The One with the Tribbles

Title: The One with the Tribbles
                  Author: JenniferLupin
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                  Fandom: Star Trek the Original Series
                  Archive: Any, all..
                  Disclaimer: The show and its characters belong to Paramount. No
                  profit made from this story.
                  Category: Slash
                  Rating: PG
                  Author Notes: Based on "The Trouble with Tribbles", so minor spoilers
                  on that. Thanks again to Sarah and to Jessica, who are always the
                  first people I write these for.
                  Len toggled another button on his computer impatiently.
                  "Come on now, where the hell do you buggers come from?"
                  Now that the mystery of the multiplying Tribbles was solved and the
                  Klingon spy outed, the doctor and his fellow officers were given the
                  task of figuring out what to do with the thousands of squeaking,
                  fuzzy balls.
                  Dr. McCoy had been trying for the last hour to discern the origin of
                  the Tribbles. Not surprisingly, Cyrano Jones had no idea and, of
                  course, no one else had heard of them before. Even the ship's
                  computer was not being helpful.
                  "Damn it." McCoy rubbed his tired eyes vigorously. Using the results
                  of multiple tests detailing the Tribbles chemical makeup, the doctor
                  had been able to rule out many of the planets they could not have
                  come from. But then, there were billions of planets in the universe
                  and McCoy doubted the Captain would willingly wait as he ruled out
                  planets one by one.
                  The Sickbay door opened as McCoy went back to his search. He looked
                  up just enough to register who it was.
                  "Hi, Spock," McCoy muttered vaguely. He sincerely hoped Spock wasn't
                  going to start something. They really didn't have the time.
                  "I came to offer my assistance," Spock announced, pausing a mere foot
                  from McCoy. In spite of McCoy's concentration on his task, he felt
                  the familiar flush of heat on his neck that Spock's close proximity
                  usually caused.
                  "Damn it, Spock," McCoy spat, slightly flustered, "you've got a
                  computer on the bridge. Why'd you need to come all the way down here
                  Spock simply raised an eyebrow and moved a bit closer to peer over
                  McCoy's shoulder at the computer.
                  "I believe working together on this problem would serve us better
                  than sharing the information over the computer," he finally answered.
                  "Uh huh," McCoy sighed.
                  "Have you made any advances in your analysis, Doctor?" Spock's breath
                  tickled McCoy's ear.
                  The doctor leapt up. This was too much. The two of them had been
                  dancing around each other for week's now. McCoy was more than willing
                  to explore the relationship, but he honestly didn't think Spock would
                  ever be able to get past his Vulcan training in order to join in that
                  exploration. Therefore, it wasn't fair for Spock to do things like
                  lean close to McCoy and breathe on him.
                  "Well, not really," he choked out, walking towards the table full of
                  the purring Tribbles. Spock followed at an alarming rate.
                  "I've been able to rule out a number of sectors based on the
                  Tribbles' chemical makeup and food preferences."
                  Spock nodded and picked up one of the Tribbles, a medium sized white
                  version that began cooing as Spock combed his fingers through its
                  thick fur.
                  "I've tested them in several different environments," McCoy
                  continued, "and I've been able to pinpoint-". His voice trailed off
                  as he glanced up at Spock. The Vulcan's eyes were slightly glazed and
                  his mouth had gone slack.
                  McCoy tried rather unsuccessfully not to smile. Spending countless
                  hours with the Tribbles made McCoy somewhat immune to the calming
                  effect of the creatures' purring. This, apparently, was not the case
                  for Spock.
                  "Spock?" McCoy stepped towards him, reaching out to turn him away
                  from the table. Spock allowed this, his mouth quirking into a small
                  "I'm fine, Doctor." His smile widened. Dropping the Tribble onto the
                  table, he sighed slightly.
                  That sigh spread warmth through McCoy's body. His mind told him this
                  was dangerous territory and as much as he wanted to tell it to shove
                  off, he knew better. He just couldn't afford to let himself hope
                  anymore. He began to step back from Spock, but didn't get very far
                  before strong hands grasped his upper arms. McCoy stared at those
                  hands, then slowly looked up to Spock's face. The Vulcan's eyes were
                  half-closed; his demeanor completely relaxed.
                  "Leonard," Spock murmured. McCoy gasped lightly. His spine tingled
                  and his skin suddenly felt ultra-sensitive.
                  For a moment, the two of them simply stared at each other. Then,
                  against everything McCoy would have ever believed, Spock leaned in
                  and pressed his mouth to the doctor's. McCoy stiffened, shocked at
                  this new development. Spock wound an arm around McCoy's back while at
                  the same time gently caressing his cheek. Luckily, the shock wore off
                  quickly and McCoy relaxed into the embrace, wrapping both arms around
                  Spock's waist. He had never felt this way during a kiss before, like
                  his whole body was on fire. The feeling only increased when Spock
                  chose to deepen the kiss. McCoy moaned in the back of his throat. He
                  could already feel himself hardening.
                  Spock broke off the kiss abrupting, leaving McCoy utterly
                  disappointed until he realized that Spock left that kiss in favoring
                  of planting smaller ones along his throat. He moaned again, this time
                  quite audibly.
                  "Maybe," he panted, his breathing ragged, "maybe we don't have to get
                  rid of all the Tribbles."
                  The doctor never did learn where they came from.