Title: Reasons

Author: Estdeusinnob (

Rating: PG

Summary: Spock is injured protecting McCoy. He looks back on his instinctive reactions and touches on his feelings for McCoy. [PWP]


“Damn you, Spock!” Dr. McCoy’s shout was the first thing Spock heard when he regained consciousness.

It would actually be quite pleasant to wake up to the Doctor’s voice, though not in this context. Much to his inward dismay, Spock found he couldn’t pin down exactly when he had developed the confusing emotions for the often frustrating and illogical human doctor, but he had.


It both disturbed and facinated the part-Vulcan, but he was at a loss to express such emotions. It wasn't his way, though McCoy seems to think it could be.


His feelings and unexpressed desire were some of the many, many reasons why Spock tackled the Klingon with a stolen prototype disruptor.


The prototype disruptor in the rogue Klingon’s possession was much more potent than the standard Starfleet-issued phaser, and the Klingon holding the disruptor was mentally unstable.


But when the unstable Klingon pointed the disrupter in Dr. McCoy's direction, obviously intending harm, and in an act of instinct, Spock had rushed the Klingon without considering possible alternatives and wrestled the disruptor out of the Klingon’s hands, which unfortunately discharged into Spock’s shoulder, injuring Spock and knocking him into unconsciousness…


Not before Spock managed to knock the Klingon unconscious with the disruptor, however.


“How could you do that? Christ, Spock, you nearly gave me a heart attack out there! You could have died!--” McCoy continued his rant, oblivious to Spock’s inner musings.


Spock watched McCoy's face seemed to slowly turn a light red as he continued his rant, eyes blazing in anger, something that the Vulcan race purged from their outward emotional range hundreds of years ago.


As McCoy began to wind down, Spock smoothly cut off McCoy, "I assure you the benefits of my immediate action is clear, Doctor, as you still exist. The danger to the ship has been eliminated, so I do not understand the need for such an emotional outburst, Doctor,"


With that, Spock attempted to sit up on the hospital bed and possibly leave the medical bay, only to be pushed back down by a glaring McCoy,


"Oh, no you don't! You're staying overnight, Commander Spock, wheather you like it or not!"


Spock sighed.


The End

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