. Spock's hair was mussed from the mask, his body was smeared with the body paints. The room was warm. It released the scents of the flavored body paints. A mixture of Terran and Vulcan fruit and spices. It smelled like the Terran bakery at the Vulcan Academy co-mingled with sweat and musk of passion. Spock's cock stood rigid and an emerald green tower with waves of black pubic hair crashing against its base.
Again, Leonard intoned, "Wilt thou give all that thou hast and all that thou art unto me?
McCoy grasped the base of Spock's penis and plunged the head into his mouth. Spock cried aloud and arched his back. He had not been prepared for the delicious heat that the cinnamon candy produced when Leonard began to suck his cock with the red hot still in his mouth. McCoy laughed around his lover's shaft and began taking his "offering" in earnest. Leonard's tongue swirled around the head of Spock's penis. He moved his head and right hand together, up and down, up and down. His left hand exploring, staying where it was needed and then moving on. He felt/sensed Spock's building climax and applied pressure to a spot few knew about between the scrotum and anus. In cooler moments, Spock referred to this as a force multiplier. Right now he only knew that his brains were melting as though Lyn Ahrd was drinking them.
McCoy gently released the spent cock. He moved to Spock's head, putting one hand on the back of his neck, Leonard raised Spock's face to his and kissed him deeply, sharing the tastes of sweet, salt, cinnamon, copper and cum. 'I am a benevolent deity.' He thought. 'Yea, verily,' a happy, tired voice answered in his mind.
Stepping back, Leonard noticed the maraca that has been discarded. He picked it up and smashed it against the wall. As small tube of guren gel lay among the candies and confetti. Leonard laughed. He sprinkled Spock with confetti as he picked up the gel. He walked to the end of the table. Reaching the end of the table, he placed a rope of emeralds around his neck. Then he picked up Spock's left foot. Leonard kissed the top and then pressed the sole into his cheek.
"From crown to sole, thou art mine." He sensed an exciting smile from his lover/worshiper.
McCoy gently tugged as Spock's heels, indicating that he should scoot down to the edge of the table.
"K'cops, thou art my subject, priest, and temple. Open the portal to that divine temple that I might enter." Spock lifted his legs to his chest and spread his buttocks.
"Enter, Celestial lover. Join with me."
McCoy drew close his penis pressing against Spock's bottom; however he straightened Spock's right leg and kiss the back of his right knee. Lips, tongue, and teeth working that little used pulse point for all it was worth. Spock groaned and laughed aloud. It was "their" spot. No one else had ever kissed him there.
Now, Leonard opened the guren gel. He could not afford to get caught up in the sensory memories of this Vulcan spice. 'Tonight, we are making new memories.' He applied a liberal dollop of gel to his first and second fingers. Easing them past the moss green puckered bud, he "made way for the God of Pleasure." Pressing once on Spock's prostate to ensure he hadn't lost his audience, he withdrew his cool human fingers. Watching his lover's face, Leonard slowly pressed his way inside, until his balls were against Spock's butt. He paused relishing the feeling.
"Ahhh," They both sighed together. No more snappy, sappy dialogue. McCoy moved back and forth, pumping, slowing building up speed, like an ancient steam locomotive, the Real McCoy. Spock dropped his legs down to encircle Leonard's waist, refusing to let this "earth" bound God escape. McCoy leant forward trapping his priest's cock between their bodies. His hands grabbed Spock's waist. Passion, love, and shared joy flared in red and green fire almost visible to the naked eye, as Lyn Ahrd exploded, shooting semen deep into his sanctuary. He collapsed on K'cops chest, replete and happy.
All pretense over, Spock drew his earthly lover up so they were face to face. "It is my turn next time." Spock whispered.
"It was your turn this time." McCoy reminded him.
"Ah, yes." They kissed lightly and fell asleep.
Unnoticed, in the upper right hand corner of Small Hold 13, the ghostly remains of Sanders glowed pink with positive energy derived from the loving ritual. That was enough to wake the dead. He laughed and passed through the bulk head to share energy with Patterson.
Merry Halloween and to all a good night.