Say That Again

Title: Say That Again
Author: Cait N.
Series: TOS
Pairing: S/Mc, K/f
Codes: drabble
Rating: R (for language and innuendo)
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Written for Janet, during Slash Bash 2005. Thanks Veronica for
(unknowingly) providing the idea.


"Say That Again"
copyright January 2005 by Cait N.

"I don't know's on third."


Another hapless Yeoman had fallen prey to Kirk's jokes. Bones
smiled and went back to his breakfast. First it was jokes, then
dinner, then dessert in the captain's quarters.

"I see the captain has noticed the new Yeoman." Spock sat down
across from the doctor.

"Took seven hours. A new record."

At the silence, Bones looked up to see Spock staring at him
intently. "What? Is there something stuck between my teeth?"

"I thought fucking was third base."

"Come again?" Surely Bones had heard him wrong.

"I'd like to."

Some things were worth repeating.