Saint Patrick's Day Filks

Title: Saint Patrick's Day Filks

Author: Artemis

Series: TOS

Rating: PG

Pairings: S/Mc, K/m

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Paramount. Just borrowing. Songs belong to Ireland. New lyrics belong to me.




Leonard McCoy, I want to kiss your body,

From shin to chin and down your smooth behind

Now, please don’t frown and says my song is naughty

Or shake your head and say I’ve lost my mind


But come ye back and bide in here my cabin

I’ll hold you close and never let you go.

Tis my heart and soul that you’ll be havin’

Oh, Lenny Boy, oh, Lenny Boy, I love you, so.





I’ll take home again, James Kirk

Across the Horse Head Nebulayyyyy

To where your heart has ever been

Since we first told Tarsus IV, good-bye


The curls have left your darling head

I’ve seen them all go bye-bye

You need glasses ere when books are read

But, they never hide your sparkling eyes.


Oh, I will take you back, boyo

And there I will erase your pain

Now, Jimmy lad, don’t be coy, oh

I’ll take you to my arms again.



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