Reports from the Ship II

My muses are only working part-time these days. Not beta'd. Not
rated. Not summarized. Words are mine, characters aren't. Feedback
always welcome. Warning: More sap than a forest of Vermont Maple

The following are selected weekly reports from various places and
parts of the Enterprise.

*What the gym reported:*

Geez, what's with the doc today? He was a bear at inspection.

Yeah, there's a man that hasn't sunk a putt in a while.

I didn't know he played golf.

I wasn't referring to golf. But we'll all be glad when Capt. Spock
gets back later today.

*What corridor 5-C reported:*



Got any plans for dinner?

As a matter of fact, I do.


I was hoping you would join me.

Yeah, what's on the menu?


Really. What's for dessert?

More of you.

As your physician I should recommend a little variety in your diet,

But you will not in this case.

Nope, can't say that I will. 18:30?

That would be acceptable, Doctor.

*What the pharmacy reported:*

Yeomen, you seem distracted today.

I'm sorry Dr. McCoy. I won't let it happen again.

It's okay, it happens to all of us from time to time. What's seems
to be on your mind?


This isn't your first mission.

No, but it is my longest one.

Ah. They get easier.

I hope so. This is the first time I'll miss a major family holiday.

You know, you can always find family here to celebrate with you.

My family has some weird traditions.

Most families do. I bet your cabinmates won't mind.


You should ask Ensign Hofstadter about braunschwager sculptures.

I think I'll pass. Do you ever get homesick, Doctor?

Not in a long time, Yeoman. Not in a long time.

Must be nice. I'll just get these to the lab.

It is nice. But then my home is currently sitting at the command
chair on the bridge.

*What the Command Chair reported:*

I don't like it, Spock.

Of that we are all aware, Doctor McCoy.

I just don't . . .

The prime directive demands nothing less of us. And it permits
nothing more.

And you think the prime directive is right to allow this kind of

I will admit that it may not appear so, but the prime directive has
proven to be the best course of action in every case when we consider
the future of the planet rather than the immediate circumstance.

You're gonna sit there and tell me you like doing nothing?

What I like is irrelevant. It is the correct course of action.

You don't like it either.



What do you need me to do?

Make certain sickbay is ready for the inevitable.

We're ready.

[long pause]

Capt.? These kids know what's going on, and they're going to see the
aftermath. Do they need to see it happen?

Perhaps not while it is occurring. All non-essential personnel off
the bridge.
[pause] That includes you, doctor.

I'm invoking my right as CMO to evaluate the health of the bridge

[several minutes pass]



I would appreciate it if we did not discuss this event until much

Not until you say so, Capt. Sorry about my earlier outburst, by the

And I apologize for my error.


You are essential.