Shore Leave Fantasy

Title: Shore Leave Fantasy

Author: Scap3goat

Series: TOS

Pairing: S/Mc

Rating: PG for implied activities

Summary: Spock enjoys a shore leave fantasy.

Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom owns Spock, McCoy, and all things Trek. I only own this drabble.




He knew that it was wrong. But it felt so good all the same. He tightened his grip around his mate’s waist and brushed his lips along the slender neck up to the ears and nibbled lightly on one lobe. The ears… his ears had always fascinated him.
Burying his nose in the soft hair he wished that this would never end.
Of course, it was a lie, a deception. A dream he wanted to live and it was so… illogical, but he wanted it.
In the end he was only human.

Not that Spock would ever let McCoy know.

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