Restless Night

Title? Restless Night.

Author: Jessie

Characters were created by Gene Roddenbery.

Spock/McCoy pairing.

Rating... I guess R for immature humor.





A loud crash jarred McCoy out of a sound sleep.


"What the hell?" he asked groggily, combing his fingers through his hair. Another crash, followed by moaning, woke him completely.


"What is going on?"


"I believe the patrons in the adjoining room are engaging in carnal relations," Spock answered. He and McCoy had traveled to Risa for Shore Leave. Even though Spock would never admit it, McCoy knew that the Vulcan had been having fun. They both were. But now it was late and McCoy was exhausted.


"Let's hope it's a quickie," McCoy mumbled, pulling the pillow over his head.


"OH! OHHHHHHH GOD!" came a female voice, loud enough to make the walls shake.


"Good for her, she found someone with skill."


"I do not understand why certain people feel the need to engage in such a private act in a public forum," Spock said, raising his voice to be heard over the continued moans of ecstacy. His calm, clipped delivery and expressionless face were enough to trigger a giggle fit in McCoy.


"Well, Spock, for some people it hightens the enjoyment of the act when there is a possiblity of being caught, or at least observed."


"Really..." Spock said dryly. He appeared ready to say something else, but his voice was drowned out by a loud scream.






"I almost feel inadequet."


"Rest assured Doctor, you have... incredible skill." Spock said slowly, running his fingers through McCoy's hair.


"Mmmm.... I could say the same of you. Is listening in putting you in the mood?"


"It might be wise to... occupy ourselves until they have finished their activities."


"A logical way of saying these people are turning you on." McCoy smirked, pulling Spock closer.


It wasn't too difficult to match their rhythm with the pounding from the next room. But soon they became lost in their own passion, their neighbors forgotten.


McCoy snuggled closer to Spock. For someone who claimed to be emotionless, Spock certainly was passionate in bed.


"You're smiling."


"Vulcans do not smile."


"They also normally don't have sex outside of pon farr. Yet here we are," McCoy gently teased.


Spock's response was interrupted by another cry of passion from the other room.


"You've got to be kidding me. What is this, their sixth wind? They can't possibly be human, not with stamina like that."


"Indeed," said Spock, raising an eyebrow.


It would be several hours before the couple in the adjacent room finally went silent.


"Look at that! The sun's coming up, and we're supposed to report back to work at nine hundred hours."


"You could always explain to Jim why you are in need of more rest."


"What, like you don't need it? You were up all night too remember?"


"As a Vulcan, I have a higher rate of stamina than you do, thus I require fewer hours of sleep."


McCoy hit Spock with his pillow, then got up to look out on the balcony. Spock joined him a few seconds later.


"Hey," McCoy whispered. Our neighbors have a balcony too. Maybe we'll be able to catch a glimpse of them."


No sooner had the words left McCoy's mouth then a greenskined woman stepped out onto the opposite balcony.


"Well, we were at least half right about the couple not being human. Now if we could just get a look at the other one..."


When the other half did step out, McCoy's jaw almost hit the floor. He looked over his shoulder at Spock to see the Vulcan's reaction. Both eyebrows were raised to his hairline.


The man on the opposite balcony was Jim


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