by Qzeebrella


S/Mc Poem, Leonard’s Perspective


Is the 1st part of a 3 Poem series, 2nd Water, 3rd Oasis




Warm red sand brushed his skin


As the wind swirled around him


Gently coating him with sand


The wind surges for a moment


Its fierce speed flinging the grit all about


Each grain of sand stinging him


Scouring him


Leaving him clean


Revealing a gentle soul gleaming.


The taste of dirt in his mouth


The red sand at his feet


Scratching him


Stretching on forever


Holding him safe in the center


Of an unrelenting dessert


Keeping him in place


Under its fierce gaze


The sand is everywhere


On him


Under him


All around


Supporting him and securing him


In its tight grip


Setting his soul free


To soar with the sand


Upon the wind


The sand


Is somehow all he needed


All he will ever need


To feel whole


And he is safe here


Within its grasp.



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