Title: Realize

Author: Quirk othe Trade

Genre: drabble-like

Rating: G

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything of Star Trek TOS, nor do I make any monies off of this fan work. Please don’t sue.
Warnings: suggestion of male/male relationship

A/N: Unbetaed, all mess-ups are mine.

Synopsis: While checking out a damaged, abandoned ship, Kirk realizes that there are feelings going on.

“One more minute, just one more minute…” Kirk watched silently, training a hand torch where it was needed as he and McCoy crouched at Spock’s side. The doctor was applying synth-skin into the wounds low on the first officer’s torso. Beyond the small illumination, the dank flashing of the emergency lighting on the out dated civilian vessel threatened a headache. “There, that artery’s closed. I’ll seal up the rest of it now.”

The dermal re generator having been lost, it was the best McCoy could do, synthetic skin in places it normally didn’t go. Spock’s breathing was slightly shallow, his serene face marred by wrinkles of pain at brow, eyes and mouth. The local he might have been given had gone the way of the re generator so he was going without. 

It was a stupid wound, really. Somewhere, something on board the abandoned, crippled ship had exploded and none of them had managed to keep their feet. Spock had just happened to fall into a damaged wall of spikiness- no, wait. His first officer had kept his CMO from falling into the jagged metal teeth and bits of live electrical paneling.

Kirk watched Bones' hands gently, efficiently working to keep the wound from being any worse and felt a switch flip in his head.

They LIKED each other. 

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