Solo Mission

Title: Solo Mission
Author: Artemis (
Series: TOS
Codes: S/Mc, K
Rating: [PG]
Parts: 1/1
Summary:  Dreams and dreams come true
Disclaimer: CBS-Paramount owns Star Trek. No infringement intended, no money being made.
Feedback: Will write for feedback
Beta:  No beta I ran out of time. All mistakes are my own.
Author's Note: Spiced Peaches XXVI
Archiving: Artemys Aquiver and The Spock/McCoyote’s Den




The old freighter was space worthy, barely; I guess that’s why it was left behind when the station was evacuated.  Our heroes were the last people out and had no choice but to trust their luck the S. S. Horseshoe Crab.


Jim was grinning like a school boy as he coaxed more speed out of the old rust bucket.  “Com ’on, baby, hold together.”  He pushed the throttle forward and sparks flew from the starboard panel.  He turned to Spock and said “Chewie, get that will ya?”


The Vulcan moved from his seat beside his captain back to the panel, as he moved he asked “‘Chewie’, Captain?”


McCoy answered, “It’s short of Chewbacca.”


“Chewbacca -- I see” Spock pronounced the word as if it tasted bad in his mouth and clearly he did not see.


McCoy explained further; “Jim’s childhood fantasy was being Han Solo, rogue and freelance freighter captain, with his first mate Chewbacca by his side.  Ain’t that right, Cap’n?”


Kirk laughed; “Guilty, nothing wrong with a little fantasy once in a while.”


“Acknowledge.” Spock nodded, but kept his face impassive. “Who, may I ask is Mr. Chewbacca?”


Again, Bones jumped in “Like I said, he’s Han’s first mate, he’s smart, loyal, brave, fierce, can fix near ‘bout anything and runs around butt-naked.”  He had a wicked twinkle in his eye as he wiggled his eyebrows. 


“Naked?” Spock inquired slowly, “please elucidate.”  His eyebrow semaphore sent “Naked! Yes, please.”


“It’s not that he’s naked, it’s just that he doesn't have any clothes...” Kirk tried to explain.


“Cause his people developed the crescent wrench instead of drawers.” Len drawled.


“Watch it, farm boy!” Jim growled mockingly, “or I’ll sleep with your sister”


“I ain’t got no sister.”  Bones replied.


“That you know of.” Jim retorted.


Spock finished fiddling with the starboard panel, “Try it now, Captain.”  Captain Kirk flipped a switch and the Crab jumped in to warp.  He cheered and gripped the wheel more firmly.


McCoy got up, “Jim, Spock and I will go back to the galley and rustle up some grub.” Spock opened his mouth, Len quelled him with a glance. “We’ll leave you to fly solo.”


Aft in the galley, Len and Spock stood side-by-side trying to figure out the antiquated food dispenser.  Spock stroked Len’s hand saying; “Any you, Doctor, what was your childhood fantasy?  Did you want to be the 23rd Century’s Jonas Salk?”


McCoy shivered and replied, “Naw, Shug. I wanted to be Horatio Hornblower, sea captain extraordinaire -- Exploring the seven seas and fightin’ fer King and Country.”  He laughed and shook his head.  “How about you, what were your dreams, Sugar?”  His intense blue eyes looked up into Spock’s.


Spock hung his head. “I dreamt of being fully Vulcan.”  He stepped closer to his lover, his breath hot on Leonard’s neck.  “But there were times, when I watch my mother ably coping with the challenges of living on an alien world that I wish to be fully human.” The last was a breathy whisper more felt than heard.


Len held his T’hy’la’ close; “You are my dream come true, the best of all possible worlds.”



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