Title: Slash
Author: Artemis
Series: TOS/TMP
Pairing: Spock/McCoy
Rating: PG
Summary: McCoy reads Sp/Mc slash
Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom own Star Trek. No infringement intended, no money being made.
Acknowledgment:  Thanks to Janet for the Beta. 
Author's Note: For Spice Peaches II.  This is set on the Enterprise after TMP, because I saw the boys as being older and a couple.  
Archive: The Spock/McCoyote's Den
"With a touch, Spock utterly controlled Len’s mind and body.  The Vulcan forced the naked human down to his knees with a shock that caused him to gasp with pain.  As he gasped, Spock shoved his double-ridged cock down McCoy's throat, face-fucking him for all he was worth.  Tears coursed down Len’s face.  Tears of pain, tears of shame because he had lost out once again to his superior officer and tears of shame because, God help him he loved it."
Bah, thought Dr. McCoy, what rubbish.  He looked at his lover sprawled out on the bunk, taking up all the room.  Spock had fallen asleep on his stomach, replete and relaxed.   Leonard smiled, feeling replete himself.  Then turning back to the workstation, initiated a trace to see who among the crew had written this indecency. 
Whoever wrote this needed help - and not just a creative writing class.  Fantasies about senior officers on star ships were common throughout the Federation, though Leonard had never seen them persist after a person had actually been serving about a ship for a while.  When he was young, Bones had traded tall tales about the goings-on aboard the U.S.S. Faragut.  Come on, it a dirty name, right/! Far-a-Gut.  The things interns will laugh at.   
Spock’s favourite type of sex was not S & M, but P & O - plenty and often.  Yeah, that boy sure had a wild imagination (still waters run deep, as Grandpappy McCoy used to say,) but as Spock had said, he had no desire to command.   Not that he had to, a tilt of the head, the touch of his hand, a glimpse into those deep brown eyes and Leonard turned to putty. 
Tie me up, tie me down.   Leonard reminisced.  He had tried that once or twice, on the hospital ship, F. X. McIntyre.  There was this physical therapist, who in her off-duty hours went by the name of Mistress Suede.  She knew how to be cruel to be kind. 
I'm too old for that now, Thank God.  I all want to do is snuggle up to my toasty warm Vulcan and go to sleep.

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