by Qzeebrella


S/Mc Poem, Both Spock’s and McCoy’s perspectives


3rd part in a 3 Poem series, 1st Sand, 2nd Water




The gentle breeze brushed their skin


As fig trees sway all around them


Covering them with their shade


The wind gusts for a moment


The trees and grasses bend under it


Each blade of leaf cutting into the air


Sheltering them


Keeping them clean


Revealing two souls glistening.


The taste of love on their tongues


The blades of grass tickling them


Against their feet


Its endless circle


Nurturing them in its center


Of a beloved oasis


Keeping their place


Secure within its grasp


The oasis is everywhere


Under them


Around them


Supporting them and soothing them


In its open hand


Setting their spirits free


To dance with one another


Upon the grass


The oasis


Is all they had ever needed


All they will ever need


To be one together


And they are safe here


Within each other’s arms.

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