Pon Farr

Title: Pon Farr
Author: Qzeebrella
Fandom: Star trek the original series
Disclaimer: The show and its characters belong to Paramount, no
profit being made
Rating: G, I think
Archive: to the Haven, ASCEML
qzeebrella@yahoo.com or on list.
Author's note: is there Gilbert/Sulivan slash? featuring either
Gilbert/Sulivan or their operettas?
Author's note #2: please return all missing pronouns or commas to
the lost and found, if you can find it.
Author's note #3: the songs are based on Gilbert and Sulivan's work
and will say which specifically at the end.

The desert can seem so barren, so hostile to life, so severe and
unrelenting. The wind either caresses the sand or whips across it,
creating and destroying sand dunes in mere moments. Oases, creeks,
rivers all more rare and precious than diamonds and thus treasured
by Vulcans.

The planet Vulcan is mostly different kinds of deserts, its people
having many differing words for kinds of heat, many of them derived
from the oldest words used in the most ancient tongues to mean their
planet, Ponnafarr, literally the fire.

The cycle of life is unforgiving on Vulcan and may seem to be filled
with violence. Every living thing seems to be both predator or prey,
even the vegetation moving around to try to capture its food,
whether water or something else. Spock knows his people once were
close in temperament to savage beasts. That his people were violent,
predatory, killing the elderly or the weak in times of drought just
for the precious liquid of their blood. He knows that his behavior
when trying to get to Vulcan was erratic and sometimes violent. That
since his combat with Jim eased the symptoms of Pon Farr, and
considering that the choice of challenge leading to a ritual combat
to the death it likely has the crew wondering. It has likely led his
colleagues to believing that if T'Pring had chosen to honor the bond
and mate with him, that the mating would have been just as violent.

Spock worried that if they knew the truth that he would loose their
respect. So, only one other person on the ship would learn the
truth. Someone bound by oath to keep medical or personal information

Entering the new place of mating, he immediately saw the one chosen
by him, his soon-to-be bondmate. The hunger of Pon Farr had built up
slowly within him after the temporary relief he found after fighting
with Jim. Spock saw Leonard waiting for him, dressed in a linen
outfit of light blue, slacks and shirt easily removable.

The science officer straightened his Vulcan outfit slightly, feeling
somewhat nervous and conspicuous now that this moment had come.
Taking a deep breath he started to sing, "I am the very model of a
modern science officer. I have information alien, planetary and
astronomical. I know the admirals of the fleet and I can quote facts
historical, from Rura Penthe to Iridani, in order categorical. I am
very well acquainted with matters that are logical. I understand
theorems, both the proven and the theoretical. About the planet
Vulcan, I can relate the latest news, with many incontrovertible
facts and in many different hues.

I am very good at Astro and Quantum physics. I know the scientific
name of beings biologic. I know that in matters of the works of
Shaw, Surak and Chaucer, I am the very model of a modern science
officer." At the end of his personal mating song, he adopted the
traditional pose of husband waiting for the signal of acceptance.
Spock got into what to humans would look like a curtsy.

"I am called Leonard McCoy or Bones -- cranky old Bones. Though I
don't know why, but I'm still called Bones, cranky old Bones,
stubborn cranky Bones.

I have tricorders and biobeds, and excellent meds, I've scanners,
and bone knitters, and scalpels; I've assistants and nurses to
assist me, with all patients that come and go.

I have microscopes and test tubes, I've liniment and lubes, Sweet
sedatives and stimulants, and if they don't work I try my beads and
rattles, and excellent aged Scotch." Ending his song, he goes to
Spock and takes his hands, helping him to rise.

They start dancing together, something Leonard requested "Let's do
the time warp," so they did. At the end of the dance Leonard kisses
Spock gently, leads him to their bed. They make love with joy,
laughing, tickling each other, each trying to outdo the other in
silliness. It is glorious, fun, as they celebrate their love.
Leonard so very glad that at this time Vulcan's become playful in
bed and if denied their play, only then becoming violent enough to
combat the one taking away their fun in a fight to the death.

Once the laughing stops, the tickling and silliness ended, Leonard
wraps his arms around Spock and kisses him. Cherishing their
closeness and so very glad he now has his own pointy-eared hobgoblin
to love.

The end.

*Spock's song: I'm the Very Model of a Modern Major General, from
Pirates of Penzance

*Leonard's song: I'm Called Little Buttercup, from H.M.S Pinafore